Rules To Follow When Picking the Right Hair Color Dye

How to look stylish, young, and even elegant at every age? The best way is to create your ideal look with a hair color style merely perfect for you. 

The decisions on changing the hair color may have rational and irrational senses. In the first case, you want to correct your hair's natural changes a little. The women with advancing age could find more gray hair and want to hide it with dye colors carefully matching to their natural tone. On the other hand, some medical effects such as hormone fluctuations, stresses, and post-pregnancy abnormalities could extremely increase your hair fall. In this case, you need to fix the problem based on medical treatment recommendations and keep your hair beautiful by making some illusions of fresh look and hair density with the help of natural and toxic-free dye colors.

Another variant related to your hair color change is based on your own emotional willing's. When you are a teenager or a young person and want to outline your personality or turn a new leaf of your life in order to lessen your emotional sufferings (heartbreak, sadness, or other soul pain) you definitely should change something that could make you a new person. The hair color change is the best and supposedly impulsive decision. However, in any case, the risky desires of changing your hair color would play a cruel joke on your hair health if you do not know the main features of the hair color levels and tones.

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What you should know about levels of hair color

According to the famous and meaningful hairstylist ranking, hair colors could be cool, warm, and neutral. These colors are backgrounds for hairstyle changes because they determine our natural color features: 

  • Cool colors actually mean dark levels of hair colors which could impress with its storm elegance. Such colors match females with naturally dark skin eye colors. 
  • Warm colors are opposite and look like a fancy sunrise or a lovely tongues of flame. They are associated with similar females with natural blond hair and light-colored eyes. 
  • Neutral colors are a mix of the two above and include a simple range of colors (beige, gray, ivory, dark, etc) representing the spring or fall color varieties and fit all types of beauties. 

Such groups influence the choice of the dye hair colors and its tones grouped by the adequate levels.

The natural levels of the hair color are classified in a range of 1 to 10. As you might know, the shades of levels 1, 2, and 3 can be hardly distinguished by the human eye. That’s why the very darkest color is used to begin from level 2, and as the difference between level 2 and 3 is too short you should proceed most directly to level 4. 

Regarding the lightest color levels, number 10 is, in principle, white and deemed as abnormally white almost absent in real nature (i.e. something like well bleach effects). In this case, the levels of the NATURAL hair colors are counted as not 10 but just 7 in total. That points out to you the very first step for the right hair dye color is to determine the lightness level per natural color chart so-called “the determination of the hair color base” because you should always understand the input for the comparison actions.

So, the best hair color obtained should differ from your natural color in a range of two-level steps up and down. For instance, your natural color level is 4, therefore, your new hair color could be only under level 2 or 6 which also depends on the accompanying factors such as the color of your skin, eyes, eyebrows, and so on.

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What to take into account when choosing the hair dye colors?

As noticed above, you should consider some key specs of your appearance before you decide to change the hair color. Here are the most common ones.

  1. Seasonal color analysis. It is not mandatory to know you are spring or summer. If you want to find the proper tone, you should understand enough what color levels of your appearance features - warm or cool - prevail. The first case requires you not to choose ash blond or gray-subtone blond, and the second variant would not be harmonic if you dye your hair in gold colors.
  2. Facial features. As much as you would like to be upgraded drastically, you always need to consider the nature basis. For instance, a girl with very light appearance features like sallow skin, white eyebrows, and semitransparent eyelashes would look ridiculous if she decides to color her hair strongly dark. For her, it would definitely not be the best hair color and even not the best period of life. The image can’t be called harmonic. You also must know how to choose a successful blond tone. If you color certain strands in blond you should remember that they will highlight some facial features and make them distinctive and expressional.
  3. Hair quality. This criterion does matter when you are looking for the best hair color. The explanation is simple. The hair not often could change the color into blond tones, primarily resulting from the bleach effects. That is a serious stress for your hair, especially when they are thin and breakable. In this case, you should change your decision and think of your look in another color level.
  4. Lifestyle. If you want to have an entertaining life, you need to compare your desires with life realities. Those who work in the office and prefer the business dress code should not opt for bright, unnatural colors. However, the temporary dyes provide the opportunity to color your weekends. Such dyes could be washed off with the help of shampoo.

Which hair color gives your eyes the best advantage?

  • Brown eyes. The brown eyed girls frequently have dark-hair tones. The dark colors to the extent of dark chocolate tone perfectly fit the dark eyes. However, you should remember that blondies should stay away from the dark levels of hair colors. If the combination of the desired hair color, eye color, and skin tone are proportionate in the right way, the beautiful look is likely to be achieved with 100% possibility. The main point is still that its elements should never argue with each other.
  • Green eyes. You might hear that the best natural creation is a combination of green eyes and red-colored hair. It is pure, true, but the greenish eyes could meet with many other tones. If a girl has a cool tone skin, she is recommended to choose the ash blond color and a warm tone would be highlighted by caramel and chocolate colors.
  • Blue or gray eyes. The cool eye colors are more often accompanied by the identical skin tone. In this case, the dye tones should be cool either. However, neutral tones like gray and brown are worth thinking about. The best option for the magnificent look could be created by the tones with the addition of ash coloring agents. This regards blond, medium tones (i.e. one of the best variants is sand tone), and dark brown-colored range.
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Final records to maximize color effects

Despite the common recommendations and advice from the world hairstylists and beauty experts, there are some more secrets on how to make your dye colors shine brightly and stay fresh for a long period of time.

  • Never color your clean hair. Only unwashed hair could be colored in order to maximize its colored effects and eliminate the damage to hair health.
  • Don’t use bleach too much and too often if you do not want to make your scalp bold in the nearest future.
  • After putting the dye on wet hair and then washing it, please try to soften your actions and even massage your scalp. In addition, such a method will help your hair color to shine brighter.
  • Upon the coloring use the hair conditioner which makes your color stay fresh for a long period of time and softens your hair.
  • Use hair dyes containing organic components and even vitamins or minerals to keep your hair beautiful and healthy.
  • Not be afraid of experiments, but only the wise overthinking before.

If you still beat your head about a question regarding the best hair color, you might not find your perfect beauty tools.  

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