6 Best type of Hair Extension For Short Hair

Fashion changes every day. Modern girls, needy to make their image brighter and more stylish, can change their hairstyle without hesitation. Your mood can change every month, and your hair doesn't grow quickly. What if you want a lovely hairstyle but have a short haircut? The hairdressing industry is continually evolving and can offer extensions even for short hair.

short hair

Should you do extensions if you have short hair?

Healthy hair is the basic attribute of any girl's beauty. Unfortunately, not all women can be proud of long and healthy hair, the nature of which is genetically inherent. Moreover, many girls simply do not have the time to grow a long braid after a short haircut. And only extensions are the best option for short hair, allowing you to solve this problem and look feminine in any situation.

Advantages of hair extensions

Modern extensions have a lot of significant advantages:

  • Several times, an increase in hair volume is an undoubted privilege for those women who have naturally thin hair.
  • Increased hair length in a few hours.
  • The extension let you carry out any manipulations with dyeing, highlighting, and coloring hair. If desired, the master can use individual strands of bright shades and contrasting colors.
  • You can radically transform your appearance by extending your hair. Short hair extensions will make you look more attractive and useful.

Besides, hair extensions allow you to experiment with a wide variety of styles and hair colours.

You can do hair extension if:

  • Your natural hair has fallen into disrepair after a failed curling or dyeing.
  • You want to hide blemishes in your hair (too thin, dry, no natural shine, etc.)
  • You urgently need beautiful curls for an important celebration, date, or party.
 hair extensions a bad idea

In what cases are hair extensions a bad idea?

Despite the fact that this manipulation has many advantages for women of any age category. Moreover, hair extension has its number of contraindications, which are worth paying attention to.

It is not recommended to carry out extensions for short hair for women who experience hair loss or a serious allergic reaction on the scalp. In the latter case, it is necessary to carry out a test build-up in a small area, and only after that move to the whole head area.

The extension procedure requires subsequent correction and careful hair care. Therefore, you should contact a trusted specialist who will do his job with high quality. Otherwise, there is a high risk of getting brittle and weakened hair after removing the capsules.

If you still doubt whether you should radically change your image, you can use clip hair extensions for short hair. You can test whether you like long hair without hurting yours with clips. Moreover, you can buy a wig and see if you like being with long hair  before you extend your hair. Perhaps a wig or buns will be enough to change your image for a while.

how is hair extended

How is hair extended?

Hair extension is a procedure by which donor strands of specially treated natural hair are added to the natural volume of hair, providing additional length and thickness to the hairstyle.

Preparation for hair extension involves the choice of material and technology by which the procedure will be performed. You need to choose the highest quality materials to make extensions for short hair correctly.

Hair extensions are:

  • Asian, as a rule, are not matched for the growth of scales and are covered with a large amount of silicone. In the process of wearing, socks quickly lose their appearance, get confused.
  • European ones have the richest color palette of hair, identical in structure and matched in length. They serve for a long time, but they can lose their shine in the absence of proper care.
  • Slavic are considered the highest quality, undergo minimal chemical treatment, and have a durable and attractive appearance.

Choose the technology for hair extensions

There are many types of extensions today. Each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. It is best if you make the selection with an experienced augmentation practitioner who is suitably qualified.

Hot extension

Provides for fixing artificial strands using resin, which is preheated. It is a capsule technique in which synthetic strands are held in place using special capsules made of keratin and resin.

The hot extension can be Italian or English. The difference between these two methods is that the Italian extension involves connecting artificial and its strands using resin capsules. But with English extensions, the strands are fixed with resin and a glue ball.

Cold extension

The cold extension is a procedure that does not require pre-heating of the fastening elements. This method also has several varieties.

Tape extension

Provides for gluing strands to the roots of your hair. It is one of the most inexpensive ways to get long curls. But also less durable compared to others. When creating a hairstyle from such curls, it is necessary to think over every detail to hide the gluing points.

Extension with clips

Clip hair extensions for short hair are made using unique metal beads that securely hold natural and artificial hair together. The clips are simply fastened, and as a result, the girl gets voluminous, lush, and long hair.

Spanish extension

The strands are attached with glue but without the use of resin. It is used mainly on blond hair since glue spots on dark hair may be too noticeable.

Micro extension

Artificial curls are attached to natural curls using unique microcapsules. However, there is an essential nuance. Such a method can only be performed on not too short hair. Although, if you get into the hands of a professional master who has vast experience, he will make micro extensions for shorter hair. Besides, you should understand that giving preference to this method of building. You will have to spend at least 6 hours in the master's chair. However, the result will be simply stunning.

procedure of hair extensions

What awaits you if you decide to extend your hair?

As soon as you find yourself in the master's chair, he diagnoses your hair, assesses its condition, measures the length, and selects the necessary technology. After that, you just need to relax and dream about how your image will be transformed.

The main thing that should not be forgotten is that any extension should be carried out only by a professional master and only in the salon! This approach will allow you to maintain the health of your natural hairs and extend the life of your artificial strands. Besides, the use of wigs and hair extensions will help maintain the health of natural hair. Many stars use wigs to change their image and maintain their healthy hair.

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