How To Make Homemade Hair Scrunchies?

Bow Scrunchies for HairScrunchies for hair are not the kind of must-have craft projects. These are completely non-burdensome things that can bring a certain amount of joy, but nothing more. By and large, original hair scrunchies can be bought at the nearest store around the corner.

However, there are two cases when the idea of ​​making hair accessories with your own hands is entirely justified. The first is the need to sometimes choose elastic bands strictly for a certain outfit.


The second case is the unplanned formation of excess scraps of fabric at home or the desire to do something with your own hands. Here we will tell you how you can make scrunchies for hair and look original.


Bow Scrunchies For Hair 

It doesn't take much time to make such rubber bands for hair. A bow is the easiest way to make a stylish elastic band with your own hands.

Bow Scrunchies for hair

You need to find a fabric that you like or want to make a bow from. Then you need to attach the pattern to the fabric and cut out the desired shape. Then the matter remains small, ties a bank with an elastic band from the cut material, and that's it. Now you know how to quickly and effortlessly make a fashion accessory that will match any outfit.

Even the laziest person will not give up on such a project with a minimum of effort and maximum result. Make a lot of these scrunchies for hair at once. A new handbag, other sandals, a pink powder blouse forgotten in the closet, and you already have the accessory you need.

Luxury Textile Hair Scrunchie

Women know unsuccessful scrunchies are evil that spoils and pulls out hair. Here is another reason you should make hair ties with your own hands, only you can take good care of your hair. Sew on soft, delicate accessories that will not wrap around your hair but will hold the ponytail well.

homemade hair scrunchie with beads

To make rag scrunchies for hair, you will need several pieces of fabric and elastic.

Fold the fabric in half, right-sided together. Sew the folded fabric together. Turn out the resulting product and slip the elastic into the inside. Sew the elastic and the loose sides of the fabric. Your homemade hair scrunchie is ready.

Hair Scrunchie With Beads

Beads, sequins, and other things are loved, perhaps, by all girls and even those who say otherwise. A scrunchie with beads will be a good gift for any girl, and you can easily make such a gift. The main thing is not to overdo it if there are a lot of beads; the elastic runs the risk of turning into a heavy accessory in which the hair gets tangled.

Hair Scrunchie With Beads

You will need eyelet beads and hairpins for hair scrunchie with beads. You need to thread the pin through the bead and elastic and secure the ends. In such a simple way, you can make a stylish accessory. Experiment with the number of beads and decorative elements to create an unforgettable look.

Scrunchies For Hair With Button

A small detail, a simple button, can sparkle with new colors if it is originally placed on a scrunchie. You can make an interesting hair tie that will be unusual and original thanks to such detail. As a result, you will get a lot of pleasure and a wonderful accessory that you can use or pack in a small box and give away.

knitted bows for hair

A scrunchie like this will be easy to make; all you need is an elastic band, a button, and fabric. Cover the button in fabric and attach it to the elastic with hot glue or thread. Experiment with the size and color of the jewelry.

Knitted Hair Bows

Do you like to knit? If so, you can tie the bows to decorate the scrunchies for hair. The bow is a symbol of femininity, and it will not be difficult to knit it. You need to tie a not wide ribbon and tie it with a thread in the middle. This way, you will have a nice bow that you can fasten with an elastic band or glue to the rim. Such an original decoration will be a great gift which will remind you.

Knitted Hair Bows

You can make do-it-yourself hair jewelry that will match any clothes. Besides, you can diversify your usual look with false hair and decorate your hairstyle with homemade elastic bands. Moreover, these elastic bands can be used for hair extensions and perfectly highlight your personality and fix your hairstyle. Any hairstyle with hair extensions will look more interesting with unique accessories that you can do yourself. Experiment and express your personality.

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