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Messy buns require a lot of scrunching and teasing, so are they safe? Well, this hairstyle might damage your hair if not appropriately made, and let's be honest, who wants split ends? Not me, at least! And what if you use your hair extensions, so should you just leave them be or need care?

Well, of course, they do not come directly from your scalp, but hello! You have paid for them, so you should make sure they are beneficial for the long run and save you from high-end hair stylists and lower confidence. Hence, you need to maintain and care for your messy bun hair extensions.

If you already have gotten messy bun hair extensions or are planning to, then you definitely need to keep on reading. This article will be your knight in shining armor for all the questions related to messy bun hair extensions. Do you know, just like natural hair, you have to shampoo, condition, apply heat resistance, moisturize, and more such products and hair messy bun treatments to keep your extensions healthy and looking lively and natural?

If you do not take care of them properly, I can guarantee that these messy buns will start looking extra messy and will not stay on your head for the whole day, and this is something we do not want, right?

So, my gorgeous ladies, let's see how you can take proper care of your messy bun hair extensions like a pro.

Some Cool Ways to Maintain and Take Care of Messy Bun Hair Extensions

There are various hair messy buns, which means proper care can be difficult? But no, it is almost the same for all, you just have to use the accurate product for the messy bun hair type you have, and you will have the perfect messy bun in seconds that will stay with you for a really long time.

How to Properly Get And Maintain a Hair Messy Bun?

Maintenance of your hair messy bun is essential as it will give you the confidence you need and help you look beautiful. First, you have to pick the proper hair messy bun extension for yourself to match your hair and look natural on you. To do that, check the texture of your hair and then pick a messy bun style. If you have curly hair go for the curly messy bun. For straight hair, the texture goes for the straight messy bun. For afro hair texture, go for the afro hair messy bun and so on.

To keep your messy bun hair extension looking new, you need to use good styling products, have to use a good hair spray, and you should know the proper routine for hair messy bun maintenance. Set hair care reminders and do your hair treatment routines properly. The main thing you should focus on is protecting your scalp from old hair extensions. This way, you can easily use the new ones and have a healthy scalp and a fantastic lifestyle. There will be times when your curly and voluminous messy bun will transform into a straight bun and lose its original shape and quality. In such a case, always re-curl your hair extensions and wash them properly. Remember to always use conditioner on them to keep the shine and increase the messy buns' longevity.

But, the question here is how to re-curl hair messy bun extensions? And the answer is simple, use a curling rod. Make sure you use it carefully without burning yourself from it and set your curling rod at a low heat setting. Then take the straightened strands of your messy bun and curl them. Then tease them a bit to get the perfect volume and the original look of your messy bun hair extensions. You can also add accessories to bring out a good look for your messy bun.

You can add cool scrunchies to your hair like silk scrunchies, different types of fancy pins, and even messy bun cuffs that will take your messy bun hairstyle to another level. The best thing that you can use as an accessory when it comes to messy bun is using messy bun hair extensions. These are really good for you as you can get your desired volume with them, and they make your hair look really better. The messy bun hair extensions are just your simple scrunchies with a lot of hair on them.

These are available in multiple colors, so if you have dyed hair or even your original hair color, you can easily match these hair extensions and have your desired look in seconds. Through these extensions, you get the perfect volume, and you can also make front hairstyles with your natural hair without caring about your hair being thin, short, or dry.

What Should You Do And What Shouldn’t When Taking Care Of A Messy Bun?

Here are some hair messy bun tips that you should do and do not have to do when taking care of your messy bun.


  •         Make sure you have nourished hair
  •         Select a proper hair messy bun color
  •         Go for original oils for hair messy bun, and do not just apply essential oils.
  •         Use messy bun bonds and proper styling tools to avoid damaging your hair.
  •         Regularly apply treatments to keep your locks moisturized
  •         After washing hair dry using a towel, so less heat is used on hair
  •         Try going a day or two without washing or using heat on your hair so it can breathe
  •         Use products that have UV filter so that it blocks the effect of sunlight on your hair and does not fade its color
  •         Massage your scalp regularly to distribute oils all around your head and to stimulate hair growth
  •         Avoid eating fatty and spicy foods as they can make your hair oily really fast, requiring frequent washes that damage the hair follicles
  •         Leave the conditioner in your hair for as long as you can to moisturize hair properly. Just make sure roots are untouched
  •         Have regular trims to avoid any sort of damage to hair or to avoid split ends
  •         Use shower caps when treating your hair or when you have conditioner on so that it absorbs the products really well


  •         Do not tease or backcomb your hair as detangling hair messy bun will become really difficult, and this teasing and backcombing will damage your hair.
  •         Do not use silicon-based products in your shampoo; try silicon-free and organic shampoos.
  •         Do not apply conditioner on the roots, damaging the hair and clogging hair follicles.
  •         Do not use extra treatments on hair as they all weaken the hair
  •         Do not use metal combs or brushes as they damage the hair cuticles and increases static in the hair
  •         Do not just use the styling products and leave your hair unattended. Make sure to get frequent trims and conditioning treatments
  •         Do not twirl or chew on your hair as they cause split ends, and your hair can break easily
  •         Do not brush your hair all the time as it will produce more oil and will spread sebum down the length of hair, making it look greasy and oily
  •         Do not spray perfume on hair as these chemicals dry out hair and make it dull
  •         Do not use high heat settings on your hair as it will damage and dry out the hair
  •         Do not press a hairdryer on your hair, as it will make your hair become frizzy and will cause damage
  •         Please do not leave your extensions in while sleeping. Always take them out at the end of the day unless they are permanent

How Long Can A Messy Bun Stay?

The answer is simple, for as long as you want. Hair messy bun treatments should be applied like the hair mayonnaise, olive oil, coconut oil, and more such treatments to nourish your hair properly that will help with maintaining your natural hair and will allow you to have voluminous hair. But if you do not have naturally thick hair, you can always move to the messy bun hair extensions. These extensions are best to get your desired look in seconds.

So, how to lengthen the lifespan of a messy hair bun? Use the hair messy bun care products to avoid any excessive damage to the synthetic hair of the messy bun hair extension, and if you have made a messy bun using your natural hair, then before making one, ensure you have prepared your hair properly.

If you have short hair, then no issue; secure your messy bun hairpiece on your head properly and then adjust it using pins if required. But before using the messy bun hairpiece, ensure you have made a small bun of your short hair, and the messy bun will go on easily.

For medium hair, the process is simple. Just secure the messy bun hair extension on the natural hair bun. Remember to make the natural bun at the position where you want to place the messy bun. Then for the long hair, simply tie it in a proper bun or ponytail and then tie the messy bun hair scrunchie on top of it, and you will be good to go. Put pins and adjust the hair messy buns for all hair lengths. If you properly attach the messy hair bun scrunchie, it will stay for a really long time and can even last as long as the whole day.

If required, you can easily tweak the messy bun from time to time and get the perfect messy bun that looks fresh and is the perfect one for you. You can also recycle your messy bun hair extensions, and to do that, you just need some things, and you will be good to go.

Get a sulfate-free shampoo, some products that will help nourish the hair, apply hair softening and nourishing treatments, use organic shampoos and conditioners and wash the messy bun hair extensions. If they are still not recycled, then simply take a new one and weave these with the old ones while keeping the old ones below the new ones so that you get massive volume but with beautiful hair on the outside.

Do I Need To Wash My Hair Messy Buns?

Definitely! Washing is the savior for your messy bun hair extensions. Like natural hair, it saves your messy bun hair extensions from shedding the hair. It is recommended that you use a hair messy bun shampoo and conditioners after every ten uses for a month to keep your messy bun hair extension in shape. Washing hair messy buns can get tricky, so remember not to wash them while wearing them.

Always wash these hair messy buns after removing them. Take some cold water, add in your messy bun shampoo or conditioner, and mix it properly. Then soak your messy bun hair extension in it and let it stay there for five minutes. Take it out clean with cold water, and then let it dry. You will easily have a clean messy bun hair extension in a few minutes.

Shedding Solution

The main concern that many pretty ladies have is reducing shedding or, in simple words, how to reduce hair fall. The answer is simple, stay entirely away from heating tools. These heat styling tools are really bad for your hair as they leave it brittle. First, take a break from all this equipment, and if it is vital to use any one of these heat styling tools, then make sure you apply proper heat protectants and other hair protectants before styling your hair.

This way, your hair will not get brittle and will be saved from the harsh heat from the tools. Keep the heat settings low and gradually increase if required. Use hair masks containing vitamin E, A, K, and more ingredients to strengthen hair.

Start Looking Fabulous Today! 

To conclude, my lovelies! You know what to do now, right? Just take proper care, eat good meals, take your vitamins and make sure your scalp is healthy and extensions are clean before throwing your messy bun hair extensions in the trash or chopping off your hair. Proper hair care and use of fewer styling products and more scalp treatment and other products will provide you with some astonishing hair goals and a great way to get your hair done in seconds and show off with confidence.