Inspiring Ways to Embrace and Love your Gray Hair Color

A couple of years ago, the appearance of gray hair on a woman's head was a reason to go to a hair salon. But now ashy curls are increasingly becoming a source of pride. First, it's beautiful. The noble silver colour is a popular request in beauty salons. Secondly, gray hair is evidence of your life experience and wisdom. Although it happens that the first gray hair or even strands appear quite early, in 20-25 years.

If silver hair seems boring or monotonous to someone, we can argue: gray hair has a surprisingly rich palette of shades. Silver, platinum, ashy, smoky, combined "pepper and salt" and, finally, bright pure white a rare tone that is found only in blondes with naturally very light hair color. Sounds impressive, doesn't it? But remember: all this splendor must be properly looked after. 

Hairstyles for gray

Is it possible to return gray hair to its natural colour?

There is an opinion that if gray hair appears in your head, then you can say goodbye to your natural hair colour forever. But this is only half true. It all depends on the causes of the silver hair.

  • Biological causes
  • With age, hair turns gray because the melanocyte cells in the hair follicles begin to produce less of the colouring pigment melanin. According to researchers, the level of melanin falls by about 20% every ten years since the age of 30. But sometimes silver hair can appear earlier, for example, by heredity. Hair that has turned gray due to biological age or hereditary factors won’t be able to return the pigment.

  • External factors
  • Other causes of gray hair at a young age can be stress, thyroid problems, deficiency of vitamins B9 and B12, copper and iron, negative external factors (for example, a polluted atmosphere). In such cases, the return of the natural shade of the hair is possible (but not guaranteed), provided that you consult a doctor quickly and follow his recommendations. Of course, in all of these cases, gray hair is easier to prevent by reducing stress and including foods rich in minerals and B vitamins in the diet.

     silver hair

    How to care for silver hair?

    What if you have always painted over gray hair, and now you want to wear it naturally? There are several options. For example, grow silver hair roots long enough and then get a short haircut. Or, you can mask the growing hair roots with washable hair dye for several months (tinting powder, tinted dry shampoo, colour corrector spray). But then you still have to get a haircut. If the shade of the hair allows, you can dye the ends in ashy to visually even out the colour. But be prepared that the transition to natural gray hair will take some time, and it will need special care.


    If you decide not to paint silver hair, go for moisturizing hair care lines. Shampoo, conditioner, and mask should contain ingredients to retain moisture: hyaluronic acid, glycerin, betaine, collagen, algae extracts. Antioxidants (green tea extracts, grape extracts) are also important to help maintain scalp health.


    Silver strands won't be rigid if you add jojoba, moringa, coconut, argan leave-in hair products to your beauty routine. Milk, serum, or dry oil will restore the hair structure, smooth the hair cuticle, leaving the curls soft, shiny and elastic. 


    For women with silver hair, it’s better to use products with a dense texture pomade or cream. The strands will stop fluffing, brush easier and keep the shape well. An anti-frizz spray will also come in handy: it will remove frizz and static electricity. Silk has similar properties, so try to sleep on a silk pillowcase. And don’t forget to comb the gray hair with a massage brush, so you will make the sebaceous glands work. It will also help distribute the sebum along the entire length and stimulate hair growth at the same time.


    Once every six months, women with silver hair will benefit from a course of ampoule products with biotin, amino acids, and antioxidants. Apply the contents of the ampoules along the partings and massage into the scalp for 3-5 minutes.

    Shade maintenance

    Add shampoo with lilac pigment to your hair care to prevent the appearance of a yellow shade. It neutralizes yellowness and emphasizes the silvery tone of the strands. And the pigments included in the care products will make the hair structure more uniform. It’s not necessary to apply lilac shampoo on an ongoing basis, once a week is enough. An alternative to shampoo is a tint hair mask.

    Hairstyles for gray hair

    Hairstyles for gray hair

    If you decide not to paint over silver hair and follow naturalness but aren’t ready to spend your precious time on styling, then just make a short haircut, for example, a pixie. It looks very fashionable on women with silver hair and doesn't take much time to style. If you like pixie hairstyles, make them edgy and bold, and add texture to make them look more modern and trendy. And you can always make quick hairstyles with gray hair buns.

    Medium hairstyles for gray hair emphasize the layers, texture, and hair tips. They are easy to make and have a sophisticated look that will amaze everyone with beautiful silver-coloured hair. Another option is a square such a haircut always looks stylish and modern with all types of hair. Also, styling a square is even easier than a pixie, and it creates scope for creativity. The bob can be made perfectly straight and smooth, or, on the contrary, curly. You can add side bangs or tousled wavy hair to make the bob better.

     bob for gray hair

    Hairstyles for gray hair don't mean you need to cut it, but you should be prepared to take extra care of your locks. Regular shampoos and balms won’t be enough, you need masks and serums, as well as special styling products, to restore the hair texture. But in return, you get an elegant silver hairstyle.

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