How To Take Care of Long Hair To Ensure it Stays Beautiful

lady with brown straight hair

Hair has always been given considerable importance when the standards of beauty are talked about. Either short or long, all hair lengths need specific care. Because your hair defines your beauty just like your facial features; therefore, taking care of them should always be your priority. For decades, long hair has always been the priority of the majority of females because long hair demonstrates a strong cultural identity. This cultural identity encourages confidence, dignity, a sense of pride and belonging. 

Having long hair is always fun, you can flip your hair any time you want. Flipping your hair makes you feel more comfortable and you can turn over your hair in any direction you want. Long hair will be your savior in the winter season where you wouldn’t need to buy scarves to cover yourself, just open your hair and they will be the source of warmth for you. 

It allows you to play with your hair which is often fun. Somebody else can also play with your hair and run his/her fingers in your hair, which is fun too. On the whole, long hair makes you a sassy queen but are you taking enough care of your long hair? This article will give you some hair-caring tips to make your long hair look beautiful!

Interesting Facts About Hair

One may think hair is just hair, we can style it to make us look pretty, we can be creative with it, and we can make sure it is healthy, but did you know hair is far more interesting than just that much? Let us enlighten you with some of the most interesting facts about hair

Did you know that an average person has around 100,000 to 150,000 strands of hair, no wonder we can never count every single strand of hair on our head! Have you ever tried doing that? Additionally, on a daily basis, every human being sheds around 50 -150 strands of hair. So, if you think you have a lot of hair fall if you lose more than ten strands of hair while brushing it - do not be alarmed! That is normal.

Additionally, while we do lose a lot of hair, what stops us from balding so young is the fact that our hair is the second fastest-growing tissue in our body, after bone marrow. So, if you do not have balding in your genetics, but have a lot of hair fall, don’t worry about it because your hair will grow back very fast. 

Also, have you ever noticed when you get out of the shower, your hair is slightly longer than when you went into the shower? Well, your shampoo doesn’t have any magic potion in it, it's actually because a healthy strand of hair has the potential to stretch up to 30% when it is wet! So, individuals tend to have long hair when they get out of the shower, but gradually when your hair dries it goes back to its normal length. 

Ten Tips To Ensure Your Hair Stays Long and Beautiful!

Taking care of your hair is essential, you have to ensure that your hair tissues are strong and healthy. While you could invest in extremely costly products to get long, strong, and shiny hair. A better alternative is to just take very good care of it, below are ten tips which you should follow to make sure that your hair stays long and beautiful! 

1. Keep Your Hair Well-Conditioned

Conditioning your hair is an excellent way through which you can make your hair look smooth and beautiful. Conditioning products are said to be the key to long hair; therefore, hair conditioning is the first step towards caring about your hair. You should go for that conditioner which you trust is reliable or have previously used. Don’t experiment with new conditioning products daily, select one and choose it wisely. You should know hair conditioning products are where your dollars should go. Before you apply conditioner to your hair, make sure to remove excess water from your hair so that the conditioner can moisturize deeper layers and penetrate the cuticle. 

woman drying her long hair with a blower

2. Go for Dry Shampoo

As the name suggests, dry shampoo is used when the hair is dry. Applying dry shampoo removes all the dirt from the hair and makes them oil-free. Dry shampoo should be used in a limited given amount but if they are overused it can cause breakage of the hair. This shampoo should be used only once or twice a week but experts suggest that if you have extremely oily hair then you can use it thrice a week. 

3. Massaging the Scalp

Massaging the scalp is an excellent way to keep your hair follicles healthy. Massaging the scalp regularly causes blood flow to the follicles which provide the nutrients important for healthy hair growth. Long hair needs proper care which starts from the roots. Therefore, massaging the scalp would help in the development of strong hair roots which will make your hair look more beautiful. 

4. Make Your Hair Tangle-Free

Keeping long hair tangle-free is a whole duty but haircare demands it. After you are done taking a shower, use a towel for your hair but don’t rub your hair against the towel this can cause hair breakage. Gently dry them and then use a wide comb for your hair. Start brushing the ends first and then gently move towards upwards, this will keep your hair healthy and tangle-free. 

5. Use A Good Hairbrush and Brush Well

Invest your money in buying a good hairbrush. Your hair growth depends a lot on the type of brush you use. Some brushes break your hair from the roots; therefore, be careful when buying a brush. Select that brush that is gentle to your scalp and gives it a soothing effect. Good brushes which are good for the scalp can be expensive but they are worth buying. 

6. Trim Your Hair

Sometimes the easiest way to taking care of damaged hair is to trim away the split ends. Hair trimming not only helps your hair to grow but also gives them a healthy look. Hair trimming removes damaged hair and reduces hair breakage. After eliminating the rough ends of the hair, hair trimming makes hair styling easier for you. Hair trimming also keeps your hair tangle-free. To keep your hair smooth, healthy, long, and tangle-free, hair trimming is a vital step that should be practiced regularly. 

putting some oil on a long hair

7. Hair Oiling

Hair oiling has many benefits, the first of which includes healthy hair growth. Hair oiling is the best way to strengthen your hair. It keeps your hair hydrated, eliminates dandruff, and brings shine and glow to your hair. Apart from that, hair oiling is also known to reduce stress levels and bring soothing and relaxing effects. Hair oiling also reduces hair breakage and stops hair fall. 

8. Stop Using Blow Dryers and Straighteners

Blow dryers and straighteners bring many negative consequences to your hair. For the time being, they make you feel good by reshaping your hair the way you want but the after-effects of these products can be devastating for your hair. These products break down the structure of your hair with its heating effect. However, you can use air-drying if it is needed because they keep your hair healthy and beautiful. 

9. Take Care of Your Diet

It has always been said that your diet affects your hair and skin and that is a fact. If you eat a diet rich in proteins and nutrients, it will have a positive effect on your hair. Eggs have nutrients that promote hair growth and are a great source of biotin and proteins.

Berries, potatoes, avocados, and spinach all are rich in proteins and nutrients are excellent sources for hair growth. This diet makes your hair healthy and brings glow and shine to them. Apart from that, try drinking plenty of water because water improves the condition of your hair and skin by keeping it hydrated. 

high quality accessories for long hair

10. Use High-Quality Hair Accessories

Don’t use tight hair accessories because they can cause hair breakage. Use accessories that are gentle to your hair scalp. If you use rough and heavy hair accessories, chances are that your hair will get tangled in them and you will constantly be pulling hair from its roots.

This weakens the root of your hair which eventually leads to more hair fall! This is why it is better to use high-quality hair ties, bands, and more to make sure your hair is in good hands - quite literally! 

Are You Ready To Take Care of Your Long Hair?

Having long hair, or hair that grows fast is a blessing! Many take this blessing for granted but instead take care of your hair to ensure that it stays long and beautiful, you can make use of natural remedies to do so as well as apply commercial products! If you want to check out the best hair care products, explore the range of Juvabun by smashing the button below!