How To Do A Messy Bun with Thin Hair

Some hairstyles can feel too difficult and expensive to do, they can also seem so effortless for other people. Your hair type and length can also play a role in what kind of hairstyles you are able to make, and which style would suit you. The messy bun hairstyle has been around for a long time, it is considered a classy hairstyle and can be paired with any outfit of clothing. 

Having thin hair can make it difficult to achieve since this style looks better if you have thick hair. Juvabun has created a new kind of hair extension. This is a super easy-to-use hair clip that easily clings onto your hair and makes it a stylish messy bun. Keep on reading to find out more information on how to do a messy bun with thin hair. 

Varities of the bun with a short hair

What is Thin Hair? 

Thin hair refers to your hair density. It's about how much hair you have on your head. 

Having thin hair means that the hair follicles on your scalp have a greater distance between them than other hair types. Since most hair follicles contain more than one hair and in thin hair, there are fewer per follicle than other hair types. 

How much hair you have depends on your genetics and the follicles that you have naturally. Hair can also thin due to various factors such as stress, illnesses, childbirth, diet, and treatments such as chemotherapy. This can lead to hair loss among women. 

Factors that Can Cause Thin Hair

  • Stress 

This is a high influence on hair loss, high levels of stress on an emotional or physical level can weaken the bonds of the hair shafts. To try to prevent this from happening, try relaxing and using other methods to help ease the amount of stress your body takes in and help manage stress levels. 

  •  Diet 

If you are not getting enough iron or vitamin B it can also affect the health of your hair. Eat leafy vegetables, high proteins, and rich fatty- oils such as Omega 3s to bring on a shine in your hair and help strengthen it. 

  • Genetic Disposition 

There are some genetics that can affect the rate at which you may lose your hair such as, anemia, thyroid disease, autoimmune disease, hormone imbalances, and pregnancies. 

  • Aging

As you age you lose about 50-100 strands of your hair a day. This depends also on your lifestyle. Hair follicles tend to weaken as we age, and it doesn’t replicate as rapidly as when we were younger. 

How to do a messy bun with short hair using hairpieces

Is There A Plus Side To Having Thin Hair?

There are benefits to having thin hair. Here is a list of these benefits. 

1. If your hair is thin and short you can wear your hair hanging loose without having to worry about your hair pulling upwards. 
    2. You use less product if you have thin hair, since these strands tend to get drenched faster, it soaks up product faster. Your hair also won’t look greasy or sticky because you are using fewer products. It also saves costs instead of having to restock on hair products. 
      3. You can feel your scalp even when your hair shrinks. You do not struggle to get your fingers through your hair, unlike curly-haired people. 
        4. Once your hair gets wet, it detangles easily. 
          5. Your hair dries easily. 
            6. It doesn’t take a long time to straighten your hair.
              7. Using a hairdryer – speeds up the drying process. 
                8. Having thin hair means your hair is naturally smooth, silky, and shiny. 
                  9. You don’t have to struggle to get hair pins or clips out of your hair, due to the fact that with thin hair the pins just slide out. 

                    13 Problems Caused by Having Thin Hair!

                    Apart from the advantages of having thin hair, there are some challenges that come with it. 

                    1. Thin hair tangles easily – it is easy to get into knots and become sticky. 
                      2. It is a struggle to get a hairstyle to hold – you must use hair sprays and other holding gels to keep the hairstyle in place for the day. 
                        3. Your hair gets stringy if you use too much conditioner. Conditioner can make your hair fall much flatter than it already is. 
                          4. You also experience having sunburn on your scalp - because your hair isn’t thick at the roots, the sun can burn right through it onto your scalp. It’s best to wear a sunhat when outside or use a UV protectant spray before being outside. 
                            5. You can’t use dry shampoo as it leaves your hair feeling stringy and flat. This means that you need to wash your hair every time it gets dirty. 
                              6. Humidity can add some volume to your thin hair whereas dry weather makes your hair static. 
                                7. You have shorter ponytails as your hair is very thin with no length or volume. 
                                  8. You need to continuously wash your hair as your hair becomes greasy if it gets dirty. 
                                    9. You struggle to pull off that messy hair look. 
                                      10. No hairstyle holds except the natural one. This means you can only wear your hair hanging down in its own form. 
                                        11. If the wind blows, your hair will tangle, and you will have flyaways. This means having to carry your hair styling tools with you to fix your hair should the wind get it. 
                                          12. You cannot frizz your hair as it dries quickly. Your hair won’t shrink up and curl/coil when wet. 
                                            13. Hair ties are too big for your thin hair. This means having to tie your hair tightly when using hair ties as it will slip off. This can have a damaging effect on your hair and lead to your hair thinning. 

                                              What Are The Options For Styling Thin Hair? 

                                              Always keep in mind that when styling your thin hair, you should be looking to lift the roots. Use products such as dry shampoos, mousses, and thickening spray to help you achieve this. Salt sprays can also be used on damp hair to create a more natural-looking texture and create volume as well. 

                                              Also use light, matte, and non-shiny products on your thin hair. Use gentle shampoos on your hair and you can even use products that will promote/encourage thicker hair growth. If all else fails then the next best alternative is getting a hair extension that will match your style.

                                              person looking at the sunset

                                              Creating The Perfect Messy Bun with Thin Hair!

                                              A messy bun is a cute chic hairstyle that all women tend to want to pull off every once in a while especially when they are in a hurry. 

                                              Here are the steps you must follow to do a messy bun. The first step is to gather all hair care tools you'll need. These are the tools you will need to achieve this hairstyle. 

                                              • A soft brush and a hairband, 
                                              • Hair extensions for thinning hair 
                                              • Hairpin or other hair accessories for your hair 
                                              • Hairspray 

                                              Secondly, you must choose a messy bun hairstyle that you want to do. Once you have an idea of the hairstyle, follow these hairstyling steps:

                                              Step1: Brush your hair 

                                                You can achieve this by brushing your hair from the top of your head to the end of your hair as well as from the front to the back of your hair. 

                                                Step 2: Using hair extensions for thinning hair 

                                                You can choose between a tape-in or clip-in hair extension to help fill the thinning hair.

                                                Step 3: Tie your hair with a hairband 

                                                After inserting the hair extensions, tie your hair into a ponytail and make sure that it is smooth by running your hands over it. If your hands can’t smooth out any bumps, then run a soft brush over it. 

                                                Step 4: Tease the ponytail with your comb 

                                                This adds volume to your hair.

                                                Step 5: Make the messy bun 

                                                Use one hand to keep the bun in place and use the other to secure it into a bun with the other. Then, roll your hair around the base of the ponytail in the right direction with your hand to create a hair bun.

                                                Step 6: Puff up your bun 

                                                This is done by pulling and loosening hair around the bun. Then take another headband and wrap the hair bun. Use the hairpins to trim the hair at the nape of your neck. However, the messier the bun looks the better. Finish off your hair by using hairspray to complete the style and keep it in place. 

                                                Messy bun for long hair secrets of charming carelessness

                                                Are You Ready To Create The Perfect Look?

                                                Juvabun provides great tips and in-depth articles for people who have thin hair and would like to change their hairstyles and find methods that can help them manage their hair. 

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