Easy Guide to Choose the Best Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

Perfectly matching hair color is a real alternative to anti-aging products. If you match the hair color to your face and take into account the color type of your appearance, the coloring will refresh the skin, emphasize the shade of the eyes and make the face younger and more attractive. There are a lot of color ideas for hair.

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Great color ideas for hair

Various highlighting techniques are in vogue: shatush, balayage, babylights (the effect of burnt hair), bronding (dyeing dark hair with natural overflows) and other options for imitating glare on the hair.

Saturation remains the main trend in color choice. New trend: shallow depth in the color transition - a maximum of 1.5 shades. See the most popular shades for each range.

Varieties of hair tone

  • Dark tones. The most popular dark shades are black sapphire, ebony, black coffee and chocolate. For a trendy look, try shades of deep amethyst, black diamond, or black agate.
  • For brown-haired women, both cold shades and natural ones, for example, dark blond, are relevant.
  • Bright hues. For blondes, fashion offers a large selection: cold shades, silvery blond, all variants of gray and ashy are in trend. You should also pay attention to rose gold, honey, caramel colors and a shade of champagne (in another way it is called "cream soda").
  • Pearlescent shades are popular: pink mother-of-pearl and pearlescent blond.
  • Red tones. Light red tones receded into the background, but copper, red chestnut and auburn are very relevant, for example, amber auburn.

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What to focus on when choosing the best color for hair

Hair color should set off the face and emphasize the features favorably. It is important that the strands do not blend in with the skin tone and make the eyes brighter.

The main criteria for choosing a color:

  • Color type of appearance (combination of eye color, skin color);
  • The presence of freckles, minor flaws;
  • The presence of gray hair;
  • Age;
  • Hairstyle;
  • Hair length;
  • The original condition of the hair.

Color ideas for hair by appearance color type

The color type is a combination of natural data: skin color and its undertones, eye shade and natural hair color. The following types are distinguished:

  • Spring - light skin with a warm undertone, blonde hair (from light brown, reddish-brown to blonde), light eyes (blue, green, hazel, light brown).
  • Summer - light skin with olive or peach undertones, light hair (blond, wheat, light blond), light eyes (green, blue, gray).
  • Autumn - skin of golden or light shades (possibly with freckles), brown, blue or green eyes, red, golden or copper hair.
  • Winter - porcelain or light skin with a cold undertone, brown eyes, blue or dark green, dark hair (from brown-haired, frosty chestnut and dark blond to black).

Which color type is suitable for which hair color:

  • Spring. Girls with a "spring" type of appearance are well suited to honey, caramel and nut colors. You can also experiment with darker shades: rosewood, passionate amber and mother-of-pearl almond. Cold shades, milky white and black are best avoided.
  • Cold summer includes the most fashionable shades of gray, ash and dark blond. Avoid yellowness. The best hair color will be: pearl silk, pearl ash blonde and luxurious dark blonde.
  • Autumn. The appearance type "Soft Autumn" allows only warm shades of hair. Cold ones will look unnatural and can give your skin an unhealthy reddish tone. Ideal colors: amber bright red, ruby ​​marsala, golden amber.
  • Winter. "Dark Winter" will look as impressive as possible in the range of chestnuts. Any shade of black is also suitable: from purple-black to black wing. What paints you should pay attention to: amethyst, cold diamond brown hair, black diamond.

How to find the best color for hair for your skin color

There are different skin colors and each one has the best color for hair:

  • Bright skin. Snow White with a pink undertone can safely dye her hair blond. For fair-skinned girls, shades of red, caramel, golden and the brightest - copper and red are also perfect.
  • The maximum contrast can be achieved with dark shades. The cold undertones of the skin go well with chestnut, coffee-chocolate and dark blond ashy.
  • Dark skin. Tan and dark skin are ideally combined with warm shades: from caramel to rich chocolate. On dark hair, try lighter, warm shades as highlights.
  • Contrast in relation to the skin will be obtained using light shades. If there are no visible imperfections on the skin, then you can experiment with a cold scale. Against the background of platinum, pearl shades, the skin will look even darker. The best hair color for girls with dark skin is peach or pink.

New hair color trends in 2022

New hair color trends in 2022

Fashionable hair colors in 2022 can be divided into categories for blondes, brunettes and brown-haired women, in order to better choose trendy hair colors:

  • Platinum. One of the most capricious shades and it's one of the new hair color trends 2022. The pleasure is not cheap, it takes a lot of time, and there is no need to talk about the efforts of the master. But the result is a chic, boiling white color that looks very stylish and expensive. Young ladies with very light, porcelain skin and piercing blue, green or gray eyes can count on it. Among the celebrities is Kylie Jenner's hair color. Black-eyed dark-skinned women will look very ridiculous.
  • Ashen. At first glance, it may seem that there is no difference with platinum. It's also amazing new hair color trends 2022. But this is not the case. The ash goes into a gray, matte tone. In general, a lady should have cold skin and light eyes. For ladies with dark skin, ashy hair color will not work. Among the celebrities is Katty Perry's ashen hair color.
  • Strawberry. It is one of the trendy hair colors. The opinion that this is a puppet shade for members of the Winx Club has long been out of date. Chic, refreshing, can be worn at any age: from a first grader to a woman of advanced age. It fits perfectly on any haircut length: short, medium, long. Saturation can be any: subtle shine or ripe strawberries. Among the celebrities is Hailey Bieber's strawberry hair color.

Fashionable hair colors in 2022 and brown-haired women

  • Glacé. It is a beautiful shade, universally loved by both masters and girls. Any lady can pamper herself to the glacé. Absolutely undemanding neither to age, nor to the length of the hair, nor to the color of the skin and eyes. Among the celebrities is Nina Dobrev's glacé hair color.
  • Mocha. To understand what this trendy color looks like, it is enough to imagine strong coffee with a little milk. A light pearlescent flash, which is mandatory in this performance, saturates with health. The work is not easy, but a master of his craft knows how to achieve the desired result. Among the celebrities is Kim Kardashian's mocha hair color.
  • Cherry covered in chocolate. It's just one of the incredible hair colors in 2022. The sweets are luxurious, and the stylish cherry-in-chocolate color is even more so. A dark tone with the addition of burgundy makes the curls incredibly lively, stylish, and eye-catching. And this is not at all "granny's crown", as it might seem. Cherries in chocolate are for strong, independent women.
  • Dark cinnamon. It is a popular shade of a brown and red mixture. Moreover, the redhead is not brick at all. Honey sparkles on warm brown look very elegant. It is perfect for everyone: brown-haired, brunettes, and redheads. Even fair-haired ladies can experiment, especially if their skin tans well. Among the celebrities is Zoey Deutch`s cinnamon hair color. 
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New hair color trends 2022 for redheads

  • Ginger. The color looks very natural. This is its value and complexity. It is very difficult to achieve a natural redhead in a ginger tone because you can easily get greens or unpleasant yellowness with a mermaid. In addition, it is quite easy to get dull and dusty hair. Among the celebrities is Emma Roberts’s ginger hair color.
  • Rich bronze. It is a combination of brown and copper. Fashionable, expressive bronze looks expensive at any length. The brightness of this shade is very moderate, so bronze can also be worn by older women. Among the celebrities is Beyonce's bronze hair color.
  • Chocolate. It perfectly suits all "mushrooms", and any shade and saturation. For an explosive effect, chocolate with a purple hue is suitable. Not to be confused with frosty chestnut! Cold chestnuts are contraindicated for "Ryzhiks", but chocolate with purple just arouses envy among those around with its stunning harmony. One of the main stars who prefer a chocolate shade of hair is Megan Fox.


  • What hair color is trending in 2022?
  • Renowned stylist Rey predicts that in 2022 most people will switch to brown hair. The deep red shade is one of the new hair color trends 2022

  • Is gray hair still trending in 2022?
  • In 2022, silver-gray hair will be one of the trendiest hair colors 2022. It is a hair color like a part of the cool  style that will add freshness to your image and will look great on people of any age.

  • What hair color makes you look younger?
  • The lighter the hair color, the younger you look. It is worth refraining from cold, ashy tones, adding heat and golden highlights or honey tints. Among the 2022 hair color trends are platinum, cream, and pearl.

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