Flowers For Hair For Wedding

woman with flowers woven on their hairs

Flowers and weddings always go hand in hand. Whether it's decor, garlands or the image of a bride, there is a place for floral arrangements everywhere. Even the traditional veil has given way to flowers in the bride's hairstyle in recent decades. And for good reason. The image with delicate flowers in the hair at the wedding looks as romantic and charming as possible.



Wedding Hairstyles with Flowers

The buds look beautiful on hair of any length, fit any style of dress and hairstyle. We will describe the options for images with flowers in hair for a wedding for girls, which have been popular in recent years and have been entrenched in the fashion world for a long time.

For example, French actress Melanie Laurent loves white camellia flowers and constantly weaves them into her fashionable braids. They give the hairstyle touching and unique grace.

What to Consider When Choosing Flowers for Your Bridal Hairstyle?

With the wrong choice, even the most beautiful plants look ridiculous. The same goes for beautiful flowers for hair for wedding. To create a truly luxurious look, it is important to choose the right flower:

  • They must be fresh. We recommend keeping them in water for several hours so that the roots are completely saturated with moisture.
  • Buy flowers with a package, because they are easy to damage when stacking.
  • Choose flowers in hair for wedding with a complex texture, which have many petals of a heterogeneous openwork shape.
  • Flower decoration should correspond to the general style of the celebration.

  • For example, for a boho, Provence or ethnic wedding, wreaths are suitable, perhaps with wild plants and herbs.
  • For a classic or modern holiday, choose a single flower or multiple intertwined buds.

Choosing the Right Floral Color Theme for Your Wedding Hairstyle

There are no strict requirements for the shades of plants: it depends on the desire of the girl. Scarlet, coral, blue and crimson colors will help to make a bright accent. The pastel palette, on the contrary, will emphasize the innocence and fragility of the girl.

Wedding hairstyles with flowers

Wedding Hairstyles with Flowers Woven into Hair

A Greek braid with miniature buds is a hit of the spring-summer season. Shrub roses, especially peony roses, orchids, lisianthuses, chrysanthemums, chamomile, pansies and cornflowers are popular as decorations. You can add several umbrellas of gypsophila, sprigs of lavender or aromatic herbs.

Stylists recommend randomly arranging the buds along the entire length of the hair, creating the illusion of natural carelessness. You can choose the same flowers, but different sizes. Avoid symmetry and sharp lines for a more natural styling.

According to the girls' reviews, flowers woven into a braid evoke a sense of sophistication and luxury of ancient feasts that were held in Greece and Rome. As if a nymph or a goddess descended to earth. Such hairstyles were used by Diane Kruger and Taylor Swift for their image.

Single Rose Wedding Hairstyles Options

One of the options for wedding hairstyles with flowers you can take is weaving one rose into your hair. One large bud looks spectacular if it holds the curls at the back of the head, or from the side on medium and short hair. The flower can be used to decorate the assembled bouquet or the styling in the form of a shell. Favorites in this style are Ecuadorian and peony roses.

If there is only one flower, stylists recommend choosing shades that will contrast against the background of the dress and emphasize its whiteness, but not too dark. Check out the coral, pink, and lilac palettes for your bridal hairstyle.

One flower creates a sense of elitism and exclusivity. In the eyes of the guests, the celebration immediately acquires several status points. Chrissy Teigen had this hairstyle among celebrities.

Bridal UPDO with Flowers with A Wreath of Flowers

Another option for a bridal updo with flowers can be a hairstyle with a wreath in your hair.

The wreath is the most authentic of wedding floral accessories. It was considered an integral attribute of the bride, symbolizing a strong marriage and unity. It creates a very warm family image, saturated with care and comfort.

Wreaths give huge scope for imagination because any flowers are used for them.

There are options for mono-compositions: one shade with one type of plant. Someone chooses a complete wreath and uses a lot of kinds. Lovers of minimalism order wreaths of herbs, eucalyptus, or laurel springs for a bridal updo with flowers. Modification of a wedding wreath - a hoop or headband. It can also be fully or partially decorated with flowers.

Tips for bridal hair with flowers

The only thing stylists warn about is that the wreath should not be too massive, so as not to weigh down the image. For walks, this option is appropriate, but at a wedding, the girl should seem airy and light. Kirsten Dunst and Vanessa Hudgens had this hairstyle among celebrities.

Tips for Bridal Hair with Flowers

  • It is important to coordinate the flower accessory with a stylist and a florist in advance because the flowers should last all day! The bride's bouquet should also overlap with the floral decoration of the hairstyle and boutonniere of the groom.

    • If you have short hair and lack the time to grow your hair before the wedding day, then you can use hair extensions. Depending on the hair extension, you can be flexible with floral hairstyles. It is the easiest way to have stylish hair like celebrities.
    • Another most common mistake when choosing flowers for a wedding is taking large flowers, peonies, or roses. They will most likely stick out of the hairstyle, violate its harmony and silhouette. Therefore, such compositions are usually disassembled in order to insert individual elements into the hair and to facilitate construction. Even a base for flowers, if it is a comb or a large lining, can turn a beautiful accessory into a whole hat or mini-flower bed. Therefore, it is better for brides to use the smallest flowers in their hair.
    • Fresh flowers in a hairdo are not only romantic but also very girlish. Of course, creating such an accessory has its own nuances. Not all flowers are suitable for hairstyle decor. The most common ones are used are gypsophila, freesia, eustoma. The fastness of flowers for use in a hairstyle is quite high, fresh flowers retain a presentable appearance throughout the event. Dried flowers can be used as an alternative to fresh plants.

      • Flowers for bridal hair with flowers should overlap with the composition of the bride's bouquet and boutonniere in shape and color. It is better to order them in the same place where you make the bouquet. Florists can assemble a hair composition and immediately attach hairpins or invisible hairpins to it to fit into their hair.


      Can you decorate your bridal hair with flowers?

      As one of the options for creating a wedding look, you can use flowers in your hair. For an effortless bridal look, simply insert a flower into your finished hairstyle. For a more sophisticated look, make your hair loose, you can wind curls, weave one or more flowers and decorate your hairstyle by wearing a crown.

      What flower to use to create your wedding hairstyle?

      As the simplest and most beautiful option, you can use flowers to create a wedding hairstyle such as roses, calla lilies, carnations, rootstock, and greenery. These flowers are available all year round.

      From which side do the ladies attach the flower to their hair?

      Ladies wear a flower on the right side to emphasize the fact that they will get married.

      How do I style my hair for a wedding?

      One of the most important factors in deciding whether the hair should be up or down has to do with the neckline of the wedding dress. If you wear a strapless dress with loose or half-loose hair, it will look beautiful and feminine, but it will accentuate the neckline.

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