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Easy Stylish Hairstyles

Many women do not have enough time to go to the hairdresser every day in the modern pace of life. Hair needs good grooming and a skillful hairstyle. Besides hair accessories and stylish haircuts, there are easy ways to do your original and great hairstyles every day. You don't need to have a lot of free time or special skills to make a cute hairstyle. Any girl can create really easy hairstyles in a short time.

Really easy hairstyles 

A beautiful hairstyle can be done with any length. You can always just let your hair down or do cute hairstyles that are up with medium length.

Dirty bun

Dirty bun

The beauty of this hairstyle is that it is easy to do and cute. There are many variations on the theme of creating a beautiful and stylish bun. However, even with an elastic band, it is quite possible to create an exciting and simple hairstyle with your own hands. 

Besides, the bun is cute hairstyles that are up that will suit any girl:

  • Gather all of your hair together and curl it a bit, vertically, at the top of your head.
  • Once you have a flagellum, start twisting it in a circle at the place where you want to create a bundle.
  • Attach the bun with an elastic and straighten it slightly for a slight casual effect.

In three easy steps, you will create a stylish and graceful hair bun. To do this, you do not need to get all the strands the first time you secure the hair with an elastic band. Dirty bun gives you a romantic image and makes your bun look voluminous and lush. The dirty bun is an easy hairstyle to do

Besides, you can bun from braids

  • Make a high tail at the back of your head.
  • Divide your hair into three parts, each of which is wattled into a classic braid.
  • Wind the braids around the base of the tail one by one and secure with hairpins.

Fluffy tail

Fluffy tail

A fluffy tail is a great alternative to the already classic tail. Moreover, a fluffy ponytail will suit girls who want to add volume to their hair. A ponytail works perfect for both long and medium hair and is a good way to make your hair cute. Moreover, a fluffy tail perfect for going to work and evening look.

  • Pull your hair into two ponytails. One needs to be made closer to the crown and the second slightly lower.
  • You can do a little com your hair with gel. To create a cute hairstyle that is up, you can tousle a little.
  • Use a curling iron to wind the curls in the tails. Then use a comb to add volume to the hair. Use varnish to fix curls.

Hairstyle with a chignon

You do not need additional elastic bands or ribbons, which will have to be tied over your head. It is an elegant and cute way to do your hair for everyday or evening events.

  • Pull your hair into a low, loose tail. Make a small hole at the back of your head and thread the tail through. You need to get a twisted knot.
  • Continue twisting the strands around the resulting knot until you cover the elastic with them.
  • Pass the rest of the hair through the hole and ensure it with hairpins.
  • To make hairstyle more manageable and better wound, first wind it on a curling iron, and after each turn, fix it with hairspray.
  • A hairstyle with a chignon can be decorated with a beautiful hairpin or any other accessory.



A hairband is an easy way to make your hairstyle original. Hairband is perfect for those who prefer loose but want to add a little elegance without extra effort. You can solve the problem of hair falling on the face and emphasize the shape of the face with the help of the headband.

  • Pull your hair into a ponytail or a knot, leaving two strands free at the face. If you have bangs, then release them by highlighting strands of long hair.
  • Comb through the strands and lightly brush with styling gel to keep them smooth.
  • Take the strands into a small and tight tail from the bottom of the nape under the main hair so that you get a smooth line that mimics a headband.
  • Then, let your hair down. You can leave your hair straight or curl it up with a hairband.

Old Hollywood

Old Hollywood hairstyles

Old Hollywood is one of the easy hairstyles to do. This hairstyle will be an excellent option for a romantic date or evening event. You can create a feminine and feminine look combined with classic makeup. Moreover, this old hollywood is straightforward to do on your own.

  • Part your hair before curling. It is best if it is asymmetrical.
  • Roll the curls onto a large curling iron on both sides. Then take a large comb and comb the curled hair down the entire length.
  • The curls will lose their structure but retain their graceful wave. Fix the hair with varnish.


shell hairstyles

Shell is another cute hairstyle that is up. Besides, a shell can complement any evening image.

  • Part it, then comb the strands to one side, starting from the side. The back of the head should be covered with hair.
  • Secure the hairline that blends in with hair clips.
  • Fix with varnish and add some smoothing gel.
  • On the other hand, long hair can be twisted slightly on a curling iron and then curled into a neat curl. Lay it in such a way that it covers the hairpins.
  • The front can be brushed or left with an elegant bang.

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