Scalp Massage: How Useful Is It For Your Hair?

Scalp massage is not only pleasant but also a useful procedure. It is an excellent way to imbue your hair with strength and beauty. Moreover, it also has invaluable benefits in the fight against many indispositions. Since ancient times, scalp massage was one of the essential components of a healthy lifestyle and longevity. Currently, it has not lost its former popularity and remains in great demand among representatives of different ages.

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Major Benefits of a Scalp Massage for Your Health

The therapeutic effect of the massage is aimed at eliminating headaches, stress, and anxiety, improving sleep quality and mental processes. As for the beauty side, massaging significantly improves the state of the scalp, and saves from hair problems. If you suffer from dandruff, or your strands are overly dry and lifeless, start to make this useful procedure and after a short period, you will get a stunning result.

  • improving blood circulation;
  • improving metabolism in tissues;
  • activation of the work of the oil and perspiratory glands;
  • relaxation of the nervous system;
  • raising the level of immunity;
  • reduction of headaches;
  • relaxation of the neck muscles, removal of spasms;
  • normalization of the arterial tension.

Major Benefits of a Scalp Massage for Your Beauty

  • acceleration of hair growth, increasing its thickness;
  • getting rid of the excessive dry or oily hair;
  • fight against dandruff;
  • improving the face color;
  • reducing the intensity of rhytides and skin pinches.

Many studies prove that scalp massage is a great way to stimulate hair growth. Daily procedures improve blood circulation, which promotes hair growth. After a month of regular massage, it begins to grow more actively. You can achieve an excellent result down to 2 centimeters every month.

But consider the crucial moment: to achieve the immediate effect, it is necessary to develop a system and follow it. You do not need the professional’s help, as the high-quality and effective scalp massaging can be performed yourself independently using your hands or items that you have at home. How to do it with maximum benefit for your health and beauty? Follow  our guide for more.

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Self-Massage of The Scalp

Scalp massaging at home is not difficult at all. A pleasant procedure takes not much time and provides a positive result not only for your hair but also for your state as a whole.

1. Scalp massage with your hands

    This easy and universal method can be practiced at home at any time. On the plus side, it does not require special technical equipment. Consider that you should begin all massaging movements from the top to down, since these directions coincide with the lymph flow and hair growth. Massage must be soft and smooth without using the nails.

    First, use a soft, smooth pace, gradually increasing the pressure. Then start the circular massage and finish your procedure with soft strokes. To strengthen the effect, you can apply a little burdock root oil extract on the scalp.

    Despite the many benefits of the procedure, there are several contraindications. It is forbidden to do it in the following cases:

    • injuries, fungus, abscess, eczema;
    • hypertension;
    • blood diseases;
    • high body temperature (above 37 °C)

    2. Comb massage 

      Hair combing is a kind of scalp massage as well. This daily procedure improves blood circulation and eliminates headaches. The technique is very simple - comb your hair from the back to the forehead, then in the opposite direction. Movements should be calm, without sharp jerks. It is best to use a natural wood comb or bristle brush. The main thing in this procedure is to get a charge out of the process. Only in this case, you will achieve the desired result.

      3. Scalp massage with a towel

        It is also very simple in execution. After washing your hair, turn the head with a towel, lean down and begin to actively rub the scalp. The rush of blood, which is formed during intensive rubbing, nourishes the capillary grid, strengthens the hair roots, and stimulates the "asleep" follicles.

        The procedure should last no more than 5 minutes. After massaging, wrap the head with a towel for half an hour. This massage technique can be performed even daily.

        4. With a scalp massager

          If your looking popular products for your hair health then this next product will be good for you.

          The automatic massager is a popular and full-fledged product for a scalp massage. This device improves the systemic condition, as well as solves specific beauty and health problems. It has many advantages in comparison with other options. This device provides great advantages, including emotional release and hair growth accelerating.

          They are of different types, depending on the chosen therapy. For a soft and comfortable massaging, it is recommended to use the electric scalp massager for hair growth which is active thanks to heat and pressure. Using it, you will get the following results:

          The Effects Caused by the Massage

          Relaxation. One of the most direct advantages of a scalp massage is how well you will feel after it. The use of an electric massager will increase your spiperone production, improving your mood and a sense of well-being.

          Headache alleviation. Massaging stimulates nerves and blood vessels under the skin and soothes muscle tension around the head. You will enjoy the feeling of calm and ease.

          Hair growth stimulation. Electric scalp massager can also contribute to a healthier hair environment. Therefore, your strands will grow more quickly. The product is particularly effective when it comes to removing dead skin, as well as the allocation of natural scalp oils.

          Detoxification. The regular use of an electric massager is an excellent way of improving the immune system of lymph nodes, and removing waste from the body by stimulating blood flow in the neck and head. 

          The massager is easy to use, so you have a great possibility to do a massage anywhere, because this requires a very simple tool, such as a masher for a goosebump head or a brush for a head massage. This is what you can do. No need to address a psychotherapist or another person.

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          How to Use a Scalp Massager?

          1. Do not use a massager for too long or a short time.

          2. Apply an electric massager gently. On the contrary, you can ultimately scratch the scalp or lose sensibility and achieve the undesired result. 

          3. Gently press the massager so as not to scratch the scalp with wires.  If you are an owner of long and thick hair, you should envisage conflicting with uneven strokes and twisting. Carefully read and follow the instructions especially if you work with an electric massager.

          Make sure that the helmet of the massager is evenly located on your head, adjusting the tension so that it is not only convenient to fit, but also allows the machine to press the pressure points without too tight fit. On the contrary case, it is recommended to immediately stop using and configure the size and position of the helmet.

          Is it worth buying?

          As you can see, there are many benefits of a scalp massager. If you are looking for an option to remove stress and a nervous strain, create a favorable environment for hair growth, you can consider buying this product. For people who need more primitive massage methods, such as manual, with a comb or towel, are also suitable.

          If your budget allows you to buy it, boldly make this purchase, and you will get a lot of advantages for your health and beauty. We hope you have learned something new about scalp massage effects and now you may choose the most resultative option for yourself. For more Juvabun tips visit the main page!

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