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Extension blonde hair is very beautiful. Turning to the master at the salon, you will gain long curls in a matter of hours, and you will not have to wait for many months for your hair to grow back. But even the best quality hair extensions can be ruined by improper care. Artificial hair cannot regenerate on its own, as it does not receive nutrients through the roots, so it needs special care so that you can get beautiful hair for as long as possible. So if you are the owner of a chic light hair and have just left after the salon procedure for blondes, read this article rather than harm your incredible hair extensions.
 Care of Hair Extensions for Blondes

How to properly wash extensions blonde

First of all, it is not recommended to wash your hair for two days after the extension procedure. In general, this process differs from regular washing in that it must be approached more carefully so as not to damage the retained capsules. To prevent your hair from getting tangled up, you need to comb it thoroughly before washing it.

It is not recommended to wash your hair in a bathtub or basin. It is best to carry out this process while standing under the shower. The water will flow down the hair to prevent tangling. When washing, try not to tilt or tilt your head back.

For hair extensions, choose shampoos without sulfates, additives, or impurities, as well as gentle and moisturizing conditioners. Avoid shampoos for dry hair and shampoos that increase volume. Blondes have to look after curls more carefully than owners of natural hair color. Moisturizing and nourishing masks should be done twice a week. Choose products that contain natural vegetable oils (argan, coconut, almond), hyaluronic acid, keratin - they most intensively care for curls that are weakened after lightning.

Different styles of ponytails

Proper care of hair extensions

The duration of wearing hair extensions for blondes depends on the master, the quality of the hair, the rate of growth of your hair, and the care of your curls. When caring for hair extensions, the most important thing is to prevent tangles and treat them with care. To do this, braid your hair overnight and secure the hair at the capsules. One night with loose hair leads to capsule entanglement that increases day by day.

Do not forget about the periodic procedures for correcting hair extensions. On average, the correction should be carried out every 3-5 months; it depends on the rate of growth of your hair. Get a special salon treatment once a month to treat your blonde hair extensions.

Treating dry scalp properly

Features of coloring blonde hair extensions

It is better to dye your hair before the extension procedure, but it is not strictly prohibited even after dyeing your hair extensions. The paint mustn't get on the attachment points, so after staining, dry them first, and only then the rest of the curls. Remember that dyeing too often makes the hair coarse. Choose paint for coloring without ammonia, tinting, or with a lower content of ammonia. Use paints with a low oxidant content (up to 7%).

Well-groomed hair extensions dyed in blonde shades look extremely attractive. Keeping hair like this beautiful and healthy is not easy. But if you put in the effort and use simple care rules, you will always look stunning.

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