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how to Styling Curly Hair

Many owners of straight hair dream of luxurious curls and mischievous curls, and for a good reason. After all, it is curly hair that males consider the most feminine and sexy. However, styling such hair can be quite difficult, especially when it comes to ponytail curly. To get rid of this problem, take on board a few helpful tips for curly hair care and styling.

Haircuts for curly hair

Without a high-quality, good haircut, making a beautiful styling is problematic, especially if you have unruly hair. Visit a hairdressing salon with an experienced hairdresser who specializes directly in cutting curly hair. He will advise you on the most practical hairstyle for styling and professionally execute it, taking into account your hair's structure.

You should not cut your hair too short, as long curly strands look most impressive, based on which you can create a large variety of hairstyles. Besides, the weight of long hair straightens the curls a little, making them easier to style. It is best to give your preference to a multi-level haircut. It will allow you to pacify unruly curly hair that is too bulky. . This will also make your daily styling easier. But if you have short hair, you can visit a salon and do curly ponytail extensions.

Proper care for curly hair

Take adequate time to moisturize and nourish your hair. This will make them livelier, shinier, and more elastic, making them much more comfortable to fit. To do this, use special moisturizers and nourishing products: shampoo, balm, conditioner, mask. You can also add olive, cosmetic, or essential oils to the hair mask.

Besides a suitable haircut, a prerequisite for beautiful styling is regular and comprehensive care for curly hair.

Do not blow-dry wet hair. Let them dry first, and only then can you use them. Use a diffuser to shape your curls. Otherwise, direct the air in the direction of hair growth. Such styling smoothes hair scales and also prevents damage to them.

But it's best to dry your curly hair naturally. After shampooing, wrap it in a towel and wait for the strands to dry about 85%. After that, remove the towel and dry them in the fresh air. During this time, you can apply a moisturizing spray or leave-in conditioner to them. When combing curly hair, it is helpful to drip a few drops of ylang-ylang or lavender essential oil onto the brush.

How to straighten curly hair

Many curly hair owners prefer straight styling. But making them perfectly smooth is not an easy task.

There are two ways to straighten curly hair:

  • natural;
  • mechanical.

In the first case, you will need a large round brush and a hairdryer. Dry your hair 85% under a towel, then roll each strand around the brush and pull out under the hot stream of a hairdryer. Remember to apply a heat protectant to your hair before styling. A jet of air should be directed from the roots to the ends, which will give your strands a great shine.

If you do not have a round brush, you can use a simple folk method. After drying your hair almost dry under a towel, comb it and tie a tight, smooth ponytail at the back of your head. Walk like this until they are completely dry, smoothing out individual protruding strands from time to time. After a few hours, your hair will be straightened without the use of styling products. You can also use a braid to create crisp waves.

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