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The right haircut can mask lacks and highlight beautiful facial features. How to pick a haircut, which will fit facial characteristics? You need to consider hair type and facial shape until experimenting with hair. You need to compare many indicators, including hair type and face form to pick the right haircut.

Determine your hair structure

The structure is determined by the diameter and thickness of the hair. Hair can be of different types, namely:

  • If you have fine hair, it has increased sensitivity to external factors, damage, and fragility.

  • Average. This is the most regular type, easily amenable to various kinds of cosmetic effects, but their main plus is high strength.

  • Thick. Hair is strong, resistant to external factors, but cosmetic manipulation is also reluctant.

What can the natural color of your hair tell about the structure of your curls? In blondes, hair is often thin, in red-haired ones - of medium thickness, in brunettes - thick.

But the thickness does not affect the form of the strands. It means that the hair structure does not depend at all on whether it curls or not.

What's your hair type?

Hair types

Has it ever happened to you that you do a haircut and your hair does not obey? Perhaps the point is not in the picked out a haircut, but in the fact that the strands themselves are damaged due to improper care. Normal hair type. Strands of this type are resilient, elastic, strong, voluminous. They do not need improvement enough only to maintain their good condition with care products occasionally.

  • Oily hair type. If, within 1-2 days after washing, the hairs at the roots acquire an untidy look, stick together, then you have oily hair type. It gets due to excessive secretion of hypodermic fat. The reasons for this may lie both in improper care (abuse of moisturizers, nourishing agents, oils) and in health problems. Even the wrong diet can worsen the situation of the curls.

  • Dry hair type. This type is associated with fragility, thinness, and a lifeless appearance. This problem is connected to insufficient secretion. It can be provoked by frequent use of styling cosmetics, hairdryer, and even improper combing.

Main tips when selecting a haircut

 tips on how to select a haircut

Pay attention to the next factors until finally picking a haircut:

  • You need to choose it in accordance with the lines of the head for the hairstyle to fit your face. Each person has his own characteristics and must be considered with them.

  • If you have an oily hair type that requires frequent grooming and daily shampooing, a short haircut may solve this problem.

  • If you have long hair but the ends do not look healthy but dry, then they should be cut. In this case, the chevelure will look healthier.

  • If you have curly hair and you constantly straighten it trying to get it straight, then you should not cut it short. Curly hair in short cuts curls even more.

Basic moments

how to choose haircut

Most women are quite demanding about their appearance. It is essential for them that every detail is combined in it.

Selecting a haircut is a responsible matter; the key thing here is not to miss a single nuance. There are many nuances to consider, especially the form of the face.

You should be extremely careful since not every girl will fit the same hairstyle when picking a haircut.

Someone with the same haircut will look simply irresistible, but someone with the same haircut will accent facial features’ imperfections.

Moreover, you need to think about the type and structure of the hair when picking a haircut for yourself. A correctly picked out hairstyle will help to hide all the lacks in appearance invisible and, conversely, highlight its dignity.

A lot relies on the form of the face when selecting a hairstyle, so it is essential not to be mistaken here. It is needful to free your face from hair, for example, by collecting it in a bun or ponytail and carefully looking in the mirror.

The face can be circled with a marker, and then the result can be compared with known geometric shapes for greater persuasiveness.

The oval form is quite common. For an oval face, a characteristic feature is its proportionality. The conditional line of the brow surface is nearly equal to the jawline. The cheekbones stand out somewhat at the oval face, and it tapers slightly in the direction of the chin area.

Girls with a round form have a fairly wide cheek area, a low-set brow, and a smooth chin.

In turn, for an elongated face, the main feature is a high brow area and a somewhat elongated chin in combination with flat cheekbones.

Faces with a form resembling a square are no less common. This form has a low brow and a flat chin. The face itself has approximately proportional dimensions both in length and in width.

A wide brow and a fairly narrow chin are characteristic of a triangular or elongated face.

You can start choosing a haircut after you figured out what kind of face form you have. It is best to consult a professional stylist who will help you select a haircut according to the main modern trends and take into account all the features of your appearance.


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