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8 warning signs about wrong skin care products

You were excited...

You finally get to buy the new miracle skincare product that everyone has been raving about...

So, with the hope that it will give you a glowy and gorgeous skin...

You got your hands on it and started applying it religiously onto your skin.

Yet...you were disappointed!

Because you did not get the results you were looking for.


Skincare is a tricky business.

Many were making it all hype for you to be excited, so you get enticed to try it onto your skin.

Unfortunately, some of these new products might even cause aggression and fast-track your skincare problems instead.

Therefore, if you are having trouble with identifying when to call it quits with your new products...

I list down 8 signs for you to take heed so you may know that you may be definitely using the wrong skincare products.

  1. Super oily or super dry
  2. Acne Breakouts
  3. Bumps And Swelling
  4. Burning And Stinging
  5. No Improvements In Skin
  6. Skin Feels Tight And Hot
  7. Sensitivity To The Sun
  8. Allergic Rash

#1 - Super oily or super dry

girl with oily hair

For Dry Skin: If you’re using products that made with drying agents such as alcohol and then you get allergic to a certain ingredient, discontinue using it. Especially if you're already experiencing dry patches or flakiness in your skin.

For Oily Skin: Some of the oil control-products are too strong. So, it may actually strip away the skin’s natural oils resulting to produce even more oil.

#2 - Acne Breakouts

acne breakouts

One of the most common problems that everyone gets experienced when switching products is the acne breakout.

Dr. Calvin Chan, a medical director of Calvin Chan Aesthetic & Laser Clinic says that skin often needs two to three weeks to adapt to the new product, giving rise to minor breakouts that clear up after the adjustment period.

If the breakouts are moderate to severe, meaning you get more than just one or two pimples at a time when that happens the product is probably not for you.

So better you switch to a different product and look out for ingredients that are non-comedogenic or have lighter oil-in-water formulations,” he says.

#3 - Bumps And Swelling

If you're getting tiny, red or white bumps on the skin and also accompanied by itching. there's a reason for that.

Dr. Vanessa Phua, a general practitioner, and partner at David Loh Surgery say that it attributes to a delayed sensitivity reaction to the ingredients, or a sign the product is too rich in emollients or high in mineral oil content, thereby congesting pores and causing comedones.

bumps and swelling

“Stop using the product, instead apply a kaolin- or charcoal-based cleansing mask to clear the skin.

When it has settled down, try using an AHA- or BHA-based product to reduce congestion,” she advises.

#4 - Burning And Stinging

Dr. Chan says you can either stop using the product or dilute it by mixing it with an emollient moisturizer, depending on the severity of these sensations.

burning and stinging

Do alternatively applying another product first before finishing off with the stronger one. If it causes stinging and leaches into eyes then either give peepers a wide berth during the application or put a protective layer of eye cream first to prevent irritation.

#5 - No Improvements In Skin

Upon using a new product, you have high hopes that it will be ‘the one’ that gets the results you're dreaming of for your skin.

But then when a week goes by and another, and nada.

Still, there's nothing happened

no improvements in skin

Will you keep waiting before judging its effectiveness?

According to Dr. Low Chai Ling, medical director of The Sloane Clinic,

“When trying any new product, I advise patients to stick with it for a month to give it time to show its benefits.

When you have a sensitive skin, you should test out products on skin areas such as the wrist for a day to see if they are sensitive to it before using it on their faces.”

Therefore, products that tackle gradual or longstanding problems like wrinkles, sagging and dark spots require more time to repair the damage.

#6 - Skin Feels Tight And Hot

Dr. Phua says, that a sign of a sensitive reaction to one of the ingredients, usually a fragrance or preservative, causing your body to mount an immediate response.

skin feels tight and hot woman with acne

“Usually, you would see redness and sometimes skin swelling.

With that, the thing you should do would be to stop using the product immediately and rinse it off, then apply a soothing moisturizer on your skin,” she says.

#7 - Sensitivity To The Sun

“Some skin products ingredients cause a chemical-induced change in the skin, making it more sensitive to the sun.

sensitivity to the sun

AHA and benzoyl peroxide are common examples that are often found in acne treatment products,” says Dr. Low.

Aside from putting up on sunscreen or, if the sensitivity is severe, dropping the product, you may want to try using it during PM hours instead, as Dr. Chan says that certain products breakdown under sunlight and may be better tolerated when used at night.

#8 - Allergic Rash

allergic rash

“Dr. Phua advised, that if a sign of an allergy to one or some of the ingredients in the skincare. Discontinue using the product immediately. And if the skin is very itchy, see a doctor for an antihistamines prescription,”

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