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The simplest and most common way to create a beautiful styling is hair blowout. This method is trendy among hair modelling professionals. Despite its popularity, it is also considered the most gentle for chevelure styling. For example, it is enough to apply a caring spray, dry your chevelure with a hairdryer and a simple, natural styling is ready within ten minutes. You should know how to style your chevelure with a hairdryer, not only in the salon but also at home to achieve a more complex and stunning result. The main and golden rule for blow-dry chevelure should be clean and half towel dry. Dirty or too wet chevelure, which the remaining water flows down from, is very difficult to style.

How to do natural hair blowout correctly?

natural hair blowout

What is blowout hair? This means knowing how to properly dry and style your chevelure. Regardless of styling, hair blowout gives you smooth and manageable chevelure.

Remember how you usually do hair blowout at home with a hairdryer? What devices do you use besides it and do you manage to style your hair the way you want? If the result was far from perfect, compare your technique with the hair-drying rules of professional hairdressers.

  • Use a towel to remove excess moisture from your chevelure. If you dry your hair not just damp but wet, the result will be split ends and increased breakage. Use a soft and absorbent towel such as microfiber.
  • Alternate air drying with a hairdryer. If your chevelure is used to drying out on its own, change your habits urgently. The longer your chevelure is in contact with moisture, the more damage to the hair cuticle is.
  • Don't forget about thermal protection. Sprays and lotions not only retain moisture inside the hair but also protect against overheating and dryness.
  • The right mode for natural hair blowout. Typically, a hairdryer has 3 air supply modes: cold, warm and hot. The hot air will dry your chevelure quickly and make it easier to style, but it can dry out. Hot air is only good when you plan on styling well. Try to use a warm or cool setting for daily use.
  • Do hair blowout at home zonal. Professional hairdressers in salons do just that. This makes it easier to blow-dry and style your chevelure. Start drying your hair from the back of the head.
  • Use a hairdryer attachment. Drying without a nozzle only tangles and pushes the hair, and with it, the air jet is explicitly directed at a specific strand, without creating chaos on the head. Keep the hairdryer away from your head to avoid drying out your chevelure.

Styling your chevelure with a hairdryer can be an excellent start for creating a beautiful blowout hairstyle, you can both straighten strands and make different curls.

Styling with hot appliances is generally not recommended for brittle and damaged hair. Such chevelure needs treatment and restoration. If you still really want to have curly chevelure, then you can use wigs or chevelure extensions. The best option is to use artificial hair while your own hair is being restored.

If you want to create large and beautiful curls, use a round cheek with a large diameter. Wearers of bangs will also need a smaller brush that can handle shorter strands.

If you prefer rather small curls, arm yourself with a smaller brush with short metal teeth. The styling sequence for long, short and medium chevelure is almost the same.

Blowing and brushing long chevelure for the first time can be time-consuming. However, after a few tries, it can be done very quickly.

How to do blowouts hairstyle with a hairdryer?

blowouts hairstyle with a hairdryer

Natural hair blowout can not only dry out but also damage your chevelure and make it look dull if used incorrectly. You should often dry your chevelure naturally, but this does not mean that using a hairdryer is prohibited. You just need to know how to use a hairdryer safely.

Moreover, styling with a hairdryer turns out to be beautiful and fast, so it is better to minimize harm. And the first way is always to use thermal protection before drying hair with a hot hairdryer.

Before drying, try to work out all the strands well with heat protectant from the outside and the inside. It's also good if you can adjust the heat setting of your hairdryer from very hot to warm or even cool. Drying should be completed with cooler air so that the cuticle scales close and the strands are smooth.

Blowouts style hair straightening

You don't need to have an iron on hand to straighten your chevelure. You can also get a decent result with the help of a hairdryer.

  • Wash your chevelure, remove excess moisture with a towel and comb through.
  • Spread the styling product (mousse, spray, or any other heat-protective styling product) over the hair’s entire length, stepping back a few centimetres from the roots.
  • You need a concentrator nozzle with a narrow oblong nozzle, a hairpin and a round brush to dry. The longer the chevelure, the larger the diameter of the comb.
  • Divide your chevelure into sections and start drying from the back of the head.
  • Using a brush, lift a section of hair and stretch it along the entire length, while directing a stream of air.
  • If you don't have bangs, pull the strands back as you dry your hair at the forehead line. This will give you extra volume.

Natural curls with a hairdryer

You need a special diffuser nozzle to make curls. Follow these instructions for a natural hair blowout.

  • Blot your washed chevelure with a towel and place a diffuser on the hairdryer. Note that the air for drying should be cool or warm, but not hot.
  • Tilt your head down (the diffuser should point with its teeth at you) and start drying.
  • With the diffuser attachment, the hair is dried as usual in succession. Move from one strand to another gradually. Separate a small tuft of hair from the bulk and place it in the cup of the attachment. When doing this, try not to curl or pinch your chevelure. Dry the strands as if by weight, without completely touching the nozzle with your head.
  • After drying the length, bring the diffuser to the scalp and hold it for a few seconds to dry the roots. For extra volume and carelessness, you can massage the skin with the nozzle in a slightly circular motion.

You can use a similar method for styling hair extensions or purchase pre-curled strands. Besides, you can get a chic hairdo with a bun. This hairpin will make your chevelure voluminous and beautifully styled carelessly.

Blowout short hair

Blowout short hair

Short hair can be blown-dry in a variety of styles. Apply foam to damp chevelure and, while drying with a hairdryer, squeeze the strands with your hands at the minimum mode to create light waves and additional volume. Such manipulations will give short hair a wavy effect. This styling is great for a romantic date or as a daily routine.

On the contrary, if you want to achieve a perfectly smooth, laconic effect on hair of short length, you should treat clean, half-dried hair with gel or hair straightening spray. After that, the hair should be dried with a hairdryer and simultaneously pulled with a brush, as if straightening the hair and smoothing it.

Do blowouts and experiment with hairstyles because it is a gentle way of styling. Moreover, you do not have to cut your hair or grow your chevelure for a long time, use hair extensions to change the image. With strands of different lengths and colours, you can create various hairstyles. The main thing is not to forget to adhere to the rules for using a hairdryer, and you will always have healthy and shiny chevelure.


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