Check Out Sleek Trendy Straight Bun Hairstyles for Long Hair

A hair bun is a fantastic, fashionable way to manage your hair. Even better: You can express your personality with a variety of bun hairstyles. Since you are essentially just twisting a lot of your hair into a top knot or low bun, hair buns can be pretty monotonous. However, you may really experiment with your style by putting some original ideas into practice.

The bun is the most adaptable hairdo that has ever existed! Any occasion, activity, attire, state of mind, time of year, or personality can be paired with a bun. Additionally, long hair bun styles are a blessing from the heavens. Simply put your long, flowing locks into a topknot or low bun, and resume your slaying at home or at work. Continue reading to learn some styling tips for long hair buns so that your top knot or low bun always appears fashionable. Just jump in!

The quick hairdo will instantly transform your appearance while you're racing around because of your hectic job schedule. Any hairstyle, regardless of length or texture, will look chic and appealing with a trendy bun. Getting your hair style under control can seem extremely difficult (yes, frizzy hair!), but the key is to make the most of what you already have. If you're anything like us, you've always enjoyed a nice messy bun.

However, chances are that ever since you realized that having untidy hair was actually a chic fashion statement, you've been wrapping it in the same flip and twist combination. Continue reading this post to learn about the various methods you may significantly elevate your appearance with long hair bun styles!

Different types of straight bun hairstyles

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For women all across the world, the bun has become the holy grail of hairstyles because of its simple appeal and adaptability. And there are a variety of bun hairstyles out there just waiting to be discovered, no matter the occasion or your hair length and shape. 

The simplest and go-to look might be bun hairstyles for those sluggish and perplexing days when you overthink how to dress and look. The chic bun hairstyles will unquestionably give you glam and sophisticated appearance. They are really rapid, quick to complete, and adaptable to a variety of situations.

Tight bun hairstyles

  • High-bun

The topknot, often known as the high bun, is the bun that tends to take center stage in the admittedly modest taxonomy of buns. It is poised like a papal crown and shouts, "Look at my hair!" It is the universal representation of ballerinas, young starlets flaunting their sex appeal, flight attendants going for a retro style (perhaps in an effort to harken back to a time when flying was glamorous), and a particular type of self-aware, sensitive bro.

An exquisite hairstyle that can lengthen your neck is a high bun. However, since it normally requires some length, low bun hairstyles could be simpler if your hair is on the shorter side.

There are countless up-do hairstyles with various twists and braids, but before you start experimenting, all you need to do is understand the fundamentals of the high bun. It can be as easy as tying your hair up in a high ponytail, twisting it around itself, and using hairpins to hold it in place. You can re-tuck your twisted ponytail under the hair tie before pinning it if you think it looks better.

As an alternative, you may try a topknot. Create a rope-like effect with your hair by twisting it around itself, wrapping it tightly around your head, and fastening it with a hair tie to resemble a ponytail. If clips are required to keep the updo in place, use them once more. Don't stress too much about having a flawless high bun. If you have wavy, curly, or frizzy hair, a few stray strands will frequently add to your appeal.

A chic and sassy method to keep your hair out of your face is with a high bun. It is renowned for providing perfect appearances for every circumstance. This gorgeous hairdo is one you should pick for the day if you're hoping for an extra sleek look. Simply brush your hair into a ponytail and comb it back and away from your face. When going out for brunch, a casual day trip, or shopping, pick this bun.

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Easy hair buns for beginners

  • The cord knot

A fashionable bun will always give you a chic and elegant appearance, regardless of the kind of your hair. This simple hairstyle may take you from day to night in style, and there are many styles available to suit every event. Choose the most flattering look for you from this collection of chic bun hairstyles that you'll want to replicate. Your hair needs to be quite strong to be able to hold a bun in place.

It's common knowledge that just because something appears "effortless" doesn't imply it actually is. The headache that results could be altogether different. However, one haircut that keeps appearing on our Instagram feeds is persuading us that a casual high-low attitude is easier to achieve than it would look. Looking the correct amount of laid-back and breezy is definitely an art form.

In order to make a bun form with the cord knot, half of your low ponytail must be folded through the hair band. The remaining half must then be wrapped around the hairband and pinned in place. Although the methods appear to be complicated, in actuality, they are quite straightforward.

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Formal bun hairstyles

  • Messy Knot Bun

Although you can always create a regular messy bun, the knot bun is the best choice if you have lovely long hair and want to experiment with the messy bun look. You get all the benefits of a sloppy bun with a flair. It is the perfect hairdo for prom or any elegant occasion.

This endearing, relaxed manner is perfect for emphasizing a glowing complexion, chiseled cheekbones, and gorgeous dimples. You might draw attention to your face's best features. The fact that you can display your face is the best feature of this appearance. Therefore, this informal approach will brighten up your face whether you want a dewy, natural look or seek glamour and definition.

To create a sloppy knot bun, you simply need rubber bands, hairpins, hairspray, and a comb. To begin, you must separate your hair into two halves. Holding them together will make them appear like two pigtails. Then, as suggested by the hairstyle's name, tie a knot in each segment. With an elastic band, tie a knot underneath the knot.

Create a Messy Bun

Next, divide the hair into two portions below the elastic band, and tie it in a second knot. Another elastic band should be tied underneath the second knot. How many ties you need to make depends on the length of your hair. If your hair is long, four to five knots should be enough. Knots need to be secured in place after being folded up, leaving the ends exposed.

To give the hairstyle more volume and a messier appearance, pull the hair towards the head. Spray some hairspray on the hairdo to keep it in place. The same procedure can be repeated twice to create two-knot buns if you want to give the dish even more flair.

How to Make a Hair Bun That Will Last You All Day 

Brush your hair thoroughly to eliminate any knots and tangles that could be there. Don't bother about splitting your hair because doing so will make the part disappear when you pull it back into a bun.

Apply an elastic to your hair and secure it. To ensure a tight fit, you should wrap the band around your wrist three times total. After the third wrap, refrain from pulling your hair all the way through the hair tie's band. As an alternative, leave 1 to 2/3 of your hair out the top as a tail, and the remaining hair will form a loop in the top of the ponytail.

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If necessary, tie back your hair with a hair bungee. It could be challenging to wrap a hair elastic completely around your thick head of hair. Consider building your own or using a hair bungee.

Your hair ought to be left in a voluminous loop with a tail protruding below it. Take the tail and encircle the hair tie's base with it, hiding the band. To wrap the tail around the base, use two to three bobby pins. Then, divide the loop in the middle and draw the two sides up to your scalp, pinning them in place.

Tips + Tricks To Make Your Hairstyle Last All Day?

A sloppy bun can be styled in a variety of ways. Redoing some is less troublesome because they are easier than others, but it is impossible to simply redo the elaborate and braided untidy buns. It is crucial to follow through with some tips and methods to hold your buns in place so that they last you all day. They demand time, effort, and ability, which one does not always have.

For starters, your best allies when it comes to sloppy buns are hairspray and pins. Hairspray will come into play in these situations as well as in guaranteeing the outcome of the hard work you put into creating the ideal hairdo.

There are occasions when even after placing your hair in a bun, you will have those obstinate hair stands that will refuse to sit in place. In a similar vein, be sure to select the appropriate hair bun for your hair type. Choose another hairstyle if your hair is too thin to support the weight of a large bun. Before styling your hair, make sure it is clean to prevent subsequent greasy buildup.

Making sure your bobby pins are properly positioned and not left out is a further crucial step. For starters, it causes your strands to become loose and does not hold them in place. It also ruins the attractiveness of your hairstyle. Thin, silky, and smooth hair that gets flat easily should be added to some product to give it some volume and maintain the hair bun. On the other hand, before styling, persons with thick, frizzy hair should use a hair serum.

In certain cases, even hairspray can't hold those baby hairs in place, so it's necessary to try to remove your front baby hair prior and style those strands. Therefore, it is preferable to take care of them in advance to prevent a spike in the middle of the day. Not the least, last. Washing your hair before the day you have to create your bun can actually help influence the final look of your hairstyle since messy hair buns are typically reserved for the second day of freshly cleaned hair.

That does not, however, imply that you wear greasy hair in a messy bun. Knowing your hair type and whether it is dry on the day you wash your hair and has better moisture on the second day or not is vital because everyone has different hair.