Wear Your Brown Curly Hair Extensions for The Perfect Celebrity Look!

Do you by any chance love voluminous hair, full shiny, and bouncy on your head? I guess, yes! Every girl loves the perfect hair to keep it open during the day and show off those bouncy locks. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is really lucky to get such hair. Like me for example, I have frizzy wavy hair with a dull brown shade that looks as if I am carrying a bird’s nest in the morning, really hard to tame and thin. When I am running late, I have no other choice but to make a bun throughout the day, it eventually falls loose and leaves me like a sticky mess with my hair in the worst condition. I did not have any solution for such an issue but I was lucky enough to contact one of my friends and discuss this issue with her. 

Not only did she give me tips on how to take care of my natural hair but also introduced me to a new world where I might have never stepped on my own accord. Are you curious? Want to know the other world? Well, it is none other than the Brown Curly Hair Extensions from the JuvaBun. Yes, you read right, curly hair extensions, and no they do not look fake and certainly do not damage my hair. Still, do not believe me? Then let’s learn more about the brand and the hair extensions they make that match my hair shade and compliment my pale skin.

Brown Curly Hair Extensions By JuvaBun


Before diving into more detail about my precious brown curly hair extension by JuvaBun, let’s learn a little background history on how these are made, what product is used, and stuff like that. So, if you want to learn all about the JuvaBun curly hair extensions then keep on reading.

·         Product Quality

There is one thing that JuvaBun takes seriously and that is the JuvaBun hair extensions quality. Whichever hair extension you talk about; it will have the perfect quality and style. 

There is no doubt you will get hair extensions that are worth all the cost and are obviously made with high-quality material to give them a hair-like feel and look. The JuvaBun hair extensions are made with the perfect material that does not damage your hair, does not look fake, is really easy to use, and can be used for a longer time by just washing, conditioning, and then drying and using it again. These extensions are really great when it comes to quality and can be used for a long time but what is the material that the brand uses? Keep on reading to find out.


·         Material Used

The JuvaBun hair extensions are fit for all types of hair and the best part is that they look real even though they are made from man-made fibers. 

The JuvaBun brown curly hair extensions use Kanekalon fibers. These mod-acrylic fibers are synthetic and heat-resistant and represent Japanese technology while enabling the fibers to get a human-like texture. The curly hair extensions have claw clips, scrunchie, and more such means to attach the fake hair with your real hair. The material used in these is high quality and offers real-looking hair to the person wearing it. Even though these hair extensions are made with high-quality material, are they easy to use? This is the question many of our customers ask so here is an answer to that.

·         Are They Easy To Use?

Yes! The JuvaBun hair extensions are extremely easy to use. There are different types of curly brown hair extensions for the lovely girls like you to wear and slay their look without damaging your hair. JuvaBun makes sure that their hair extensions are fit for all hair types, and hair volumes and are extremely useful. 

You will find brown curly hair messy bun hair extensions, long brown curly hair ponytails, small brown curly hair messy bun, small brown curly hair extensions, and the variety goes on. All these brown curly hair extensions either have a scrunchie that is just like your hair tie, you can easily wrap it around your hair after making a hair bun or ponytail and you will have the perfect curly brown messy bun on the go. The brown curly hair ponytail extensions are slightly different, they are either clip-on or claw clip hair extensions that grips your hair with ease but do not create tension to damage the hair roots, making them quite easy to use on a daily basis. Even though the variety is vast, I can guarantee that you will love them, they are really great and you can wear these extensions in seconds and be ready to go.

·         Are They Really Good?

The answer to this question is a big fat Yes! Yes! These JuvaBun curly brown hair extensions are extremely good and perfect for everyday use. 


They do not damage your hair and are really easy to wear. You can make multiple hairstyles using these hair extensions and slay any look you want. So, what are you waiting for? Get your very own JuvaBun brown curly hair extension and complete your looks for the upcoming events and milestones in your life.

So, how exactly do these JuvaBun brown curly hair extensions work when it comes to increasing hair volume might be your answer. Do not worry, we are here to help you out with all of your hair-related and JuvaBun-related questions. So, skip onto the next heading and read for yourself how a JuvaBun brown curly hair extension can help you out with getting the perfect day and night look.

How Do These Extensions Make Your Hair More Voluminous?

The best part about these hair extensions is that they are perfect when you are in a hurry and want to have the perfect hairstyle in under a minute.


The steps are simple when you want to make your hair look more voluminous and want to add a great texture and style to your hair. Curly hair itself is voluminous but handling them is quite difficult as it can become frizzy and dry quite fast which makes the hair un-presentable so here is how these JuvaBun curly hair extensions can come in handy and help you out during your time of need.

1.      Step 1: Prep Your Hair

The first step is easy; all you have to do is prepare your hair for the extensions. To complete this step, you need to first wash your hair properly and then condition it. 

It would be best if you use a hair mask or something before washing your hair to soften it more. Then after conditioning apply a stay-in conditioner and then set your hair in a messy bun or ponytail after drying it. If you are going for a curly ponytail then a ponytail would be better but for a curly brown messy bun, a small bun would be a wise choice. After doing these things, move on to the next step.


2.      Step 2: Attach The Curly Hair Extensions

In this step, all you have to do is attach your brown curly hair extensions to your original hair. 

If you are using the JuvaBun brown messy bun hair extensions then they are simply scrunchies that you can easily tie like a normal hair scrunchie and you will get the perfect voluminous curly brown messy hair bun. However, if you are using the brown curly hair ponytail extension then it is a clip-on and you can get it on without issues and enjoy a fuller ponytail look.

3.      Step 3: Fix And Slay

The last step is to simply fix your hair and slay your look. You can apply some hair spray to your natural hair or some hair fixing gel to fix your stray strands of hair that might make your overall look bad and might not allow you to have the sleek look that you might be going for. 

You can also add accessories to your hair to make it look pretty and out of the ordinary and you will be good to go.

Multiple Ways To Use These Extensions To Achieve A Voluminous Hairstyle

There are multiple ways in which you can use these amazing JuvaBun curly brown hair extensions. There is a whole variety of hair extensions including curly brown hair bun extensions, curly brown short ponytail hair extensions, curly brown long ponytail hair extensions, and curly brown afro hair extensions. Here are a few ways in which you can utilize these amazing hair extensions and get your desired voluminous hair even without putting in much effort or without damaging your hair.


1.      Sports Look

You can use your brown curly hair extensions to get the perfect sporty look with the perfect volume and hair length. The scrunchies can go best when you have to go for sports like golf, running, and others. The curly brown hair extensions for events such as running, swimming, and others are perfect if you go for the voluminous hairstyle.

2.      Wedding Look

Weddings are all about decent looks but with a hint of sparkle. If you are a bridesmaid or even a bride, you can go for the amazing curly brown hair extensions. 

A ponytail is suitable for the bridesmaid or a wedding guest but if you are the bride then the messy bun is a perfect style. However, sometimes we have short hair, thin hair, long hair, damaged hair, and more which might cause trouble in wedding hairstyles. That is where the JuvaBun brown curly hair extensions come in handy. They make your thin hair look voluminous, do not damage the hair, and stay fit till the end of the event giving you a clean and sleek look till the end. So, it does not matter whether you are a bridesmaid or a bride, you can slay these brown curly hair extensions with ease.

3.      Casual Look

If you are going out with your friends, hiking, running, or just going out for some groceries then you need a perfect hairstyle to look presentable. The JuvaBun brown curly hair extension is perfect when your hair is not cooperating and you have to make last-minute grocery runs. In such a case, you can simply tie a simple bun and cover it up with the brown curly messy bun hair extension and get the perfect and presentable look in seconds. These extensions are perfect for such short runs to the market.

4.      Party Wear

Parties require you to get the perfect sleek look that these JuvaBun brown curly hair extensions can bring you. If you are attending a formal party or a casual party you can wear the brown curly messy bun and brown curly ponytail hair extensions. You can pair them up with some classy jeans and a pretty top shiny top which can help you slay the look. You can also add in some bun cuffs, sparkles, and more to take your party look to another level.

5.      Professional or Office Look

A professional look needs some class, confidence, and a perfect style. Messy, distorted, and damaged hair is not perfect for an everyday look, especially if you are a professional. These JuvaBun brown curly hair extensions will help you out during your tiring hair day as they do not become messy or loose and stay in place. The brown curly JuvaBun hair extensions are also perfect if you are running late as they are very easy to wear and match your hair and dress code perfectly without any issues.

Key Takeaways! 

So, this is where we end our talk about the amazing brown curly extensions by JuvaBun. I guess now you also want one, right? So, do not wait and get this life saver before it gets sold out. As discussed you can play around with these hair extensions and use them for the longest time possible. They are perfect for weddings, formal parties, casual parties, get-togethers, bridesmaids, college, office, and any event you might be attending. Always remember, you are beautiful, in every way, in any form, at any age. 

You can never feel down ever again or lose your confidence due to a bad hair day. With the JuvaBun brown curly hair extension, you can always be ready on time and will be good to go. So, do not think much and just simply get a brown curly hair extension for yourself and just test it yourself so that you know what I am talking about. These are really perfect to take you on an on-the-go adventure, to wear when you are getting late, to wear to bring volume to your hair and much more things can be done with them. So, ladies just grab yours today and enjoy the results.

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