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"This Is Literally Cut My Hair Styling Type In Half." 3 Average Girls JuvaBun Demo


Every woman is a queen…

Yep, you heard it right.

You’re a queen.

And your crown is your hair.

These three average girls demonstrate that whatever type your hair is…

You’ll be able to use the JuvaBun and look like a beauty queen!

Read on or watch their video to check out how they use JuvaBun according to the type of their hair and WHY they all say----It’s a Miracle!




     I have thin fine hair…. 

     So, I need a little help so I have to use an elastic. 

     Otherwise, you know I just have just this little dinky subtle

     bun but it's kind of just a hot mess. And that didn’t go..





I have longer, thicker hair, but I didn't use a hair tie. 

And even though my hair is longer. 

I still don't get a fun messy bun, like this.




     I have very short hair, very thin hair. 

     So I use an elastic band to put a little bun in, and a couple

     of pins, and I'm good to go.




Lastly, they concluded…

Stacey: It's easy. It's cute. And it's done. 

Carrie: And it'll turn a bad hair day into an awesome hair day.

Cheryl: And guess what, you guys the holidays are coming up. 

And why not give the gift of a great hair day to someone you love. 

We love the JuvaBun

You know what?

It’s made with love. 

So, it’s AWESOME. 

So we hope that you guys love it as much as we do.


 How do you take good care of your crown (hair)? We’d love to hear your stories! Let us know in the comments below.


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