How To Care For Halo Hair?

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No matter how high-quality and expensive hair halos are, you need to decide to revive artificial chevelure or go to the store for new ones sooner or later. We have prepared this article for a woman who is not looking for easy ways and are ready to fight for the beauty of their halo hair and their long years of service.

How to Restore Artificial Halo Hair?

Professionals advise you to use your hair halos carefully so that they last longer. Generally, these types of wigs are durable, but if you still need to restore them, then use our instructions.

STEP 1: Start restoring synthetic hair halos with a wash. Comb the strands if possible, but if they are too tangled, it is better to postpone this procedure.

STEP 2: Use boiled warm water for washing. Dilute shampoo in it, preferably for weakened or coloured hair.

STEP 3: Soak your wig for half an hour and then gently rinse. Do not jerk, rub, squeeze.

STEP 4: To make the ends more manageable and soft, lubricate them with natural oil.

STEP 5: Now soak the halo hair in a solution of water and fabric softener. Leave for at least two hours, then remove, squeeze and lay on a cotton cloth to dry. You do not need to rinse them.

STEP 6: Start brushing your hair after it dries. If the strands were very tangled, then the procedure will be complicated and long. Cut the knots with scissors, and go to the bangs at the very end.

STEP 7: When the hair is combed, trim the ends and shape the hair halos.

    artificial hair halos reanimated after curling

    How to Reanimate Artificial Hair Halos After Curling?

    If halo hair is made of kanekalon or modacrylic, then most likely it will not work.

    These products must absolutely not be heat treated. Fibres lose their structure forever and can’t be restored. Therefore, you have two ways to cut off damaged strands and make hair halos short or purchase new extensions.

    Like many hair extension products, it's good to check the product passport for information about what temperature they can withstand. Always pay attention to these numbers and don't experiment.

    Halo hair made of thermal fibre is another matter; they are allowed to curl with a curling iron, straighten with an iron, dry with a hairdryer. They tolerate temperature well, so it is challenging to harm them with careful handling. But how to restore them if you still spoil them with a curling iron?

    Best method to make artificial halo extensions look smooth, soft and attractive

    1. Dilute fabric softener in a little warm water. Soak your hair in this composition for two hours.
    2. Then let the curls dry. You don't need to rinse off the conditioner. Simply spread your hair evenly on a towel and leave to dry completely.
    3. Now you can brush, divide your chevelure into small sections.

    After that, the chevelure will become more manageable, acquire an aesthetic appearance, and get rid of dryness.

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