A Quick and Easy Fix To Lu’s Daily Hair Routine!

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Lu is trying the JuvaBun’s messy bun for the very first time and she loves it! Lu is our new ambassador and she’s absolutely gorgeous! She loves the Juvabun messy bun and she loves how easy it is to use! She’s absolutely amazed with how simple this product is and how voluminous and gorgeous it makes your hair look. She’s shocked at how convenient a hair extension can be and she’s simply in shock.

Lu is yet another JuvaBun customer who is extremely satisfied with the product and her satisfaction is due to a wide number of reasons. Firstly, she's impressed with how simple it is. It’s literally just two steps: simply tie your hair in a bun and then tie the JuvaBun scrunchie around your hair. The product itself has exceptional quality and goes well with any type of hair. It’s so easy to use it’s impossible to believe a product such as this exists. She has a lot to say about the product! 


fixing her bunSpectacular Hair in Just    30 Seconds!

Lu believes that the product makes your hair look spectacular. She already has clip in extensions and she was a little skeptical about using this product in her hair. However, the JuvaBun messy bun exceeded all her expectations.


It looked perfect with her hair and was so seamless it was unbelievable. She says “I love it!”

She was shocked to see how voluminous her hair looked and how perfect her messy bun looked in just seconds. Lu felt very satisfied with this product because she got the perfect messy bun. All she had to do was take the product out of its packaging, put her hair into a bun-like pony and then just glide the miraculous JuvaBun messy hair bun piece over it! This adds volume, focus, neatness, and a perfect bun in just a few seconds. How great is that, right!!!

woman explainingWear it To Multiple Functions and Gatherings

Lu believes you can style the JuvaBun in several ways which includes styling it at home or for going out. You can easily style it when you’re at home and when you need to look presentable. It’s so easy to use when you’re at home just tie your normal bun and add this scrunchie on top of that bun. And voila you look so good and put together. Your bun looks as if you’ve spent a lot of time on perfecting the messy bun but in reality it only took you 30 seconds. It’s unbelievable I swear to think that you could get the perfect messy bun that you’ve wanted to perfect in 30 seconds only! You can also wear it for other festive occasions and style it up whenever you’re going out on a formal dinner or going on a date. This is a quick and easy fix to all your hair problems. It makes your hair look so natural and adds so much volume.

You don’t need to go to the salon to get this bun and spend so much time and money. Just get yourself a JuvaBun messy bun and wear it everyday or all year round. It’s reusable and it can easily be washed and worn again. The JuvaBun messy bun has such good quality and even if you wash it it won’t lose its shape and texture. Don’t need to worry about it at all! It fits so perfectly on your hair and it stays all day long. You don’t have to worry about the bun falling off. I know it’s such an embarrassment I’ve been there! Trust me it’s not a good look to have your bun falling off in front of people!

It comes in so many different styles which is another factor that Lu loves. It comes in the JuvaBun claw clip ponytail, the Juvabun messy bun for short hair long hair and ponytails for curly hair and for straight hair. I mean the possibilities are endless with the JuvaBun.

Lu recommends you get your hands on one. It'll surprise you with how good the product works and how seamless it is.

Works with Hair Extensions As Well!

It works perfectly with hair which has clip in extensions. It blends seamlessly with the extension. You don’t feel any weight and it feels as if the product is your own hair but better. The JuvaBun messy bun adds that touch of perfection and sophistication to your hair without any need of styling it with heat or going to the salon to get that messy bun. 

The messy bun is crafted in such a manner that not only is it super easy to use, but additionally, the band enables users to easily blend their extensions into the band. Say goodbye to having a bumpy bun, because with JuvaBun’s easy to use messy hair bun, you can just glide the piece right onto your hair extensions in a clean and easy manner. 

Lu Swears By The JuvaBun Messy Bun

This iconic superstar believes that the JuvaBun messy bun has changed her life. She doesn’t have to spend hours making her hair anymore. All she has to do is just slip on the JuvaBun messy bun to make her hair look pleasing, voluminous, and funky all at the same time. Lu swears and lives by her messy bun piece, it is an essential in her hair care kit. Whether it is a girls night out or a day at work, Lu empowers herself by looking effortlessly beautiful in our messy hair bun. This not only adds volume to her hair and makes it look perfect, but it also elevates her overall look!

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