Discover Curly Wigs That Will Make You A Trendsetter This Season!

Are you a huge fan of curly hair? Are you done with your boring straight hair just like me? Well, then trust me you’re at the right place! 

Curly hair is so much more beautiful and sexy as compared to straight hair. You can create so many amazing looks with them! Now, we all know the never-ending task of curling our hair, don't we? It is not only time-consuming but ends up ruining our hair for good. You cannot expect to have beautiful silky hair when you are applying so much heat to them! You are literally going to end up with split ends and whatnot. 

This is the part where curly wigs play a role. Instead of curling your hair all the time, wear a wig that won't take you more than 10 minutes, and off you go. How great is that? The trend of wigs has been here for years but it is now at its peak with literally everyone wearing wigs. From working women to celebrities to women at parties and weddings, everyone has them on! The best part is that you cannot always tell if someone is wearing them and if the wig is of good quality. 

Now, if you are someone who wants to know all about curly wigs, then keep on reading babe! The article is going to help you out slay like a queen. So let’s get started! 

JuvaBun Curly Hair Wig


Finding an excellent quality wig is not an easy task at all. There are countless brands out there that claim to provide you with the best, but their wigs end up getting ruined after a couple of days of usage. 

Now, we did thorough research regarding this matter and found an amazing brand that not only offers stunning wigs of amazing quality but is budget-friendly as well considering the quality they offer. The brand is called JuvaBun which offers a curly ponytail wig for you to wear and flaunt your hair. The wig is 16-inch long and will definitely give you a princess look. It looks so natural as well as stunning. When wearing it, no one will be able to tell if it's your natural hair or if you are wearing a wig. It literally looks so effortless! 

The best part is that the wig comes in different colors for your ease. Choose according to your hair color and you are good to go. We also understand that matching your hair can be hard, this is where the company is going to help you out. You can get in touch with them and you can tell them exactly what you want. The customer representative is going to help you with the entire thing making it a piece of cake. By any chance, if the wig doesn't match your hair, you can always get it exchanged by contacting the company. The process is smooth and fast. 


One thing you need to understand is that you cannot call it an average wig at all! The company literally took three years to make it soft and of high quality so that it looks like natural hair. Doesn't matter if you have thin hair, the wig is perfect for all hair types. Sounds great, doesn't it? 

The best part about the wig is that it is not going to cause an ounce of damage to your hair at all! The wig is weatherproof as well as pre-styled making it easier for you to wear it. You can add heat to it and change the look as well. It is not going to get damaged at all. This way you get to keep your natural hair safe from heat damage or harmful chemical damage that comes from hair dyes. 

The wig is also going to give your hair an instant length and hair volume. It is the perfect way for you to achieve a much fuller and thicker look in literally seconds! You won't have to do anything at all. It is going to save your time since you can apply it in less than 60 seconds no matter where you are. If you’re scared to apply it due to no experience with wigs, again you do not have to worry at all. It is perfect for beginners as well as experts. There is nothing too complicated about it at all! 

The wig is a huge confidence booster. I guarantee you that you will get countless compliments when you are wearing it. You will also feel better about yourself when wearing it. Wear it to work, weddings, date night, or wherever you want and you will fall in love with it, that's for sure! 

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Hair Wigs Are Not Only Chic, But They Have Tons of Benefits! 

The benefits of wearing hair wigs are never-ending. If you’re someone who's stuck in a dilemma about whether you should go for hair wigs or not, then have a look down below and understand the benefits of wearing wigs.

One of the biggest benefits of wearing wigs is that you get to try out a variety of styles. Be it curly hair ponytail, curly open hair, a curly claw clip, or other styles, you can literally choose anything you want. The fun part is that you can even change the style of the wig you have while keeping your own hair safe. With wigs, there is no permanent commitment, you always change the style according to your preference. Wigs offer a huge variety of hairstyles that human hair cannot. 


Selecting The Correct Wig For Yourself is Essential 

Selecting a wig is not as easy as it sounds. When buying a wig, the first thing you need to keep in mind is the cap construction as that is going to have an effect on your comfort level. If you're someone who has hair loss, then going for a hair cap that offers a lot of grips should be your best option.

  • Wig Cap 

There are many different kinds of caps such as lace fronts. This basically involves a ventilated lace across the hairline that ends up creating a seamless hairline. 

This also involves a process where 1 to 3 pieces of hair are tied in a knot around the lace. The lace is translucent and easily blends with your natural skin tone. A close front cap features a technique called under ventilation at the front hairline that connects with your natural hair. This sort of cap is perfect for wearing bangs or a side fringe. There are many other cap styles as well such as the french top and lace top so make sure to choose the one according to your preference.



  • Wig Style 

Once you’ve chosen the cap type, it is time to choose the wig style you want. If you want to go for a wig that’s just like your natural hair, then choose the one that blends in with your natural hair color. 

There are no rules when it comes to choosing a style for your hair wig. Be it going for a curly ponytail to afro wigs, you have got all the choices in the world. Make sure you take your time selecting the wig and do not feel pressured at all. If you have questions, do not feel afraid to ask them. Remember, wearing a wig means that you will have it on for a lot of time so need to make sure you are fully comfortable with it.

  • Your Face Shape 

Your face shape has a huge impact on the kind of wig you choose. Face shapes play an important role with synthetic shapes since they are pre-styled. 

For instance, if you are someone who has a round face, you should go for a wig that gives off an elongating effect. However, it all depends on you. If you want a completely different look, that is possible too. You won't have to choose a wig according to your face shape.

  • Wig Length 

The length of the wig completely depends on your comfort level, your lifestyle, and especially your style preference. 

There are different length categories such as short wigs that frame the face and lay at the nape of the neck. There are also medium-length wigs that have length till your shoulders. Lastly, long wigs have a length beyond your shoulders and can be more than 16’’ long. A wig can easily be customized according to your preferred length. 

Slay for Days With Numerous Wig Styles 

Are you someone who has never worn wigs before? A newbie? Doesn't matter if you are, there is literally nothing too complicated about the process and you do not have to worry about anything. 

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Sure, wearing a wig is not as easy as it sounds as it comes with a couple of steps that must be followed. When wearing a wig, you need to be sure that it fits perfectly, has a great grip, and doesn't come off that easily. In order to learn the entire process, have a look down below at the step-by-step guide and become a pro at wearing wigs. 

Step No. 1: Make sure to wear caps! 

A know a bunch of people out there who skip wearing a hair cap which is a big no! Remember, if you are not going to wear a cap, your wig is not going to have a good grip at all. Make sure to wear a cap for the best possible look. When wearing the cap, it should be placed smoothly on your hairline. 

Now you can stretch it to the back of your head. The last step is to tuck away any hair left behind. Now, if you want to be extra careful that your cap remains in place, you can always use bobby pins or clips as per your choice. 


Step No. 2: Tilt and slide ladies - tilt and slide! 

When you are done wearing the cap, it is time that you put your wig on. Unwrap the wig and hold it up in the front with your hands. 

You need to be certain that the label of the wig is at the back so you know that you are wearing it right. When wearing the wig, you need to tilt your head forward and then place the front of the wig on your hairline. Lastly, slide it on and you are good to go. Now one thing you need to keep in mind over here is that you need to adjust the wig according to what's comfortable for you. The wig should definitely sit comfortably on the head. It should be firm with wig clips or even wig tape. These are just going to help in keeping your wig firm on the head. You can purchase them easily from anywhere.  

Step No. 3: Adjusting the wig according to your style 

Now you need to style the wig. It is completely on you if you want to follow this step or not. You can leave the wig as it is or style it using different styling equipment such as hairdryers, straighteners, or curlers. Set the look with hairspray and that's it. Enjoy your new look! 

All wigs look amazing, especially curly hair wigs. Make sure you use a detangling mist when trying to get rid of any tangles from your wig or else your wig is not going to look good at all. Once you apply the mist, you need to brush the wig gently. Do not be harsh at all or else it will ruin the wig. 

Where to Wear the Wig and Look Fabulous! 

Are you divas wondering where should you wear your look and look fabulous? Well, we have the answer for you: EVERYWHERE! 

You can literally wear your wig anywhere you want and look amazing. If you are interested in some looks, then have a look down below and learn how to style the wigs according to the occasion and outfit you are going for. 

  •  A Romantic Dinner Date

Going on a date with a guy you have liked forever? Want to look breathtaking? Well, here are a couple of looks you can go for. When going on a dinner date, it would be best if you wore a curly hair wig and left it open. 


Part your wig from the middle and make sure you have equal hair on both sides. You can go for a minimal nude makeup look with a cute blouse and wide-leg pants. Accessorize your look with long earrings and wear heels. Trust me, your date won't take his eyes off you for even a second. 

  • At Work 

It is extremely hard to style your hair in the morning especially when you are going to work. You do not want to be late once again or else your boss is going to be really angry. 

This is where a wig is going to help you out. You can go for a curly ponytail wig that is going to keep your hair in place all day long making sure you work comfortably. Wear a skirt with it or a suit according to your work environment. You would also want to keep your makeup minimal. 

  •  Lunch with Friends 

Have lunch with your girls after a long time? Well, this is when you want to look stunning. The perfect wig for lunch would be a straight ponytail. 

To elevate the look, you should go for jeans and a cute top. You can either go for a crop top or a collared shirt according to your choice. Go for a cross-body bag and a pair of heels that’ll look chic as ever. When it comes to your makeup, a bold lip would be a perfect choice! You’ll look quite amazing and have the time of your life with your girls, that’s for sure! 

  •  Party Look 

Going to a party at the bar or at a friend's place? This is the time when you can experiment. Now, if you want a really sexy look, you should once again go for the curly hair ponytail wig or the straight hair ponytail wig as both of them are going to look gorgeous. 

When it comes to your clothes, go for skinny pants or wide-leg pants with a crop top. You should wear a cross-body bag as well. When it comes to makeup, either go for bold eyes or lips, it depends on you. If you go for a red lip, go for a winged eyeliner however if you're going for bold eyes, go for a nude lip. 

  • Wedding Look 

An elegant wedding look would include you wearing a braid bun wig or messy bun according to your choice as both of them look quite pretty. You can add a pretty hair clip on the bun to elevate its look even more. When it comes to clothes, go for a dress and minimal makeup. 

You can even add flowers to your hair to stand out. However, make sure you do not go too far since you do not want to steal the bride's spotlight! Wear court shoes and go for a clutch. All of this combined is going to look really elegant! 

  • The Mall

Going to the mall in a hurry? Well, you can always wear a wig. You never know who you might end up meeting at the mall! 

You can go for a ponytail wig or a bun when going to the mall so that you can shop easily without your hair coming in the way. For clothes, you can wear a simple t-shirt with a pair of jeans to stay comfortable. Apart from this, wear a pair of sneakers to keep your feet comfy since there will be a lot of walking at the mall. You will also have to carry a tote bag with you which will complement the entire look. 

  •  Birthday Party 

Going to a birthday party? Well, this is where you want to go for a minimal yet attractive look. You should go for a wig with beach waves as those look quite appealing. 


You can also add a braid on both sides to take your look to another level. Wear a dress or a cute top to the birthday party with a handbag. Wear a pair of slides of small heels to add some elegance to your birthday party look! 

  •  Anywhere You Want! 

There are a lot of other occasions where you might want to wear your wig. Be it going to a work dinner, a funeral, a graduation party, or even a movie night. 

There are loads of other looks out there that you can try. If you have got just one wig, remember you can always style it into different looks by applying heat to it. This way you won't have to buy a bunch of different wigs for different hairstyles. 

How To Make Your Wig Last Longer 

Buying a wig is not that cheap, especially if you are investing in a high-quality one. Now, if you are wondering whether you can make your wig last longer, then the answer is yes, but only if you take care of the wig.


There are different tips you need to follow in order to maintain the wig. Some of these include: 

  • Do not Wear It Everyday 

If you wear the same wig each and every day, then it is not going to last you more than 5-6 months. The color will fade, the threads will tear and the wig will be a complete disaster. 

If you are someone who needs to wear wigs each and every day, then you should purchase 2-3 wigs and wear them in rotations. This way, all of your wigs will last you longer than you expected.

  • Wash Your Wig But Not Too Much 

You should also give your wig a hero rough wash while handling it well. Make sure to shampoo your wig using a gentle shampoo that is going to ensure its durability and keep its texture and health intact. However, make sure that you do not wash it too often. You should shampoo it after about 7-10 years or whenever you feel like it is getting dirty and harder to style. 


When washing your wig, make sure you are gentle with it. You cannot wash it like you wash your natural hair. It must be a smooth process. Moreover, one thing you need to keep in mind is not to rub or massage the shampoo and conditioner on the wig. Make sure you soak your wig in the product. Remember, rubbing and massaging the wig can lead to friction that ultimately leads to fiber loss which can cause knots and matting. This is something you do not want at all! When you have soaked your wig in the shampoo, it's time you start combing it gently. Now, after washing, detangle your wig with a wig detangling brush before you start air drying it. 

Remember, washing your wig with the best products is a key to keeping them intact and increasing their durability. You need to ensure to keep the wig fibers in the best possible condition. However, remember that overwashing the wig can have a negative impact and can lead to destroying your wig for good. 

  • Styling Your Wig 

If you style your wig with the heat every day, it is not going to last for a long time. However, here the kind of wig you use matters as well. 


If you go for a real human hair wig it will be more durable than a synthetic hair wig. Both of the wigs will get ruined ultimately as they won't be getting oils from your scalp as your natural hair does. 

When you are styling your wig, you should be careful with the heat you are using. It is suggested that you go for a low heat blow dryer, curler, or straightener. Make sure to keep it away from the front. Heat-free styling is a good idea as well if you want your wig to last longer. Now, this is not always practical and won't give you the style you want, but there are some styles you can achieve this way. These include hair buns, ponytails, and braids. 

Sure, wigs nowadays are much more versatile than the ones used earlier. However, these can get ruined as well due to excess heat. Make sure to be in control of the heat. A little heat every now and then is fine but do not exceed it as that is going to make your wig dull, brittle, and damaged. 

  • Storing Your Wig 

Do not be lazy when it comes to your wig. Make sure to take care of it. Taking care involves a lot of other aspects apart from shampooing and conditioning.



Remember, you need to store it as well. What most people do is that they keep their wigs on their dressing tables right after they take them off. Sure, we do understand that you must be tired after coming back from the event but storing your wig is not going to take you more than 5 minutes. Make it a part of your daily routine, something you cannot skip before going to bed. 

You should store your wig away from any heat as much as possible. The storage area should also be dry as humid areas are only going to ruin the condition of your wig. Remember, your wig is an investment and it will pay off if you take care of it the right way. Make sure you do not sleep in your wig, swim in it, shower, and wear it while doing house chores. Store your wig upright on a stand and in a cool as well as a darkroom. 

Now, if you are looking for the smartest way to keep your wig while retaining moisture is that you keep it in a silk or a satin bag. This is not only going to keep your wig soft as well as hydrated but is also going to prevent tangles as well as static. This is the main reason why a lot of wigs out there are sold in a satin bag.

Remember to invest in a high-quality wig for it to last for a very long time. There are loads of excellent quality wigs you can find out there such as the ones by JuvaBun. 


Slay That Wig Look Like a Pro! The Kardashians Won’t Know What Hit Them! 

Here was all you needed to know about wigs. By now, you must have become an expert regarding wigs! The trend of wigs is increasing day by day, especially since celebrities have started wearing them to their weddings, the Met Gala, Cannes, and so many more popular occasions. 

Literally, everyone out there is now investing in wigs. However, before you make the decision to purchase a wig, make sure that you choose it from a well-known brand out there such as JuvaBun. Do your research and only then make the purchase. Do not settle for anything less at all since you want to look the best! 

When you have got your wig, take care of it by following the instructions above. It is going to take you some time to understand the process but you will get a hang of the process ultimately. Treat your wig like your baby and you will surely be able to keep it for a very long time! So what are you waiting for? Get a wig and slay like a queen!