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Haircuts for short hair have often seduced girls who love stylish hairdos. A short haircut will always emphasize your femininity, no matter which look you choose. Short chevelure is always in fashion, and styling is a pleasure.

Every girl dreams of looking like a princess at her prom, and if you have short hair, it is essential to choose the perfect hairstyle. You can use hair extensions for prom hairstyles to look luxurious and be remembered by everyone. Moreover, you can experiment with different looks for short hair using colored extensions. Bring any look to life and be the best thanks to the extensions.

Short hair styling for asymmetrical girl haircuts

Despite the stereotype that you can create bright styling with only long curls, there are many interesting variations for a short hair prom hairstyle. You can come to prom in both a daring and a modest, elegant way. If your strands have different lengths, root volume styling is perfect. You just need to style your chevelure after washing with a hairdryer. Comb from roots to ends while drying the strands, then use hairspray at the end. Smooth the hairs on the temporal part with gel.

If you still want long chevelure, then you can use hair extensions for your prom look. It doesn't harm your chevelure, and you can get long hair in just a few minutes.

How to style a pixie?

How to style a pixie?

A slight mess on the head is the most famous variant of short hair hairstyles for prom. You will add extravagance to your look by creating the effect of carelessly styled hair.

  1. Apply fixing mousse to damp chevelure, blow-dry the strands by directing air from roots to ends, and combing hair back with a fine comb.
  2. Fixyour hair with hairspray after you finish styling; try to pull the strands up.

This easy and stylish hairstyle will add volume to your hair and make you look smart.

Short hair prom hairstyle for a bob haircut

Harnesses are another interesting prom hairstyle for short hair. You will look elegant and unusual with this hairdo. You can also do this updo for prom with long hair using hair extensions.

  1. Divide all your hair into small sections and collect each of them in a small ponytail.
  2. Then twist each tail into a flagellum, moving from the head’s crown towards the back of the head.
  3. Secure the hairpins so that they do not protrude from under the chevelure.
  4. Use styling products to fix.

If this style is not to your liking, and you prefer something more classic, then create an expressive volume, as for an asymmetric haircut, or twist the strands using a curling iron or curlers of any diameter, depending on the desired size of curls.

How can you style your bangs?

How can you style your bangs?

If you have long bangs, then you can create a cute short hairstyle for prom. You can style the bangs in several ways:

  • Lay your bangs on your side. Comb your hair to the left or right side. Dry them using a comb and directing the airflow in the way you combed your chevelure.
  • Place your bangs on top. You can make a small bouffant by securing the strands with hairpins. Such styling will look very romantic if you fix it with a diadem or just a beautiful rim.
  • Lay your bangs on two sides. It is a suitable option if you do not want to create a voluminous hairstyle for prom. Short hair combined with long bangs, when styled correctly, looks very elegant. You can simply pin the hair behind the ears by smoothing the strands with gel or curling them a little with a curling iron from the roots to the middle.

You can easily create a great look for short hair with bangs thanks to the right clutch and a little embellishment.

Cold wave hairstyle for short hair for a prom 

Cool wave 20s hairstyle is a sure-fire prom hairstyle. It looks incredibly charming and sophisticated with short hair. However, it is quite difficult to perform it on your own. You will need hairpins and styling mousse to make this hairstyle.

  1. Use a fine-toothed comb to create small waves on your hair soaked with gel and secure them with hairpins.
  2. After your hair dries, remove the hairpins.
  3. Shape and secure with hairspray.

Side hair styling

Side hair styling

This styling looks great on parties, social events, and red carpet appearances. Therefore, a side hairstyle for short hair will be a great option for prom. This hairstyle combines femininity and simplicity. A short haircut is ideal for creating a side-swept look. You can also use hair extensions if you want to create a long hair look for prom. A cool dark shade of hair would be a great choice. This shade has a gorgeous shine. In this case, the ends of the hair seem to be somewhat lighter. You can style your hair to the side regardless of your hair type. If you have particularly smooth hair, then the styling will not last long, while the long-term effect is guaranteed for wavy hair owners.

  1. Draw a very low side part to create the desired effect after curling your hair.
  2. You will need a wide-diameter curling iron to create beautiful curls.
  3. While holding the iron with one hand, roll the strands of hair over it with the other hand, holding the device with the handle down.
  4. Be sure to use a styling product to shape the strands.
  5. Once you have finished working on the curls, fix the strands from the side, parting with varnish or gel.
  6. Your styling should create the illusion of a half-shaved hairstyle.
  7. Use a serum to add extra shine to your chevelure to complete the look.

Cute messy hairstyle for short hair

A messy hairstyle is a perfect choice for prom. Thanks to this hairstyle, you can create a unique look. Bob is a practical haircut every day, allowing you to realize any bold fantasy styling.

The bob must be milled to make such a styling. It is the main condition to be able to create the most unusual styling. Remember to keep the longest strands down to the level of your chin. 

  1. Thanks to the haircut, you will be able to add volume at the roots.
  2. Look for a volumizing shampoo fortified with vitamins. This will help you avoid the effect of flat hair. For a messy hairstyle, you should use modeling mousse.
  3. Squeeze a small amount into the palm of your hand and apply it to the strands to add volume.
  4. The final touch is to use a fixing varnish to keep the styling effect lasting all day.

What makeup to choose if you have short hair?

 makeup for short hair

If you have chosen a short haircut, you should be especially careful about your look and makeup. 

Focus on the eyes. If you have short hair, there are two options. You can accentuate the eyes or the sensual lips. However, it is not recommended to do everything at once. If you have a wide forehead, add a bold smoky effect with a metallic eyeshadow. It will be enough to apply a transparent gloss on the lips.

Focus on the lips. If you have bangs that cover most of your forehead, it would be logical to focus on the lips. Contour your lips with a pencil of the same shade as your lipstick. Choose lipstick in burgundy, bright red, purple, or orange. Do not forget that if you decide to focus on the lips, then the eye makeup should be very natural. A flesh-colored eyeshadow and some mascara are enough.

When choosing a hairstyle for short hair, focus on your style and the chosen look for the prom as a whole.

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