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Have you tried many methods, but the curls don't stick to your hair? How to get curls to stay? Many girls with smooth hair texture can find curls challenging to achieve. Curls are spectacular styling that will help make a positive impression. Do you want your curls to last all day? Follow the tips to ensure the durability and beauty of your styling.

Tips on how to keep curls in your hair

how to keep your curls last longer

Any hair lends itself to curling. All you need to know is a little trick. Let's take a closer look at how best to curl your hair.

Prepare your hair correctly

You need to prepare your hair before starting your dream curl. Clean hair does not allow for a long-lasting perm. Better to wash their hair the day before styling. Besides, pay attention to the composition of the shampoo you are using. Better not to use a moisturizing or super-cleansing product to wash your hair. A moisturizing shampoo coats the hair with a thin layer of silicones, which then straightens the curl. A shampoo that intensely cleanses makes the hair too vulnerable. The right choice for getting curls to stay is a volumizing shampoo that lifts the roots’ hair. It is best to apply conditioner only to the hair’s ends, if they are dry and brittle, to avoid additional weight. You can do without a conditioner, so the curls will keep their shape longer if your hair is moist enough.

Let your hair cool

How else can you keep curls in your hair? The easiest and most effective way to make curls last all day is to let them cool down while curling. Roll the strand onto a curling iron and hold until it warms up well. After that, wind the finished curls around your fingers, twist and secure with a hairpin. Remove the hairpins and style the curls in the hair when the hair is completely cool.

When the curling iron is heated, the heat is transferred to the hair and makes its structure more pliable. Due to this, a curly shape is obtained. When you tighten the curl, it allows the cuticle to cool evenly and seal the resulting form.

Use the right beauty products

right beauty products for hair

You must use a spray or mousse for the curls to last for a long time and not lose their elasticity. Unique products can smooth the hair’s surface, eliminate split ends, remove frizz, and give hair shine. Apply the product along the entire length of the hair from top to bottom, with your head down. The selected product must help to care for the hair during heat treatment. You can also use buns to add volume to your hairstyle and keep your hair healthy.

Use the correct curling iron

There is one golden rule of curling that you need to know to keep curls in your hair. The smaller the diameter of the curling iron, the longer the curl will last. If it is essential for you that there are curls in the form of a light wave in the evening, you can wind up on a small curling iron in the morning. The curls will unwind to the required size during the day if you decide to use a large diameter curling iron.

Correct fixation

fixation hair

After you curl up your curls, use hairspray. Moreover, hairspray is used not only for fixing, but it must be used so that all the products that were applied earlier are held together. After you spray your hair with hairspray, leave it intact for 20 minutes. Then you can spread them with your fingers or a small comb.


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