Hairstyles With Hair Scrunchies From The 90s

Top scrunchie for thick hair

Do you remember how popular hair accessories were in the 90s? Hundreds of different hair scrunchies could be found under glass windows in department stores. By the middle of the 2000s, the fashion for such hair ornaments had passed, and women's hair remained virtually unadorned for almost 15 years. But closer to 2021, the situation has changed dramatically.

If you delve deeper into the topic, you can conclude that products designed to decorate a girl's hairstyle first came into fashion somewhere in the mid-70s. 

Of course, the quality of this jewelry has changed from decade to decade. And the voluminous velvet headbands were replaced by silicone rubber bands and branded hairpins. But by the beginning of the 2000s, this fashion began to disappear very actively. The revival of hair jewelry started just a couple of years ago. And primarily because of the street style. It was then on the main catwalks of the world within the framework of Fashion Weeks, top models showed the world a new look at hairstyles with hair scrunchies. Long-forgotten jewelry now has a second chance at life.



Top Scrunchie for Thick Hair

Several trends can be distinguished when discussing hairstyles with hair scrunchies from the 90s, which do not leave the catwalks and celebrities' heads.

  • Velvet bow. This old-school accessory first appeared a couple of years ago on Kate Middleton. And before that, the last time such bows appeared only on girls’ heads from the 80s. Then such decorations were accepted in secular circles and were considered the rule of good taste. The accessory looks very elegant indeed. And if your outfit lacks aristocracy, a velvet bow will easily fill this gap. The rules for combining it with clothes depend only on the size. The more concise your outfit, the larger the bow should be.
  • Silk scarf. Although, by and large, it does not have to be made from natural silk. Other materials are fine too. In 2018, this trend thundered worldwide and took the first position in the ranking of the hottest trends. Several years passed, and the silk scarf’s position weakened a little, but not enough to leave the next top. Most often, such accessories are tied around the tail in one or two knots. A silk scarf is an excellent substitute for hair scrunchies for buns. It is essential to fix the scarf by releasing its edges simply. Another option for wearing this accessory is weaving a scarf into a braid. Designers recommend combining two small scarves in a hairstyle to look original.

    • Elastic headband. This is what Cindy Crawford appears in the videos, united by how to achieve perfection. Our moms looked at the supermodel of the 90s and repeated the exercises after her so that the stomach was as flat and the hips as firm and taut as Cindy's. Now you can wear this headband accessory as you see fit with whatever you want, without any restrictions. The main thing is that in an image with an elastic headband, you feel confident and comfortable. After all, it was created precisely for the second. In addition, the elastic band can be used as a scrunchie for thick hair.
    • Plastic hairpin and textile elastic. It is a definite trend since the 90s. There was nothing unusual about the hairpins we wore in the past. Their modern version has hardly changed. Well, except that an inscription appeared on it indicating that this jewelry belongs to a particular brand. Girls can wear hairstyles with braided hair scrunchies from the 90s with different hair lengths. The hair clip does not have to be functional. It can be stabbed to the site solely for beauty, or you can tie a low tail wrapped around it with a textile elastic band, adding zest to your image.

    What hairstyles can be done with hair scrunchies from the 90s?

    What Hairstyles Can Be Done with Hair Scrunchies from the 90s?

    Elastic bands, hoops, hair scrunchies for buns, ornaments for hair all look perfect on the catwalk when models with accessories confidently pace back and forth, bathing in the enthusiastic glances of the audience. But how to wear such accessories in practice, in everyday life, the question is not so simple.

    Every fashionista can master the art of wearing hairpins. The main thing is that the fear of the experimenter does not shackle you, do not be afraid to try different solutions, and at some point, you will realize which of the trends are closest to you and how to integrate them as organically as possible into your appearance.

    • Make a tail. If you plan on using a lot of accessories, keep your hairstyle concise. Conversely, if the hair is the center of attention in your everyday look, then you should limit yourself a little in the use of hair jewelry. The low ponytail has always been the standard of the elegant aristocracy. Such a hairstyle with hair scrunchie is appropriate for a secular evening, at a prom, an interview, and a meeting with international partners. Choose appropriate hairpins and elastic by analyzing the nature of upcoming meetings and events you are going to visit. It would be appropriate for a meeting in the office to add a pair of pearl hairpins to the look. And for a social event, a velvet bow.
    • Put on the hoop. Use a variety of headbands to change your style. If you like headbands, you can easily come up with several author's ways to use them. In addition, you can use the headband to decorate buns with hair scrunchies for a more dressy look. As for the hoop headbands, many women of fashion now wear them, like tiaras, lifting them slightly and putting them on their heads, almost like a crown. Of course, not every hoop is suitable for this. If you intend to use the accessory as a tiara for every day, it is best to choose a laconic volumetric model with beads or pearls, as well as a floral version that imitates a wreath.

      • Don't ignore the low bun. If you want to mentally go back to the 90s and complement the corresponding image with something themed, choose hair scrunchies for buns. With bright bicycles and an oversized T-shirt, it will look just perfect. If you have opted for a romantic outfit, complement it with beaded hair strands that can be used as part of your hairstyle. It would seem so simple, but how beautiful and atmospheric.

      Here in JuvaBun we've provided tips on great hairstyles, but you'll have to decide for yourself how to apply hair jewelry in practice. It will secure the strand of facial hair with many bobby pins. Someone will take the bold styling from the Alexander McQueen shows as a basis, and someone, like the young representatives of the British ruling dynasty, will not miss their chance to wear a velvet hoop like a tiara and will look like a king thanks to this.

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