The JuvaBun Ambassador Program

The Right To Make An Impact

Hey there,

If you're reading this, it means we did something right. It means you tried on one or more of our products, and not only did you fall in love with them, but you felt that our message and vision are just what the world of hair products needs. It means you're tired of beauty companies telling you how incomplete you are without their products, and you're ready for a truly empowering hair beauty company.

At JuvaBun, we're always looking to spread our message, that's why we opened our ambassador program - for each and every woman who wants to make a difference.

We want your voice.
We want your opinion.
That's why our ambassadors get:

  • A JuvaBun Ambassador gift box with a personal letter from us (Free).
  • Your own blog post on our website. 
  • The option to appear in one of our ads. 
  • Earn money for referring friends to JuvaBun. You can earn $10 (In Cash) for every friend you refer.
  • Live interviews in front of dozens of women around the world. 
  • The chance to give your input about the next product collection.
  •  Coupons for you and for your friends (yeah, your friends are our friends).