Susan Santoro Achieves A Polished & Professional Look with The JuvaBun Magic Pony Tail - In Less Than a Minute!

 susan using the magic ponytail

Fun, professional, and polished is what Susan Santoro is all about and she wants to match the outlook of her hair to that of her personality - we would expect nothing less! Susan Santoro is a lovely mother and a business owner so she likes to keep her hair tied back and make it more functional, but that doesn’t mean she does not want to have a little hairstyling fun!

So, what is that gorgeous Susan do to add a touch of personality and a splash of personal style to her daily look?! She has turned to the JuvaBun magic ponytail. Let’s take a look at what Santoro thinks of this handy dandy hairpiece and how she has incorporated it into her daily hair looks in order to look effortlessly beautiful! Check out the video below for a detailed review by the one and only, Susan Santoro. 

“My normal ponytail is perfectly functional, but it’s not too fancy or polished, but she has the perfect product for that - the JuvaBun magic ponytail!” 

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Due to the nature of Susan’s job, she spends a lot of her time with her hair back and tied up, this enables her to keep her out of her face while she is working. While that works for her, she still thinks something is missing. An extra touch that will elevate her overall look. So, what did she turn to?

The JuvaBun magic ponytail. Susan elaborates using quality ponytail extensions, like the JuvaBun ponytail hairpiece, uplifts her day-to-day look and enables her to look more professional, put together, and polished, and there is no doubt about that. When you see Susan with her hair styled in this ponytail - you will definitely think the same too!

While she explains that she isn’t the best when it comes to hairstyles, she believes that the JuvaBun magic ponytail is an extremely simple and quick solution to adding an extra touch of elegance to one's daily hair routine. When Susan wore the ponytail, she looked mesmerizing and as if she had spent hours doing her hair, but her secret is a 1-minute solution.

What Makes The JuvaBun Ponytail so Magical to Susan? 

In this tutorial, Susan also lets us in on a little secret about the high-quality JuvaBun pony tail. At first, when this stylish diva tried on the JuvaBun hairpiece, she wore it by simply wrapping the blonde JuvaBun ponytail around her regular ponytail, leaving a beige piece of velvet strap showing - which was the strap holding together all the hair strands of the ponytail hairpiece.

However, later in the video, she expresses how amazed she was with the product when she discovered that the natural-looking beige velvet strap of the ponytail can be covered with extra strands of the JuavBun hairpiece simply by wrapping them around the strap. 

“There’s this strip of hair, so it’s designed that way so once you have closed your ponytail, you can wrap it around the band and hide it - it looks amazing!” 

This not only made the hairpiece look more natural on Susan, but it also added an extra touch of chic to her overall outlook! Additionally, Susan expressed how impressed she was with the premium quality of the hair strands themselves, she believes the quality adds to the hair piece’s natural look and the color perfectly matches with her actual hair color - how great is that?! 

Let Susan Show You How it Works! 

Step 1

In order to achieve this immaculate working woman by the day, chic diva by night look, Susan starts off by putting her hair in a regular ponytail. She gets any regular rubber band and makes a neat medium to a high ponytail with all her hair. 

Step 2 

Get your premium quality magical JuvaBun ponytail and put it over the ponytail you made of your own hair. Over here, Susan has a pro tip she would like to share with all of her viewers and that tip is to always locate the comb-like feature on the inside seam of the JuvaBun magical ponytail and slip that into your own ponytail.

This allows Susan to keep her sleek ponytail hairpiece in place and not have it sliding off her hair - no matter what the texture of the hair is! 

Step 3

Once you have slipped the comb in “you are going to wrap the velcro around your own ponytail and attach it. This is how she wore it for the longest time and she thinks it looks great - we cannot deny that look at her, she looks fabulous! “It just looks so much more polished and put together!”

Step 4

Following this, Susan started doing the  “magic part”, which was that she wrapped the extra strands of hair of the ponytail attachment around her hairpiece’s band and used a bobby pin to secure it into place - and voila! You are done. “I really enjoy putting my hair up like this!” 

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Susan Santoro Slays in The JuvaBun Magical Ponytail! 

This immaculate woman provides a comprehensive tutorial about how she uses the ponytail to elevate her overall look for all types of occasions such as business meetings, going out, and so much more!

Additionally, Susan explains that there are more than 20 different colors of this article available on the JuvaBun website so individuals can match the color to their own hair color, moreover, if the color doesn’t match, people have the option of exchanging the piece within 60 days for FREE! Susan really is loving her magic ponytail and we cannot stop raving about how amazing she looks in it!