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The word ombre appeared in hairdressing thanks to the French, which means dyeing root shadow hair. Ombre is a smooth transition of shades when dyed from dark to light or bright to muted—mixing coulors and giving a shadow gradient that looks charming on the hair.

Every girl will find an image for herself among the many variations, which is why ombre continues to be popular. Why is this technique popular, and why has it remained fashionable for many years now? You will learn about this in our article.

Ombre in the style of blonde with dark roots

Lightening goes from the middle of the hairline or on its lower third in this technique. And the purpose of colouring is the effect of sun-bleached chevelure. This approach has become a real godsend for artificial blondes. Finally, it is possible with a clear conscience not to tint natural roots every month.

You can do the colouring in the style of blonde with dark roots yourself. Due to its lightness, this staining technique has become one of the most popular.

For lovers of hair extensions, there are special clip extensions already dyed using the ombre technique. You can diversify your hairstyle with coloured hair and bright accents.

One shade of paint for brown roots on blonde hair

One shade of paint for brown roots on blonde hair

The easiest way to make an ombre with a perfect result is to use one shade in harmony with the natural colour but lighter by a couple of tones.

It is monochromatic colouring that is now at the height of fashion and in the most natural form. For this, the difference in shade depth at the roots and the hair’s ends should not exceed 1.5 tones.

You can achieve different colour intensities on different strands with the help of one shade of paint using the remembering colouring technique. Apply colour to the selected strands of chevelure. After standing for 15 minutes, distribute the remaining dye on the hair and wait until the end of the time.

The simplicity of this method is definitely captivating and worth a try. The main thing is that the transition from brown roots to blonde hair looks as natural as possible.

Multicolour ombre style

You can make a multicoloured ombre if you want to experiment with colour. Ombre in multicolour leaves room for creative thought and endless experimentation. But if you plan to do this hair colouring at home, be prepared that it will hardly work the first time. Therefore, you can use hair extensions that are easy to attach for safe experimentation. You can select any colour of the strands and even change them depending on your mood. The main thing is that this extension will not harm your chevelure in any way and will help create an impressive image.

Best shades to create ombre on blonde hair

Multicolour ombre style

Blondes for a classic ombre with brown roots will like light honey, golden and cold platinum tones. If you want to get a similar transition, take a closer look at the ash-silver blonde and iridescent light-blonde tints.

Especially memorable and sophisticated, you get a transition on light ash hair if you do the opposite ombre on them. For this, are suitable cold shades of brown-haired dark chocolate, dark ash, and dark blond.

Features of colouring for long hair

The ombre’s versatility is undeniable, but some subtleties come to light when it comes to chevelure length.

Hair below the shoulders is already considered long and usually requires a lot of dye. One tube of paint is enough for a classic blonde with dark roots ombre with one shade. If you plan to start the gradient 1-2 inches from the roots, then stock up on three tubes. If you still have dyed after dyeing, do not apply the excess to the chevelure since this will not affect the shade in any way.

Root shadow ombre for medium hair

Root shadow ombre for medium hair

Medium hair falls below the chin but does not extend to the shoulders. As a rule, it is not difficult to make root shadow hair ombre on them yourself. The colour must be selected very carefully, considering the undertones, skin condition, and eye colour. For example, an ash blonde will treacherously emphasise every wrinkle and any irregularities on the skin. You can experiment with false hair to understand which colour suits you best. Moreover, in this way, you do not risk anything. You can put on your chevelure in just a couple of minutes and enjoy your updated look.

How to make an ombre at home?

You want to repeat a fashionable and interesting colouring for blonde hair with brown roots with your own hands. Here are some expert tips to help you colour your hair with an ombre effect.

What do you need?

  • Comb.
  • Old clothes or a professional drape.
  • Paint in the right amount, bleach, and oxide.
  • Thin gloves.
  • Two flat brushes.
  • Ceramic or glass bowl.
  • Small elastic hair ties or hairpins.

Step-by-step instruction

Step-by-step instruction

Do not wash your hair before dyeing, as the natural lipid layer will provide lightning protection no worse than salon supplements for gentle bleaching.

  • Comb thoroughly and divide your hair with elastic bands or hairpins into 6-12 parts, depending on the hair’s thickness. They should fix the strands just above the line you defined as desired for the gradient.
  • Prepare a mixture of oxide and lightening powder and apply it to the hair from the line of the future transition down, and the closer to the ends, the thicker.
  • Give the formulation time to act according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Rinse your hair with mild shampoo and water, and blow-dry.
  • Thoroughly mix the dye and developer (usually included with the paint) in a bowl according to the package’s instructions.
  • Apply the dye to bleached strands in the direction of hair growth with slightly sweeping strokes, going above the bleach line to avoid sudden colour transitions. Remember that long-lasting dye requires dry hair, and ammonia-free is applied to slightly damp hair.
  • Wait for the dye to act. It usually takes no more than 20 minutes, but the manufacturer may have other instructions in this regard.
  • Rinse your hair first with water only and then with a mild shampoo. Apply any suitable conditioner for 2 minutes to smooth cuticles and set the colour.
  • Dry your chevelure naturally or with a hairdryer, and enjoy your own designer ombre.

When the ombre grows noticeably no earlier than six months later, repeat the procedure with a light fleece and lightening. But this time, don't touch the ends of the hair that was already lightened the first time you dye it. And then tint the length, applying paint just above the transition line and to the very roots. Ombre looks great now.

Use hair extensions already dyed in Ombre style to add volume and variety to your hairstyles.

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