Wedding Hairstyles With Extended Strands

Extensions are a great trick to get long chevelure instantly. Do you want to try artificial strands but are afraid that this procedure will negatively affect your chevelure health?

Extended strands are by no means synonymous with chevelure loss. There are three types of extensions: hot, cold and clip-in extensions. A special glue is usually used and applied to your chevelure roots as for the first method. When you use this extensionist technique frequently, it can make your strands look fine and sensitive.

However, if you take good care of your chevelure, there is almost no risk. When it comes to cold extensions, it will minimize any negative effects on chevelure. However, that does not mean that you will not need to care for the extended strands regularly.

You can use extensions for wedding hairstyles. You can afford absolutely any hairdo, thanks to the extension possibilities. Let's find out more about the risks and which hairdos will look great with extensions.

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What Is the Risk of Hair Extensions?

Extensions have been detrimental to your chevelure’s health; this idea has been consistently popular for several years now. However, is it really so? How dangerous can extensionist be? Do they affect chevelure loss?

The extended strands do not affect your chevelure loss. No woman has ever complained about her chevelure falling out due to extensions. The only problem is chevelure thinning. However, this cannot be noticed with the naked eye. Moreover, it does not change the quality of your chevelure.

There are various ways to fix the extensions to your chevelure. Ultrasonic extensions, individual strands, or even cold ring extensions. Cold extensions do not require any additional materials, and the strands can be easily removed whenever you want. 

If you want to apply a hair extensionist for your wedding hairdo, study this issue well and determine how much it is necessary. It is easier to use clip-in extensions for hairdos as it will take less time.

Any strand extension technique requires professional skills. There is no need to doubt any extension methods, as they have all been studied and approved by professionals. The most important thing is to select a beauty salon with a good reputation. You should not take risks and go to hairdressers that do not specialize in hair extensions.

Airy wedding hair on long hair

Airy Wedding Hair on Long Hair

This styling gives the chevelure movement, character, and retro glamour style to its owner.

Feminine, chic and vibrant hairdo will look harmonious with a wedding dress. This is one of the classic hairdos that will suit most girls.

If you want to try this styling on your own, first apply a heat protectant to your chevelure. Then, under the top strands, attach the extension clips. Using a hairdryer, roll one section of chevelure onto a round comb, starting in the middle, and dry the section by rotating the comb. Fix the curl with a jet of cold air and spray with varnish to fix long-term styling. You can use wavy hair extensions. A variation is weaving classy hair braids at the back to further add a hair waterfall style

A Chic & Stylish Version of The Bun for Wedding

The bun is no longer associated with ballerinas' hairstyles; it can be worn both at a wedding and during the day.

For several seasons, the bun has been very often seen on women. The bun’s chic and stylish version is worn with both evening gowns and jeans, creating a surprisingly feminine silhouette today.

Use this hairdo for a wedding to make your image always an example of elegance. It doesn't matter what kind of clothes you are wearing today or an event to visit a bun on the top of your head is a great choice. This hairdo stays excellent all day long. You will perfectly comb from morning to evening.

With the advent of special clip-in extensions, you don't have to have long chevelure. However, your strands must reach you at least to the chin. Gather all the chevelure in the back and straighten the strands. Clip them into a high tail. Then use the base for the beam, securing it around the elastic. Twist the strands around the base, masking it completely. Use bobby pins for perfect results. Don't forget to use hairspray to keep the effect lasting all day. You can decorate your chevelure with flowers and elegant elements for a festive look.

Banana-shaped bunch hairdo with extensions clips

Banana-Shaped Bunch Hairdo with Extensions Clips

When you are looking for an elegant and uncomplicated hairdo, you turn to the classic bun sooner or later, which is gaining popularity again. Many bananas are rarely worn to work, preferring to save this hairdo for a special occasion, such as weddings or receptions.

This hairdo suits absolutely everyone. However, you need to have a minimum chevelure length for your banana-shaped bunch hairstyle to be effective. Use extension clips to increase the length of your chevelure and get a neat hairdo. 

First, make a side parting and secure the extended strands. Make a low tail, then twist the strands around the tail center and bring them up. Arm yourself with pins and secure the strands of chevelure. For a banana-shaped bunch, it is enough to make two tails. Do not forget to fix your chevelure with spray hairspray to keep your hairdo for a long time.

Curly ponytail with hair extensionist

Curly Ponytail with Hair Extensions

There are many varieties of such a tail; you can make a tail depending on your mood and image. Such a tail will be a great addition to a wedding look. Use extensions to increase the length and be able to create a beautiful ponytail.

First, secure the extension under your hair. Make a neat low tail and extend one strand to hide the elastic. Begin to curl your hair with a curling iron along the entire length. Fix the hairdo with a spray. You can leave a few loose strands on your face for a romantic look. Moreover, you can comb the roots to add volume.

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