The Art of How To Hide Hair Extensions in Short Hair!

Let’s face it, some people have really short hair. While hairstyles are meant to be changed up, this is seldom an option for those of us who have shaved our heads. There is a very good reason why stylists encourage you to invest in your long locks, and it comes down to economics. We’re talking about the running cost of maintaining long hair.

The longer your strands are, the more maintenance they require. In many cases, hairstylists discourage you from going short, and that’s because most people don’t have the patience to look after their long locks and they eventually go to a hairstylist - booming their business! 

Hair extensions are an easy way for you to keep your locks looking fresh and new. It also helps cover up the fact that your hair is becoming thinner by the day. Now, if you were to go out and buy some extensions from a beauty supply store or specialty shop, you're going to have to spend a pretty penny in order for you to get a decent quality all-in-one deal.

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Why is Hiding Extensions Difficult?

Extensions are usually hidden in long hair, but for those with short or cropped hair, the task is much more difficult. Hair extension is a way of adding length and thickness to one's own hair. It can be done by cutting a piece of your natural hair and weaving it with the synthetic strands. One of the most popular methods is to weave them in a ponytail or bun at the back of your head. However, if you have very short hair, finding a way to hide them can be complicated.

There are some extensions that are meant for short hair like tape-in extensions, clip-in extensions, or micro loop extensions which make it easy to conceal them without making too much fuss about them. Most people with short hair opt for hair extensions. It's very hard to hide them and most people don't think it should be a concern for anyone if you want to wear extensions or other hair add-ons, but we don't really know how they would go with shorter hair because it's harder to hide them.

Should you just use a wig instead?

In this section, we will discuss how it is hard to hide extensions in very short hair. The first thing one might wonder is whether or not they have ahead of their hair to put the extensions in. If so, then they can use a wig or a weave to hide the extensions.

However, if they do not have enough hair to cover the extension, then people may be able to tell that there are extensions in their hair from afar. In simple words, if you have short hair and need extensions for your head of hair because it's thin or you want more volume, then you should consider wearing a wig as opposed to just using extension as your only option.

If you are also having a hard time hiding your extensions then you are in the right place because we will tell you how to hide extensions in very short hair, so keep on with us.

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7 Tips on Concealing Hair Extensions

Short-haired girls are stuck between two worlds. The 'I can't hide my hair because it's so short' and the 'I'm happy with my hair, I'm not going to do anything to fix it. I'm not going to have a crop like Drew Barrymore.' But in order to get your hair to look a little longer, you must style it. We did some research and found a lot of different ways to get your extensions to blend in. Here are a few of our favorite techniques:

1. Treat with a heat protectant mist

One way to keep your hair looking great is to use a heat protectant mist. A heat protectant will help to prevent any damage or dryness in your hair when using hot styling tools. If you have extensions, this step is especially important because the extensions are not being protected by your natural hair.

Heat Protectant Mist will also help to protect the bonds of your extension bonds. It can also shield the natural hair from breakage that can happen when you use hot styling tools, like curling irons or flat iron. Spritz some hairspray onto your favorite long hairstyle spray and spray some hairspray onto your hair extensions.

The hairspray will act as a barrier to your new hair, and a protective barrier helps your hair grow in new. If you're in a rush, you can also apply your hairspray to your hair while it's still wet.

2. Choose a heavy set

Hair extensions are a great way to achieve the hairstyle that you have always dreamed of. They can be installed by a professional or by oneself. The problem with hair extensions is that they are not always the best option for people who have very short hair.

This article will highlight how to use heavyweight sets to cover up the extensions for those with very short hair. In order to use heavyweight sets effectively, one should first go through the process of trimming their natural hair close enough so that it is barely noticeable when it is pulled up into a ponytail.

A heavy set of extensions can then be clipped in, and styled with hairspray or mousse. The heavier weight set of hair extensions is perfect for people who have very short hair and want to hide extensions. The heavy weight set of hair extensions will create a more believable look for the short-haired person. It will give individuals a more natural appearance.

3. Base your hair 

There are some people who are using extensions to make their hair longer and fuller. These people need to find a way to hide these extensions in their hair. One of the ways to do this is by basing the hair straight and then adding waves and curls to it. These extensions can be hard for others to spot.

And that is why it is important that you know how you can hide them in your short hair so they don't look so obvious. The most common way to base the hair straight for people who use extensions in very short hair is by using a flat iron or roller setter. However, if you want curly or wavy locks instead of locks that are straight, then you will need wands and curlers too!

Using a bun or ponytail style

A lot of people do not want to go in for extensions when they have very short hair. But when you are in the workplace, it is important that you wear your hair down, so people can see what’s in it. With this problem comes the need to wear extensions with shorter locks. The best way to hide them is to base your Hair Straight and then put them in a bun or ponytail at the back of your head.

The best way to hide extensions is by wearing your hair straight and then covering it up with a bun or ponytail at the back of your head. If you want to try your hardest to hide your extensions, but you don't want to waste your time or money, you can take advantage of the fact that your hair is straight. Throw on a strapless dress and wear your hair down, and pretend it's perfectly straight. Voila! Instant disguise.

4. Opt for a suitable shade

If you would like to hide extensions in very short hair, you should first think about the color of your hair. If you have dark hair, it will be pretty hard to find a good color match. For those people, we recommend choosing a lighter color like red or blonde extensions.

If your hair is already light or blonde, any color will do as long as it's not too bright. To choose the right color, we need to consider both the natural and extension colors together. We need to match our natural and extension colors so that they look very close and natural to each other.

5. Style the hair extension to your natural hair texture

This is a great tip for all hair types and lengths. Curl or straighten everything together with a tiny section of your extensions and a section of your natural hair. The distinction between natural hair and extensions will be blurred by this procedure.

Both of these procedures not only give your hair a natural look, but they also cut down on the amount of time it takes to style it, which is one of the reasons you should get your hair short. Changing your style every now and then might assist to revitalize and boost your overall look and will help you experiment with your overall styling as well.

6. Braid your hair

Hair extensions are great for making your hair fuller and longer. However, you want people to see your natural beauty, not artificial things on your head. You can hide the hair extension by putting it into a braid or putting some hair pieces in the front of the braided hair.

You can opt for whatever braid style you like. The most easy and popular braid style is French braids. The French braid is a classic hairstyle that will never go out of style. It's a versatile style that works well with all face shapes and hair types and can be styled in a variety of ways. In order to do a French braid start by parting your hair down the center, from front to back.

Now that you have long hair with your extensions, consider adding the other extensions to add more length for this look. Now take one side of the hair and create a regular braid until you reach the backside and start connecting your hair in the classic merged braid. This will be an awesome choice for date night looks and wedding ceremonies.

7. Conceal the hair extensions' roots

This is perhaps the most important step in concealing hair extensions in short hair. If the base of the extension seeps through your natural short hair the whole look is ruined which is why the initial one should always opt for seamless hair extensions in the beginning.

How else do you conceal hair extensions in short hair if you have a variety of haircuts? The solution is to make the roots unnoticeable. Whenever you utilize the extensions, you'll notice that parts of the tiny margins show through. Clipping the base of your hair into your skull will solve this problem. Another method is to conceal these lower sections with a fast braid, which is both attractive and practical!

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Are You Ready To Put Extensions in Short Hair?

It might be tempting to get the low-key long hair style at the root, which is also super flattering, but if you're the kind of woman who likes to change it up from time to time, then you'll want to opt for a long style that transitions you in and out of different lengths.

Some options include the undercut (long at the sides, but a bit shorter at the back), hair wraps, or the chignon. If you're doing a chignon, don't do the trendy French twist or fishtail braid at the bottom. We have defined all the information regarding the subject of this article, we have shown content on how and why it is hard to hide hair extensions in short hair and how to overcome that problem easily.

We have shown the reader the main tips through which they can hide their extension effortlessly. These are just a few of the many ways that you can mix up your hairstyle in order to keep it fresh and exciting. To learn more about different ways to hide extensions in very short hair, reach out to us today. Hopefully, this was worth a while for the readers. Don’t forget to check out the JuvaBun catalog!

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