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Girl Facing Back With Bun

Nowadays, we as women feel like our looks are what keeps us going, and to some extent that is the most accurate thing we have heard. As self obsessing and cocky as it sounds we want to look our best, whether it is in dressing, speaking, or our looks because we girls want to rock it every time we go out.

As we have heard, a lady’s main beauty is her hair. The one point that everyone notices, is it would not matter what she is wearing, how her makeup looks, or how her attitude is, one bad hair look and that would be the only thing that would be noticed and judged upon. We have all heard the ongoing trends about hair extensions. From models to actresses and from high profile ladies to middle-class ones, everyone has been going on and on about this one particular trend.

Some commonly faced problems with women styling their hair up for events is either their hair is too thin to be made into a messy bun or they have a volume equal to zero. This is the sole reason why messy hair bun extensions are so much in demand nowadays. Get plenty of hairstyles just by spending a few bucks, Sounds like a reasonable offer? I think yes. 

So girls here we go, let us get to know a bit more about how this trend works and how it can make your life so much easier than it already is. 

Why Use Messy Bun Hair Extensions?

When we hear the word ‘fake’ the first thing that comes to mind is how unreal it would be and how artificial it would look but let's hold that thought. Hair extensions nowadays are made of what is called ‘synthetic hair’. To understand what that means supposedly we need to understand what synthetic means. Imagine having wigs that look as real as your hair, sound good?

Then that is exactly how it works. Synthetic materials are usually made of resources that are meant to make a product look natural and real. Synthetic hair is exactly that, each strand is made out of man-made fibers like acrylic and nylon. These materials are thoroughly processed and made to look exactly like real hair. The color, volume, thickness, texture are all kept in mind when these materials are turned into wigs.

Imagine having to go to a wedding and your hairstylist bails out on you or your hair is too thin to be styled into something that you want, or the worst-case scenario is not having enough time to get dressed, sounds excruciatingly painful right? This is where these amazingly god-given gifts jump in. One thing that we can completely agree with is the fact that it would boost up your confidence, make you feel pretty and that is exactly how it can boost up your confidence and make you feel better about yourself.

Open up your wallets, get a bigger heart and think about investing in something that might be your lifesaver. Styling your hair naturally would be time-consuming, you would first need to curl them to give them enough volume to look messy, use a whole pack of hairpins, use almost a complete bottle of hairspray on your hair to make it stick in one place. Please, let's make life easier and just switch to this product, sure you will have to use a few pins here and there because of course you do not want to look like you just got out of a riot, but at least you would not have to force it all in to stay.

This product is perfect for events that require you to style your hair in a way that looks sophisticated and put together. Weddings can be a good example, also formal gatherings but not only those but these extensions can be used for when you want to hang out with friends and have a hassle-free day. Still, think styling your natural hair is better than going the easy way by using this wonderful product? Now let us focus on how and when these can come in handy.

Going to office

You wake up early and find your hair in a war of frizziness within themselves, scary right? Now we have to save time and also look presentable for a long day of staring at our bosses all day. Let's make it simple, grab the hair bun, tie up the hair around the bun, and voila! You are good to go for the day. Easy right? Well, it is not an ongoing trend for no reason. 

Getting dressed for events

Some of us have kids, as cute and lovable as they are, sometimes they can be a handful. So let us target mothers now. We can all imagine how hard it must be to get their children dressed and then work on getting themselves to dress up. Make-up is understandable, we can somehow take time to do that, do it in intervals and we should not have a problem.

However, hairstyling is what needs the most attention, because one wrong step and you could look exactly like something you were trying not to look like. Again, this is where this acts like a woman's best friend. Saves time and makes you look as pretty as you were achieving to look. This does not only target mothers, but it can also be for those that have a habit of being late everywhere they go, that happens, not an issue that can act as your savior ladies.

Prevents heat damage

One thing everyone is reluctant about is losing their hair because of heat. As women, we want to try new things, whether it is changing hair colors or straightening or curling our hair every day, now that is the actual damage we are talking about. As mentioned earlier, we often need to curl our hair mostly or straighten them when we think about messy buns, however, that issue can be resolved by yet again our hair bun extensions. It is heatless and also gives you the desired result we are looking for.

Sometimes ladies that go through issues with depression face loads of issues with hair loss and low self-esteem due to that. They do not feel like making an effort to get dressed which makes them think they do not fit in the outside world. This product can also be very helpful for this reason. When these ladies would try making hairstyles, they would use them and get a perfect messy bun that would look effortless yet pretty. This would help them to regain their confidence and hold their head up high in the outside world.

What Are The Different Types Of Messy Bun Hair Extensions? 

Once in a while, we get thoughts of changing our look according to our dresses or the outfits we choose. We might decide we want to change the color of our hair or enhance it more, guess what? These hair bun extensions come in different colors. You might want to make it look natural so you decide to choose the natural color, however, sometimes you might want to change your look for the day and you decide to get a shade lighter or let's say darker.

Now, this might sound confusing at first but that is the point. Your hair mixes up with these extensions and makes it look like you have gotten highlights or enhanced your hair color. Not bad right? Ladies, let's make one thing clear, this product is very appealing and 100% guaranteed.

Coming to the part where it gets even better. There are several kinds of techniques on how you can get these extensions done because every individual has their own choice on how they want it done.

Style and clip-in bun

This type of extension is easy and does it on the way. This extension mainly targets the lazy girls that work from home, are never on time, or the effortless girls. Works for women with thin and small buns because it tends to add more volume and make your bun look healthy and effortless. Women look forward to styling up hair on the second or the third day because we all know how difficult it is to style up hair that is greasy and oily.

Also targets women with short and layered hair that sticks out of buns. We often tend to get haircuts that are either layered or short and when we try making a style out of it we have hair sticking out of every direction of the bun, this is exactly how this can save you, ladies. No more hair sticking out, no more greasy and oily hair, no more finding motivation to get up and style yourself, for all the lazy girls out there.

These buns weigh up to 60 grams and length 14 inches. The bun extension features four combs on either side of the netting inside the bun, which securely latches under the base of your natural bun. These extensions include drawstrings that tighten the bun and help secure it in its place no matter what you're doing, running or flaunting your hair to your crush in school.

Tape-in hair extensions

These types of hair extensions are for those that are looking for long-term solutions. Typically these extensions are installed by professionals. Tape-ins have to be carefully aligned with the natural roots and then are glued with the natural hair using a heated tool. This process takes several hours depending on how thick your hair is. Beauticians generally instruct women to use less harsh and oily shampoos since oily shampoos can varnish the stickiness of the glue that can result in the hair extensions coming off.

These extensions can then easily be styled into messy buns as it adds length and volume to the hair. Each piece weighs 1.5g. Normally 60-90 pieces are recommended for the whole head. If your hair is thick, you may need more. Normally when any kind of adhesive or glue is applied to the hair, it causes severe damage to the hair. This method is typically not advised for customers due to this reason. 

Sew-in hair extensions/weave

These types of hair extensions are usually for those with thick hair. In this process, each strand of your hair is braided and then the extensions are sewn in them. The reason why this type of extension mainly targets women with thick hair is that the weight of these extensions is a bit more than other extensions.

The pulling from the sewn extension can cause irritation or falling of hair which is why it is recommended more to the audience with thick hair. The weight of these extensions is 150-200 grams however some companies are even selling them at 120-180 grams. This treatment takes up to 5-6 hours as each strand has to be sewn. This usually pulls at the scalp that irritates the customers. 

Wigs and hairpieces

At one point these were called head coverings because of the fact they would cover the whole head. These are pieces that cover the head completely and are topical. They are used as a temporary means of work, as these do not get attached to the hair however it does completely change how you look. These pieces come in every length, color, and size.

There are two methods of making these wings that are ‘lace fronts’ or ‘netting’. Wigs usually depend on how much weight you want for them. The ideal weight for a wig can be up to 120-300 grams. These wigs are offered with human hair as well as synthetic hair. Human hair is recycled and turned into wigs, these kinds are mostly used for cancer patients or people with hair diseases.

The Most Efficient Ways to Get Hair Extensions

All in all, looking at all these methods the most efficient and effective one looks like the clip-on method. This method is the easiest and the safest way to get extensions. They are temporary and can be changed when you want to and are just a minute of work to do. This method does not involve any kind of chemicals or adhesives needed to stick the hair extensions.

These are easy to remove and can create any kind of different look you would want to create by changing the colors. They can easily be converted into buns and can create beautiful and trendy hairstyles. Since it creates volume in the hair, it would be easy to put up your hair in various styles. Sounds like the perfect scenario right?

Well, then I am sure you would love how these kinds of products would be used on your hair. Hair pieces are ready-made buns that can be put in your hair. The natural hair is wrapped around the hairpiece and that makes it look like just the right and perfect choice for your hair as it blends in perfectly.

Wigs and hairpieces are also a good replacement for extensions. Going to the salon and spending a few hours sounds a bit difficult, doesn't it? Well, this is where wigs and hairpieces come in handy. They are good to go in just a few minutes of setting them and magic you’ve got the perfect look you were aiming for. Different colors are offered and when you think you are bored of your hair color that is when you can change the hair color in just a jiff.

This method is commonly used by models and actresses that are used in movies and ramp walks. When you’re doing movies or ramp walks you cannot always go with the natural look as every scenario demands different looks. This is how this particular item helps. You can change your looks in just a moment without putting in any effort.

Perfect! This is the safest way to get hair extensions. Won't damage your hair, it won't make your hair look completely artificial because obviously if you change the hair color it would make you different so we cannot say it won't completely be artificial. 

The Before & After of Human Hair Vs Synthetic Fibers 

Now the difference between human hair and synthetic hair is very obvious. It is very evident how both of those work just by looking at the name. Human hair is mainly used for wigs. Ladies that get haircuts often donate their hair for making wigs for cancer patients or people with hair diseases, however they are also used to make wigs for normal fashion purposes.

The reason why human hair is used is very obvious, that is it makes the wig look natural and just according to how natural human hair is. However sometimes it is not easy to make wigs out of real human hair, it is very costly and also not many resources are available to make it.

Synthetic hair fibers as mentioned earlier are much easier however costly. These fibers are costly and the processing is lengthy and time-consuming. The fibers need to be processed into a material that looks as fine as hair. To accomplish the look that most ladies aim for is natural which is exactly what synthetic hair needs to look like.

 Using synthetic hair is much easier and more effective compared to actual human hair because human hair is not easily accessible and not many people would be willing to sell it for fashion purposes, however, when it comes to synthetic hair fibers, these resources are easy to gather and can be produced effectively. If we compare both types of hair, we need to understand that human hair is more long-lasting than synthetic hair.

This is because we can do anything with our hair and they are not easily damaged which is why human hair extensions last for up to a year. Synthetic hair is still at the end of the day plastic. As real as it looks it is still plastic and they do not have much of a long lifespan. Heat-friendly synthetic extensions last up to 2-3 months only and then need to be changed to get the same fresh look you had at the beginning.

Normal synthetic wigs last up to 4-6 months. Using your synthetic hair wigs as limited as possible will keep it looking fresh as new, however, if you use it for daily purposes then that can make it look dry and can also decrease its lifespan. 

How To Pick The Best Messy Bun Hair Extensions For Yourself? 

When it comes to beauty it is always said that we need to choose the best things according to what will suit us. This is exactly how the extensions need to be chosen. According to how you want your look, what you think will suit you and if it's the best quality or not. If you are spending a few bucks on something then you sure need to know what the best quality of a product is.

If it's not the best quality and does not fall under your expectations then there is no point in wasting money on something that does not give you the desired result. This is why you need to keep in mind the few pointers before you invest in buying these products. You need to keep in mind, how long you want your extensions for and how you want to style them and then choose your extensions according to these choices you make. This would ensure that you have good experience with whatever means you choose. 

When to buy Hair extensions?

As mentioned earlier, hair extensions are to be used for changing looks when you want to because as women we all know how it works when we are not happy with the way we look. However, it can also be used when you have genuine issues. These issues can be obvious, which are hair loss issues, thinning of hair, low self-esteem regarding your hair.

It is as simple as it sounds, getting hair extensions might seem costly, it might seem time-consuming but let's keep in mind that those are only one-time things. You need to pay up once to be hassle-free for the next few months, spend time on getting them done once, and do not have to worry too much about what you need to do with your hair for a while.

I think it is a great form of investment, I mean at the end of the day you are investing in yourself, making yourself feel good about yourself, and yes the main factor, making yourself drool-worthy. Imagine all those school crushes, gym crushes and husbands swooned by your look. Gives you butterflies in the stomach? Yes, that is how it works. 

It is agreed that the fact that being beautiful and feeling pretty is the key to making yourself feel at your best. This sentence to some extent is very true. If you don’t feel beautiful you won’t have the motivation to look good any other day. This is because when one loses their self-esteem it becomes harder for them to even try to look good.

However when these extensions are used they would have the motivation to try new looks knowing that this particular product can enhance one’s beauty, it would make them want to try different styles which would lead to an increase in their self-esteem. 

How long do hair extensions last?

Different forms of extensions and different life spans. Some last longer than others while some life spans depend on what material it is, whether they are human hair or synthetic hair fibers. Synthetic hair is cheaper than real hair, but of course with that, comes a trade-off. Because they’re made out of synthetic fibers, they do not last as long as human hair as they can easily be damaged by the above-mentioned factors (sun, heat, etc.)

Clip-on hair extensions: The life span of every product depends on how well you take care of them. If you are using them in a good way then they should last longer than if you treat them harshly. With proper care and regular wear, clip-ins last anywhere from 3 – 6 months, up to a year, and sometimes even longer. 

Tape-in hair extensions: These extensions are considered semi-temporary. Typically these extensions last for 4-5 weeks if taken proper care of. They need to be changed every 4-5 weeks or it depends on how fast your hair growth is. Don't forget to get it changed if you want it to look fresh as a daisy. 

Sew in hair extensions/weave: It is recommended to remove the weave every 6-8 weeks. This is because these extensions weigh a little more than others and since they are sewn on our scalps they can cause the scalp to pull and cause discomfort. Another reason for this is that these extensions can also affect the natural growth of your hair which is why it is advised to get these changed regularly and also removed to give comfort to your scalp. 

All in all, what matters is how your comfort level is and when you want to get it removed or not. If you feel like you are getting tired of it then you can easily get it removed and go for something different or you could also take a break from them. Another perk of messy bun hair extensions is that you are not obliged to keep them on, you can get them removed whenever and however you want. 

This gives you an alternate choice whether you want to keep your extensions or you want to remove them when you are tired of them. It’s convenient and all favorable. Choose your look whenever you want, sounds marvelous, doesn't it? 

Costs of various hair extensions

This is the million-dollar question. How much do hair extensions cost? They do not cost as high as you might think. Yes, they do cost a certain amount, but they are a reasonable amount. The average cost of hair extensions depends a lot on the kind of extensions you are looking at. While some hair extensions can cost as little as $20, or as much as $3,000. We would advise steering clear of those.

The price of non-permanent hair extensions is between $200 - $500. For example,  halos or clip-ins. Professional permanent hair extensions normally range between $600 - $3000.

Yes, they do get very expensive. 

All these costs depend on:

1- The type of hair extension you need

2- The amount of hair you need 

3- The method of application 

Cost of tape-in hair extensions: The cost of tape-in hair extensions ranges between $200 - $400 (average $300). Add on the installment price which is $200. The maintenance charges are up to $120 every time you visit the hairdresser. 

Cost of Weave-in hair extensions: The cost of tape-in hair extensions is between $200 - $600 (average $300). Add on the installment price which is $150. The maintenance charges are up to $150 every time you visit the hairdresser. 

Clip-in hair extensions: The cost of clip-in hair extensions is between ($85 - $400). In these types of extensions, there is no installation price because these are DIY extensions. However, you might need to frequently buy these extensions if you do not handle them well. There are numerous ways to take care of your extensions so make sure to follow them. 

The place where you are getting them from

This product is easily available. You have easy access to them from your local salons as well as high-profile shops. If you are looking for good quality hair extensions then the most preferable option would be shops that are only focussing on hair products. This is because shops like these would look forward to providing the perfect quality as the only focus of them is hair products that include extensions.

Some shops only sell hair extensions and that is preferably the best place you could go to because they have experts that can guide you on what is the best choice for you. 

You have online choices, online stores that sell these products however, they can be a bit risky because online things are not always delivered as was expected. 

We often see salons that offer various options for hair extensions and let's just say these offers are quite expensive however they do offer the best service and quality. If you do decide to pay a hefty amount for your beauty then you need to make sure the service you receive is top-notch and perfect as per your choice. No one wants to spend a certain amount and still feel like it was not enough for you. Various online stores like Amazon and beauty pages are also offering to sell different varieties of these extensions. You can buy the product online, get them delivered to your place and then go to a hairdresser to make sure they are being put in your hair professionally. 

To ensure you get the best quality extensions you need to make sure you buy them from a place that is certified and also promoted by famous influencers. This is because influencers know what product to use and how to use it because they use products that are genuine and have a positive reputation. What they promote affects them in one way or another. Therefore as advice, women need to buy products that are properly verified and also popular and known. 

The Difference A Messy Bun Hair Extension Can Add To Your Hair

Messy hair buns sure do make a difference to your everyday look. As it is mentioned all through the article it adds a different look to what you aim for. Imagine waking up and having to find yourself with frizzy hair, now that issue can be removed within minutes by just using these messy bun hair extensions. The frizzy hair can be changed to a beautiful yet effortless look. Using these extensions can make you look a bit over the top, it would grab attention.

Hair Extension DIYS to Try For The Best Difference 

Having hair extensions open up a variety of hairstyles that you can make by yourself at home. Some of these hairstyles include:

1- Messy bun

2- mermaid waves 

3- halo rings 

4- Twisters 

Messy bun- This kind of hairstyle can be achieved with hairpieces. You put in the hairpiece around your hair and then carefully wrap each stand with it so that it does not feel like it is artificial and fits in perfectly with your natural hair. 

Mermaid waves- This hairstyle can be achieved by using Clip-in extensions. You clip in the extension to your scalp and then twist them. We all know how big of fans we are of beach waves, this hairstyle can be achieved by curling your hair lightly that looks doable and effortless. Using these extensions will add volume to the hair and make them look healthy and puffy which would help in achieving exactly the look women want. 

Twisters:  A benefit of this hairstyle is that it suits any kind of situation. Whether you want to be ready to go to a beach or you want to get dressed for a formal event. Once the extension is in and your hair is curled, take two one-inch sections from the front of your face and twist them towards the back to meet at the back of your head.

You can pick up pieces as you go for a braided twist, or stick with the sections you have. Again, how you secure the two pieces at the back of your head is up to you. You can tie them together in a small ponytail, plait them and let them hang down, or even use bobby pins.

Messy hair bun extensions make life easier and more beautiful. Makes you look presentable and put together even on our worst days. Even when you feel like you have zero motivation, these extensions are always there to back you up and help you to turn heads even at your worst, because come on now, who does not like a bit of attention? 

We as ladies feel like we are obligated to look good and put together at all times because we never know who we become a role model to or how we present ourselves. Sometimes it can be difficult considering the amount of pressure one has on their backs, their mental state or they are just generally lazy which let's agree most of us are, but let's make lives simple, let's not worry about what we need to do and how we need to do when we have alternatives that can help us have exactly what we want. That is peace, easily doable hairdos, and a cup of coffee before work or college which most of us do not get due to the hassle of getting dressed up. 

Best Hair Up Lift with The Messy Bun Hair Piece

In a nutshell, we can say that a messy hair bun is the easiest hairstyle that goes along with every outfit and occasion. Yes, there are pros and cons to it. Cons being the repeated amount you have to pay to keep them looking fresh but looking at the brighter side we know at the end of the day we are the ones benefiting from it.

This particular product solves major issues that women in today's era have, starting from the smallest problems to major ones. All those problems have been made to look smaller just by introducing this one product. All in all the choice is all up to you, choose to look good with minimal effort or look good with as much effort as you put in that is if you have enough time and less frizzy hair with good volume.

Let’s make it a life motto, to make less effort but receive amazing outcomes out of what you prepare for yourself. Let's make one thing clear, you ladies will be looking drop-dead gorgeous, and let's not forget the right amount of attention you will receive.