Stylish Hairstyles With Bobby Pins Options

different types of bobby pins on top of a table

Just one small but useful accessory can give you an infinite number of hairstyles, both evening and every day.

It turned out that the bobby pins shouldn't be visible in the hairstyles. Bobby pin is designed only to fix individual strands and fix complex styling elements so that the final result looks neat and harmonious.

You can use bobby pins to create hair baskets, complex buns, flagella, spikelets, and other unusual hairstyles. For the hairpin to better perform its function, you can sprinkle it with varnish before styling to hold the curls more tightly.

The Basic  of How to Fasten Your Hair with Bobby Pins

You can fasten the bobby pin in two ways with the embossed or smooth side; it all depends on the chosen styling.

Colorful Bobby Pins

In addition, the bobby pin can function as an independent hair accessory. With the help of 5-10 of these hairpins, it is easy to create amazing fashion hairstyles. Fasten the side strand with four bobby pins in a crisscross pattern for a laconic but very effective snowflake.

4 Easy Steps in Making Cute Hairstyles with Bobby Pins?

  • Lightly sprinkle them with varnish to make the hairpins fix the curls well.
  • The hairpin must be held so that the wavy part is at the bottom. Only in this way will it hold on tightly.
woman with a juvabun
    • If you want to make the hairpins invisible, turn the invisibility in the opposite direction after pinching the strands with it.
    • \Many celebrities wear colored bobby pins and stilettos now; they don't have to be invisible. So do not hesitate to choose bright accessories for your hairstyle.

    Cute Bobby Pin Hairstyles for Long Hair

    The greatest scope for creativity in styling for long hair are:

    • A bun. It is very convenient to secure the hair with bobby pins in a high or low bun, thus collecting all the recalcitrant strands. This method will be especially useful for you to create a perfectly smooth ballerina hairstyle.
    Close Up of Bobby Pins
      • Pin the bobby pins from the sides. If you want to wear loose hair but so that it does not bother you, pay attention to the style of the hairpins. For example, you can secure the curls above your ears with a few criss-cross cute hairpins.
      • Braid around the head. 3-4 hairpins are an indispensable tool in creating a fashionable braid rim. Braid, starting from the ear, wrap around your head and secure tightly. How to pin long bobby hair pins in this case? Just use them where the strands tend to fall out of the braid.
      • Cross pattern. A bobby pin can be an exciting accessory and a way to highlight your individuality. Secure the bobby pins in a crisscross pattern all over the head, forming something like a rim, or pin two side strands at the back of the head this way.
      Bobby pin hairstyles
        • Herringbone. Another way to stand out from the crowd is to decorate your head with an exciting bobby pins pattern. For an even more unusual option, match bobby pins to a shade of lipstick or nail polish. Try to place the hairpins as evenly as possible at the same angle to create a flawless pattern.
        • Hashtag. You only need to use four equal-sized bobby pins to create this beautiful pattern and cute bobby pin hairstyle. Pin two parallel to each other and two more parallel to each other, but perpendicular to the first pair. This decor will look especially interesting in asymmetrical styling.
        • Triangle. You can pin side strands at the back of your head in dozens of different ways. One of the most effective ones is to create a graceful triangle with the help of invisible ones. The most beautiful styling with this kind of flagella and braid pattern in a bohemian style.

        Bobby pin hairstyles for short hair

        Bobby Pin Hairstyles for Short Hair

        In the case of hairstyles for short hair, these bobby pins are perfect for tidying up your bangs if you want to grow them or just refresh your look. Besides, this is a real salvation for curls because, with the help of bobby pins, you can give your short hair the desired shape.

        For short hair, use small bobby pins. It is better if they match your hair color, unless, of course, you want to make a bright accent. In the second case, you can choose them to match the color of lipstick or nail polish.

        • Pigtails. If you want to add a solemn and slightly bohemian look to your hairstyle, part your hair in a parted part and braid it in two small braids. Next, simply secure both braids with a lot of pins, leading the ends along the back of the head. In general, there are many interpretations in this styling, options with weaving always turn out beautiful and unusual.
        model with medium hair having bobby pins on her hair
          • Flagella. Twist the small side strands into weak bundles and secure them with invisible ones above the ears. This hairstyle is perfect for those who prefer to pull their hair away from their face.
          • Bouffant. Just a couple of bobby pins, a fine-toothed comb, and hairspray will help you create stylish bobby pin hairstyles for short hair in the style of the 60s. To do this, you need to divide the hair into a straight parting, comb the top of the head and connect the fleece ends at the back of the head, securing them with several bobby pins crosswise.

          Hairstyles with Bobby Pins for Medium Hair

          A lot of exciting styling can be done for medium lengths, up to the shoulders and slightly below. For example, try the following hairstyles with bobby pins:

          Cute Bobby Pins

          • Cold wave. Do you like the styling of 20s Hollywood divas? They are easy to repeat by making curls with styling mousse and curling iron. You must secure each wave with a hair clip.
          • As in the Middle Ages. It is another historical but very effective hairstyle. Braid two small braids around your face, or twist the front strands with a tourniquet. Then connect them at the back of your head with a few hairpins. Secure your hair with varnish. The rest of the curls should remain loose behind.

          As it turns out, you can create a lot of hairstyles with simple bobby pins. So try and fulfill your fantasies and feel free to experiment. Moreover, if you want to change the image radically, you can use hair extensions that do not harm your chevelure but will give the desired volume and length. We offer many hair extension products along with hair tips on

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