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Tired of monotonous hairstyles? Do you want something new but can’t choose among the many options? Look at Asian hairstyles, simple and at the same time unusual and stylish. In the past few years, Asian hairstyling has become popular not only in Asia but also beyond. In these images, there is a link-up of originality and femininity, a non-standard approach, and modesty. To have a full idea of Asian hairstyles, you need to understand the trends in the development of their fashion. Outstanding characteristics of the face of local people are distinguished by wide lines. So, in many hairstyles, you can see bangs. They are a distinctive feature. Bangs can be combed on one side or straightened forward it all depends on the features of the face and personal preferences.

Trendy Asian hairstyles are notable for originality, womanliness, and ease. They look natural and don’t require complex styling. Monophonic coloring with close to natural shades is often used in fashionable hairstyles. Brown, chestnut, and chocolate colors are now in priority. At the same time, a lot of girls prefer bright shades of pink, blue, and purple. Sophisticated coloring techniques, such as balayage, highlights, ombre hair color, are also popular.

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Last trends of Asian hairstyles

  • Long curls with smooth, long, and thick bangs. The very common type of Asian hairstyles tied in the tail elongated strands. Curls can freely fall along the spine. The silky black bush of hair looks very impressive.
  • Volumetric top and ribbon tips, created using a razor. The effect of abruptness and incompleteness creates light carelessness in the hair. Such a haircut is associated with a creative mess on the head. As a rule, this hairstyle is chosen by young people and middle-aged representatives.
  • Options with shaved temples – the choice of self-confident and bright personalities. You can use hairspray or wax to add even more volume, forming an attractive mohawk. Self-expression is a way to show itself to the world, is implemented due to the bright coloring of the mohawk sticking in different directions of curls. Some girls shave both temples, when others experimentalize shaving one temple.
  • Asymmetry. With the asymmetric shortening of the hair, a special chic is achieved due to the cropped bangs. Shaggy-cropped curls throughout the circumference of the head create a complement of the hairstyle. It's worth paying attention to the Bob hairstyle with asymmetrically cropped strands. The option is well-combined with a thin oval face.

Tips for Creating an Easy and Pretty Hairstyle for Women

Trendy Asian hairstyles don't require special hairdressing skills, so each woman can make them without someone‘s help. Pay attention to the following tips so that the hairstyle looks tidily and attractively.

  • Do hairstyling on clean and well-dried hair.
  • Straighten curls with straightening iron.
  • Holders of short hair can feel free to create light chaos, rumpling hair with fingers. Be sure to use wax or gel to keep careless styling all day.
  • Active personalities should think about the options for laying a bun or tail.
  • Hair сare is mandatory. Experts recommend using only high-quality styling items.

TOP-10 Fancy and Easy Asian Hairstyles for Every Taste

TOP-10 Fancy and Easy Asian Hairstyles

Classic Shaggy Asian Style

Shaggy is at the peak of popularity this season. It's a slightly disheveled but attractive hairstyle. Disheveled can be the whole head, or some part: the back of the head, temples, bangs, or just separate strands. Easy, controlled disorder creates a gorgeous volume. The technique looks like a ladder, only performed in a chaotic order; as a result, it turns out to be an extravagant hairstyle.

Brown Ombre Hair Color on Long Hair

One more option for you beautiful Ombre Hair Color. Asians typically maintain long brown tresses and this beautiful ombre shade just adds to that appeal. If you’re styling brown Asian ombre style, then go for side or center partitioned hair with layers through the length and create soft curls each step of the way.

Shaggy Bob with Bangs

Shaggy bob with bangs is short to a medium haircut with choppy layers and textured ends. A bang will add drama and make it suitable for any face shape. Unlike a stacked, angled, a-line, or an inverted bob, shaggy bob with bangs hairstyles are very low-maintenance. 

Neon Asian Hairstyle

Neon Asian Hairstyle

Nothing will be so noticeable and attracting attention as the bright color of the hair. If blue, turquoise, purple, or pink shades inspire you, let yourself experiment and stand out from the crowd!

Gothic Grey Ombre Hair Color

This is the gorgeous shade for Asian ombre hair. The grey color, coupled with the right makeup, gives away gothic vibes that are really charming. Gothic grey ombre requires mandatory bleach because the look starts dark from the root and progresses to a stunning white towards the end. You can style this look in a simple lob and go for soft beach waves too.

Wavy Bob

One more easy and attractive hairstyle for you. A variety of light curls can be added to the classic Bob. Wavy Bob hairstyle is an unconditional favorite among most girls, as it fits both every day and for important events. In fact, wavy hair is perceived as an essential attribute of womanliness, so why not make wavy styling for every day, or occasionally, to treat oneself and raise the mood?

Volumetric Pixie Hairstyle

Ripped volumetric pixie with strands-feathers perfectly acts as a corrective haircut. It perfectly covers the forehead and makes an oval more harmonious. Even if you don’t need any correction, this hairstyle can become an excellent option when choosing your unique image.

Long Waves Hairstyle

Is it possible to reveal the hairstyle more captivating and romantic than curls? They are suitable for absolutely everyone ranging from tiny 3-year-old girls and ending with adult women. Hairstyles with wavy hair look beautiful and original. The huge advantage is that such an easy hairstyle doesn’t require much time and effort.

Dookie Braids

The hairstyles of the 90s made a great return this year. Massive dookie braids are one of the trend variations. They make it possible to feel like a fragile young lady and a “bad girl” at the same time. In addition, the braids make an oval of the face prettier and the hair more voluminous visually. 

Undercut Asian Hairstyle

If you are tired of all the women's classics in the image and want something unusual, we present to your attention Undercut – a haircut that looks boldly and bright on any length of the hair. This is the perfect way to emphasize the individuality of character, style, and courage. Undercut implies a shaved or very short-triggered lower part of the head. But in the upper part, there can be anything female versions of the haircuts allow many variations for any length! Various ornaments, fantasy patterns on the temple look harmoniously and effectively. Lighted or painted in bright tone tips, as if sun glare play in your hair, giving the hairstyle a special charm.

With the help of Asian hairstyles, you can completely change the image and style or just slightly correct your appearance. It depends on your desire and taste. In any case, you should not be afraid to try something new and unusual, because it is possible to find the very hairstyle only by experiments.


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