Top 5 Bobby Pin Hairstyles For Long Hair

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Do you want to make an unusual and beautiful styling, but you are not ready for radical changes yet? Get your hairpins and make a bobby pin hairstyle, if they have survived for the time they were not in trend. Or choose new ones, and get inspiration for hairstyles with any hair length as Cosmopolitan advises. 

Hairpins - bobby pins, combs, and snaps - were a dubious fashion story a year ago. But today, not a single hairstyle is complete without them - bows in the style of Brigitte Bardot, baroque pearls, floral ornament, rhinestones, and stars can transform even an ordinary square - just attach leopard clips symmetrically, and the catwalk bow is ready.

Bobby Pins Hairstyle

Various hairstyles are one of the most popular beauty trends today. Girls try in every possible way to outdo each other, creating spectacular structures on their heads. They are fastened, as a rule, with the help of accessories. For example, a bobby pin hairstyle for long hair is a good helper.

This season, many trendsetters began to flaunt in front of cameras with fashionable hairpins. Moreover, there are a lot of hairpins in hairstyles, and they are attached in a variety of ways - in the bobby pin stack style. We decided to explore popular trend options.

How To Make Bobby Pin Hairstyles for Long Hair?

You will need a lot of invisibility, although they do not play a big role in fixing a ponytail, pigtail, or bun. On the other hand, the hairpins should look organic and not pull on the strands. This is why it is best to start with smooth styling - fixing products will help you. Another life hack that owners of naughty, frizzy hair will especially appreciate: boldly use the invisibility on the back of your head, so that extra strands do not get knocked out when creating a high bun. Moreover, you can choose any color of bobby pins – black bobby pins, red, yellow, gold, blue, silver, and so on.

Bobby Pins


If you add a star to the usual bobby pin, this will be quite enough for the title "hairpin in trend". By the way, these can be used not only to curb a stray strand but can also be stuck in a braid, for example.


It is the most festive option of all. It looks especially cool if you take a huge number of hairpins and layout a chaotic pattern on your head. Or comb your hair to the side, "putting" the invisible in a row. Both options are perfect for hairstyles for the evening.

Glass Rhinestones Diamonds

Criss-cross pattern

Bobby pins can be an interesting accessory and a way to highlight your individuality! Fasten the invisibility hairpins across the entire head, forming something like a rim, or thus pin two side strands at the back of the head.


You can pin side strands at the back of your head in dozens of different ways. One of the most effective is to create a graceful triangle with the help of invisible ones. The most beautiful styling with this type of pattern is bohemian flagella and braids.

fashionista with a great hairpin hairstyle


T-shirts with slogans are from the past century. Now the easiest way to say something to the world is by wearing a bobby pin with words. They can be with pearls, gold, or silver with different words such as glam, queen, love, and the names of cities and brands.

How To Use a Bobby Pin?

A bobby pin is a hairpin for fixing individual strands. Most often, on sale, we can see black bobby pins, but they can be made in other colors, forms, and structures. Initially, their purpose was to fix the hair gradually and more focus was made on the hairdo that matches ones hair color. Now they can be used as decoration.

  1. Take the bobby pin in your hand, while the flat side of the hair clip should look up, the embossed side - down (so the fixation will be stronger).
  2. Unclench the bobby pin and insert it with the help of your finger.
  3. Fix your hair.
woman with a bridal bobby hairpin

    As you see, it’s not hard to know how to use a bobby pin in your daily life, special days and anniversaries, parties, and now you can easily apply it to your hair. 

    Bobby pins and hairpins are very popular. However, they can be of poor quality. A spectacular accessory can bend during use, lose some paint, or poorly cope with its duties - to securely hold the strands.

    What Should You Look for when Buying 

    Some fashionistas would prefer looking into trendy accessories via social media while other create their new styles and show it online. Regardless of your preference, when choosing, be sure to pay attention to the following points.

    Gold Hair Accessory

    1. The strength of the material of manufacture. Look for invisible pins and hairpins made of metal. Before buying, be sure to test them for strength. Good products will not succumb to your manipulations and will retain their original appearance.

    2. When purchasing pre-painted items, inspect them carefully. There should be no paint chips on the hairpins. If they are present, the product will quickly lose its bright, attractive appearance. Also, sniff: hair accessories should not emit an unpleasant odor.

    3. Check any decorated hairpins for the quality of attachment of additional elements. It is not uncommon for poorly attached jewelry to peel off from invisibility and hairpins in the process of creating a hairstyle.

    Black and White Hairpins

    The collected hairstyle is always relevant in the summer. A romantic bunch of curls or a neat "shell" ... whatever it is, you need to properly fix your work! But using bobby pins hairstyle for all their simplicity requires a special approach and skills. Otherwise, the hairstyle falls apart during the day. Familiar situation?

    We understand! It is especially hard for those with naturally smooth, thick and heavy hair. We hope our tips were useful for you, and now you can make an amazing hairstyle suitable for you using different bobby hairpins. More Tips here in JuvaBun!

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