Interesting Facts about Hair: Amazing Trivias

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Hair - long and medium, natural and colored, thin and thick - is a vital treasure of each female with interesting facts regarding its biological, chemical, and even physical abilities. According to genetic research, hair is a DNA source and carries valid information about our origin, inherited features, and diseases. The other curious evidence regarding human hair is its relations with mammal animals. For instance, like most monkeys, a gorilla has the same amount of hair fibers on its body as a human; however, its hair is expanded on all the body areas to preserve the body heat and protect the animal.

So, hair is an alive “organ”. If your immune system operates typically, your appearance-related organs look good and healthy. Therefore, hair needs special care to be strong and fresh-looking, especially after different hairdressing manipulations. Most famous and market-oriented beauty corporations disseminate the fakes about the coloring and setting tools and items to increase their sales and earnings. Each girl should know interesting facts about her hair color and hairdressing history facts to be beautiful and charming.

As far as we know everything about hair, we have prepared a list of reliable, fun, and interesting facts about hair. Explore and enjoy!

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Facts about Human Hair

Human hair is a fascinating subject for investigation and knowledge accumulation. Each young girl should be aware of a few hair facts to understand her hair needs better. Do we all know about proper hair care, about their fantastic nature? Perhaps many facts will surprise you:

  • To make hair strong and healthy, you need to insert eggs, salmon, carrots, and green vegetables into your diet sheet.
  • Every day, a person loses from 50 to 100 hairs. The female hair "sitting" is 2 mm deeper in the scalp, so women suffer from hair loss less often than men.
  • A female braid of medium length, consisting of 150-200 thousand hair fibers, can hold a load weighing up to 20 tons. Such a feature is comparable to aluminum properties. Incredible, right?
  • Hair contains 97% of protein and 3% of water.
  • The optimum temperature for washing hair is 35-40 °C.
  • To keep your hair thick and shiny, comb it for 5-10 minutes every night before going to bed.
  • Once more, crazy hair facts regard their scientific abilities. The comprehensive studies prove their unbelievable abilities to store a large amount of information. Thus, hair can tell details about the age of its owner, the residence location, and even components of his diet. However, it is impossible to find out a gender per someone’s hair example.
  • Only 2% of the global population is blond.
  • Some other fun facts about hair refer to their cutting and the hair growth myth. So, no haircut does improve the hair growing process.
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Amazing History of Hairstyles

Hairdressing facts seem to be a separate category of interesting cues about hair quality. Here, we sum up the most delightful hairdressing history facts touching different styling epochs: 

  • In Ancient Egypt, wealthy women used unique coasters instead of pillows. It was necessary to maintain complex hairstyles.
  • Ancient Grecian, such famous inventors, were the first who started to wear bangs. In those days, there was a belief that a woman's forehead should be low. Interestingly, during the Renaissance, the fashionistas did everything to make their forehead look higher. Well, we are weak when fashion changes.
  • “Those who make their hair curly must go to hell because there is no other way for them!”. Ah, this is not a quote from a theater performance played in the 20th century. That was a real motto of the Middle Ages witch hunters.
  • Marie Antoinette wore a hairdo with 91.5 cm in length. Ribbons, feathers, and ornaments made the hairstyle composition so tall.

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Why do I need to read some hair facts?

Fun facts about hair are an excellent way to improve specific knowledge if you are a future hairstylist or a passionate beauty blogger. This information expands your view of hair nature, prevents the use of everything harmful to scalp health, and cares about your hair more appropriately.

What are the top unreal and interesting facts about hair color?

Hair color is a separate topic worth to be discussed; however, we could list some curious facts about it too: In the middle of the 20th century, only 5% of women used dye colors. Now, this indicator has reached 75%. Natural hair color determines the character and psychological features of a confident person. If you know the hair color, you may predict the amount of hair on someone’s head because blondies have the enormous volume and redheads - v.v.

What are the fake hairdressing facts?

When you scroll through some interesting facts about hair and hairdos, you probably find a lot of misinformation. Well, we prepared a few myths about items to make your hairstyles “unbelievable”. Use beer for better hair fixation. It is helpful if you like its strong smell instead of a good perfume odor for the first date. Pregnant women could not apply dye colors. That is true, but only regarding the highly toxic dyes. If you do not want to have gray hair, pluck it. Indeed, plucking reduces the hair size, including gray and colored ones.