How To Do A High Messy Bun: The Best Hairstyle Ideas

Doing a Messy Bun can be a quick and easy hairstyle, but you still need to maintain the look so that you at least look proper. This is a hairstyle that has many different methods and styles attached to them and often gets criticized for being too hard to do. 

In this article, we describe Juvabun’s Messy Bun Extension that has made this hairstyle so much easier and saves on time instead of spending your whole morning perfecting your bun.

We also discuss the steps that it takes for both men and women to achieve this hairstyle as it is a Unisex look and can be rocked by both genders, as well as diving into 20 different high messy bun hairstyles. 

How to do a top knot bun

JuvaBun’s Messy Bun Extension 

Juvabun has designed the messy bun hair extension to fit all hair types. These include thin and short hair. It is an easy and hassle-free hairpiece that you can clip on your own hair in seconds. It can be worn at any event, at work, the gym, or even when you are traveling. All you must do is tie your own hair into a bun, and then twist the Juvabun around your bun, and style as you desire. 

It will hold your hair in place while getting instant hair volume with natural looks that will stay in place all day. It is available in 16 different colors which include the following shades, 

  • Medium Brown
  • Copper Red 
  • Burgundy
  • Silver Grey 
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Mix Walnut 
  • Gold
  • Dark Brown 
  • Pure Blonde 
  • Bleach Blonde 
  • Auburn 
  • Light Brown 
  • Beach Blonde 
  • Strawberry Honey Blonde 
  • Light Brownish Blonde 
  • Black 

These extensions can be washed with shampoo and conditioner in cold water. You can soak the extension in cold water for 5 minutes. It is recommended that you wash them every 10 uses or at least once a month. The bun can be brushed and combed, it does not tangle, and you do not need to detangle.

There is no need to style it. As it is already styled into the messy bun shape. You must just make a regular bun and then put the JuvaBun extension around your hair. This also contributes to having your hair look nicer and fuller. 

If you have thin hair, you should just double the bun around your hair more than once. But it won’t fall out or off if it is on a hair tie. Wear it as if you would wear a ponytail. All you must do to attach the bun is to make a bun with your own hair and put it on over it.

The length of your hair depends on how much you would have to double it around your own hair. These products are only available to be sold on the JuvaBun online store only. 

Simple Hairstyles for Everyday Stunning Look

How To Make A High Messy Bun with Longhair 

Here are the steps to do a high messy bun,

First, turn your head the wrong way up and pull your hair into an unfastened ponytail or you can make it as low as you would like it to be. Don’t comb or have your hair slicked back neatly, you can have some bumps along the top of your hair.

Then, twist your hair and spin it around across the ponytail base. Wrap the hair beneath the bun, have the tail stick out at the end. Secure the bun with a hair elastic and pin in some bobby pins to secure it. 

How To Create Messy Bun Hairstyles for Men 

Men can also create messy buns, and this has been a popular hairstyle as young men have been growing out their hair and embracing their mane. The first step like any other hairstyle is to prepare your hair. Do this by first washing your hair with men’s shampoo and conditioner and then using a towel or a hairdryer to dry your hair.

Get your hair dry to at least 90% before you start making your bun. Finger comb or gently comb your hair to the back. Keep some texture in your hair to have it looking a day-old look. 

The next step is to create a low ponytail by smoothing your hair back and tying it in a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Loop half of the ponytail through the elastic. Only loop half of the ponytail through while leaving the other half hanging outside.

The loose sections of the hair hanging out the bun give this hairstyle the messy and undone effect which makes the look. Use hair pins to secure the bun. Insert the pins around the base of the bun to keep it in place. 

professional lady with a hair bun hairstyle

20 Detailed Ideas and Guides For Tall Messy Buns For Women 

Here are 20 ideas on how you can get a nice tall messy bun hairstyle to fit any occasion. 

1. A Fringed Donut Style 

    With this look, make a donut, and then if you have a fringe let that hang all loose, slightly curl and twist small locks of hair with your fingers as you create this style. If you have short, styled bangs this donut hairstyle will still work the same. 

    2. Not- so- Messy- Bun 

      Create a messy bun and neaten the hair in places to have you rock a neat form of the messy bun. This hairstyle can be worn at the office, to a function, or simply on a day off. 

      3. Peony Blossom Updo 

        Make a low ponytail and take strands of the hair and loop them inward to the elastic band and pin them in place with bobby pins. This is a gorgeous messy bun hairstyle that can be accessorized with flower-shaped pins or pearls. 

        4. Curly Braided Bun 

          Braid a thin strand of your hair into a band across the top of your head. Then tie your hair into a low bun. 

          5. Low Bun with Medieval Braid 

            Section your hair by making a part and brushing enough hair along the front sides of your head forward. Then make a low bun with your hair by twisting your hair and placing an elastic over it. Braid the side of your head with the loose hair and wrap it around your head tucking it into the bun. 

            6. Messy Bun with an Embellishment 

              Simply upgrade the standard messy bun look by adding in a variety of items that can enhance it such as jewelry pieces or hair bows

              7. Side Braid into a Bun 

                Start with a side braid and braid it around the side of your head to the back and then twist the remaining hair into a low bun. Tie it into place with an elastic and some bobby pins. 

                8. Crowned with a Colored Bun 

                  Instead of coloring your hair to achieve this look, you can slip on a messy hair bun extension clip- that is in a different shade of your own hair. Simply tie your hair up into a high bun on top of your head and clip on the hair extension to complete this style. 

                  9. Double Braid Messy Bun 

                    Braid two sections right around your hair and tuck them into the low bun. 

                    10. Tucked Chignon 

                      Start by brushing all your hair straight back and then comb it back roughly. Gather your hair and pull it into a low ponytail and then split the ponytail into two sections.

                      Crisscross the one section and twist the other section while shaping it into a messy knot then pin each section into place covering the elastic. You can use damp hair to do this style or air-dried hair will give it a much messier look. 

                      11. Business Bun 

                        Tie your hair back into a high bun and then wrap it around itself into a messy bun. Loosen some strands in the front and back to give a playful feel.

                        12. Messy Bun with Bangs 

                          Bangs can be rocked with any style. For this look use your fingers to comb through and put the hair into place. Tie a ribbon, headband, or bandana to finish the look. 

                          13. Twisted Style for Longhair 

                            Comb your hair out and twist your hair into large or small sections into a ponytail. Wrap the remaining hair into a bun and secure it with hairpins. Spray with a high-quality setting spray to keep your hair in place. 

                            14. Voluminous Bun with Teased Roots 

                              Tease the roots so that your bun can look fuller and more voluminous. It also adds volume to the rest of your hair and overall makes the hairstyle fancy. 

                              15. Ageless Messy Bun 

                                If you are a little bit older, you can still rock a messy bun by neatly folding it at the nape of your neck. Do not use a brush or a comb, running your fingers through makes it better. 

                                16. Side Bun with Braided Headband 

                                  Braid your hair from the front right around your head in the shape of a headband and put a low bun on the side. You can make this style bolder by teasing some strands to make the bun stand more out. 

                                  17. Braided Low Bun Updo 

                                    Do a French braid that runs down the back of your hair, then twist the lower half of the braid into a low bun. 

                                    18. Crimped Messy Bun 

                                      Crinkle your hair before you style it, you can achieve this look by sleeping with damp strands that have been sectioned into miniature braids all over your head. 

                                      19. Mini Messy Style 

                                        If your hair is long and short, you can still achieve the messy bun look by only gathering the long pieces of your hair to tie into a low bun and then letting the short pieces hang loose and pin in random spaces to add to the bun. 

                                        20. Braid into Top Knot 

                                          Try braiding the top of your hair towards the crown of your head and then make a bun in the middle of your hair. You can leave short pieces of hair hanging out the back and along the sides to create a messy look. This is a simple hairstyle that can be worn any day and is neat enough for a business setting. 

                                          Messy bun hairstyle trendy variants for you to choose

                                          Key Takeaways!

                                          The Messy Bun can seem like a difficult hairstyle to achieve and attempting it might take a long time to perfect. This was the common perception of the hairstyle, as only professionals and celebrities could wear this look and look flawless. You might think this hairstyle can only be done if you have long hair.

                                          However, JuvaBun has created this advanced hair extension that incorporates the whole hairstyle by simply just clipping it onto your own hair. They are available in various colors which means that anyone can use them.

                                          Also, as a tip on the side, eyebrow gel can be used to tame those flyaways that tend to stand up and ruin the hairstyle by being stubborn. Loosen the hair at the back of your head to help create a much looser effect on the bun, and will have your bun hanging extremely low if you wish for it to look messier than usual.

                                          Remember to pull the pieces out from your hair to frame your face and give the look the extra messy that it deserves. Use dry shampoo to help keep slipping bobby pins in place and insert the pins with the curved side facing down and the straight pin showing up.

                                          If you have extremely long hair, rather opt for having two elastic hair ties then you don’t have to stretch out one and this helps keep the bun in place. 

                                          Be sure to check on the JuvaBun website to find the right color and texture to suit your natural hair as well as to try out other colors to spice up your hairstyles and appearance. Don’t hesitate to try new things and change your hairstyle occasionally.

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