Hairstyles With A Claw Clip For Long Hair

ponytail hairstyle using a claw hairclip

Claw clip hairstyles are suitable both for wearing in everyday life and for going out for a walk, club, school, or office. A Claw clip can be used to decorate the hair of any length - short, medium, or very long. This article will look at the types of claw clip hairpins and possible options for creating hairstyles with them for different hair lengths. See photo examples and get inspired.

“I have worn a ponytail and a bun without a parting for almost my entire adult life, and recently I began to like to comb my hair in a parted part in Tbilisi, tuck the hair at the back of my head and fasten it with a crab,” says Alina Grigalashvili, fashion editor of The Blueprint. It turns out to be a small funny palm tree on the head - like Kaia Gerber, Haley Bieber, and all these beautiful women who hit the fashion market at the turn of the nineties and zero…"

Bella Hadid, Ashley Olsen, Kendall Jenner, and thousands of girls who wear "crab-like" hairpins with rounded teeth have signed up for the same company.

The past wave of unearthly popularity of these hair accessories came in the mid-nineties. Remember how Gwyneth Paltrow's hair was pinned up when her character undressed in Great Expectations? Or what hairstyle did Jennifer Aniston have when she first kissed David Schwimmer in Friends season 2? By the way, of all the iconic "Rachel's hairstyles," this is the easiest to repeat.


Types Of Hair Claw Lips

The ancestor of the modern hairpin crab is the scallop. The hair clip provides a reliable, strong fixation of the curls.

This hair claw clip is used to create unique hairstyles of different shapes and designs. The main thing is that the accessory is selected following the declared style, combined with the image of the girl who chose the crab as the element that holds the strands together.

Larger crabs are best used only for owners of long and thick hair. Small hairpins are suitable for fastening individual curls or fixing bangs for short-haired women of fashion.

Hair claw clips, various in cost, appearance, color shades, and design, will allow any girl to choose the appropriate option, complementing her image with a stylish accessory.

Long Black Hair

Inserts made of precious stones, rhinestones, lace, and even feathers look exquisite and unusual.

Among the crab hairpins, the following varieties are distinguished, depending on: 

  • Forms - in the form of steps, banana; lateral;
  • Material of manufacture - from plastic, metal, plastic rubber, natural components;
  • Decorative design - with ribbons, feathers, bows, rhinestones, beads, stones, prints of different shades;
  • Sizes - from the smallest to very large.

How to use claw clips

How To Use Claw Clips?

For quick home using of claw clips, the most suitable and common are plastic crabs. The easiest way to fix the curls is to collect them in a bun, twist them in one direction and clamp them with a hairpin. Alternatively, instead of twisting, you can use weaving - braid the strands into a braid, lift and fix it with a crab.

For more originality, you can use more than one piece of jewelry.

How to use a claw clip with long hair

You can also divide the curls into two equal parts and, tying from the back with a knot, secure with an accessory turned horizontally. Leaving the ends of the strands hanging down, you can stop there, or continue to show your imagination and curl them with a curling iron or make several thin braids. 

Thus, thanks to these easy steps you will know how to use claw clips for short hair.

How To Use A Claw Clip With Long Hair?

Long-haired girls should pay attention to the "evening" styling. You can easily and quickly learn it. For example, curl your hair with curlers or curling iron, casually pin up the curls with invisible hairpins, use small crabs with rhinestones for decoration. This is an ideal styling option for an evening or cocktail dress and even a wedding outfit.

Different claw clips

Excellent knowledge of how to use a claw clip with long hair - "Malvina". Its peculiarity lies in pinning individual strands in the occipital region of the head. Several variants of "Malvina" are used:

  • For straight hair, you can add extra volume with a light comb on the crown or with careless strands protruding slightly from the bun.
  • Greek styling is the perfect solution for a gala evening or an important event.

Steps to Performing a Malvina Hairstyle

  • comb the curls, apply a little fixing varnish on them;
  • divide the strands into three parts, the central one should be thicker than the rest;
  • twist the side curls with bundles to the back of the head;
  • fix the hairstyle with a thin elastic band;
  • lift the tip of the resulting tail, stretch it between the side and central curls;
  • gather all your hair together, decorate with a beautiful crab.
Claw Clips

    There are a lot of styling options for different hair lengths, so you can easily learn not only how to use a claw clip with long hair, but with short and medium. We have many JuvaBun tips for you to experiment, turn on inspiration, and then, perhaps, you will be able not only to choose the right hairstyle but also to create a new unique masterpiece.

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