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Hair extensions- what's all the fuss?

Wigs, ponytails, weave and tape-in, hair extensions open your world to endless possibilities. There is a lot of diversity and versatility awaiting you.

You can not only enhance your hair’s volume and length, but can also experiment with unique styles and colors. But that's not all, there is so much more to the story.

3 Ladies with different hair extensions

Types of hair extensions - what are your options?

When it comes to hair extensions, lack of options will never be your concern. There is a lot of diversity and versatility when it comes to extensions. You can choose a permanent, a semi-permanent or a temporary solution depending on your preference.

But before we bore you with any more claims, let us look at the kind of extensions you can invest in: 

Temporary extensions - Wigs, Halo and ponytails

The name is quite self-explanatory here. These extensions, usually in the form of wigs, halo or ponytails, can be worn for a day and taken out at night. If you need temporary extensions, then we offer them.


They are available in as many colors and styles as you can imagine. You can wear these extensions within a minute, and take them out whenever you want. But that's not all.

These wigs are cheap and reusable. So once you find one that you like, make sure to never let it go. 


Many wigs in the market are of cheap quality, so make sure to choose the right one.

Clip in extensions

Fans of extensions must be familiar with this popular type. They are arguably the most sought after type in the market. And there is good reason behind this claim. 


Compared to other types, clip-ins make for an easy solution. They are cheap, affordable and can be worn at home. This saves you the trouble of going to a salon and wasting an entire day. So if you know that you won't be wearing extensions every day, you can go with this style. It's reliable, affordable and very convenient. 


The only downside to clip in hair extensions is that it needs to be worn every day. This consumes your energy and time. 

Red Hair Extension

Tape in extensions

For fine and thick hair, there isn't a better option than this one. The process uses a simple and unique process to enhance your look and make you stand out. 


With tape in extensions, your beautician will use small-sized tapes to attach wefts to your natural hair. A good hairdresser will work the intricate details and ensure that no tapes remain visible in your hair. Moreover, the entire process is quite easy and takes only a few hours to complete. 


Tape in extensions have to be moved up every 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the quality of your hair. More importantly, they can be harder to deal with when you are aiming for a complex hairstyle. So before you choose this style, consider all your options carefully.

Fusion hair extensions

Commonly known as pre-bonded extensions, fusion hair add-ons make for a perfect semi-permanent solution. Here is why you should definitely consider it.


Reliable, durable and extremely efficient, fusion hair extensions make your hair look exquisite and breathtakingly beautiful. You would also need less frequent salon visits. Moreover, these extensions also last a considerably long time.


Sadly, fusion extensions come with some downsides. For starters, the process requires the use of heat and glue that can damage your hair. Moreover, it takes 5 hours to completely the process. Lastly, once removed, fusion extensions can not be used. 

Weft hair extensions

Beaded or weft hair extensions make for an interesting concept. It is frequently opted by ladies with thick hair. Here is why the concept is unique


This makes for a semi-permanent type of extensions that are bonded to your hair with small beads made of silicone. There is no use of adhesives or glue, so you don't have to worry about any hair damage.


The problem with weft extensions is that it doesn't last long. You will only be happy for 3 to 5 years, after which you will have to rush to the salon to get a new procedure done.

Curly Hair Extension

Weave extensions

Reliable, durable and affordable, weave hair extensions, when done right, make for practically a seamless procedure. Here is why so many women love this option.


To get a breathtaking look, your hairdresser will sew into your natural hair and help you enhance your look and your persona. Since the method is affordable, you will have to loosen up your purse strings more than is necessary.


A major downside to this option is that it comes with high risks. If done incorrectly, the procedure can put a lot of strain on your head. Moreover, since weave extensions are quite heavy, they shouldn't be done with naturally thin hair.

Micro link hair extensions

If we say that we saved one of the best options for the last, it wouldn't be an exaggeration. This type stands out because it makes for a safe and reliable procedure that offers longevity.


To help you regain confidence and mesmerize any crowd, this procedure will require installation of silicone lined beads to insert wefts to your natural hair. These are then tightened and secured to help you look graceful and more attractive.


Since there is application of adhesives, micro-link extensions can harm your hair in the long run. The process is also expensive, so get ready to spend a couple of extra bucks.

Blonde Hair Extension

Benefits of hair extensions - what benefits await you?

Since there are many benefits associated with hair extensions, we would jump right to them. There is no time to waste.

Instant glamour - get a new volume and length

With extensions, you can add length and volume to your hair and instantly transform your look.

Be bold and brave - enjoy different hairstyles

Monotony is as boring as it sounds. If you want to be different and stand out, try out new hairstyles. They definitely help make a grand statement.

As many colors as you want

Black, brown and gray are too mainstream now. The world is craving change. If you want to spice up things, choose a color that will stun the crowd.

Feel out of this world with your new-found confidence

A beautiful appearance and confidence go hand in hand. With glamorous hair, you can turn heads wherever you go.

Hair extensions - your gateway to a new start

Change can be scary, but it is also exciting. It transforms your life and makes you become the best version of you. This year, try out a new hair extension and enter a world full of possibilities. 

On this journey, JuvaBun can help you achieve success!