How To Properly Care For Clip and Braided Hair Extensions

how to wash false hair

Since long and lush curls have always been perceived as an integral part of an elegant, feminine look, many girls want to improve their hair. However, making hair thicker or longer on your own can be difficult but impossible, unlike color change, which is quickly achieved by dyeing.

For this reason, the advent of clip-on braids has become a real sensation. However, this procedure did not receive a mass distribution. Firstly, because of the considerable cost of extension accessories. Second, because false hair care still raises many questions. Agree; not everyone is ready to spend money on luxurious strands, not sure how long they will last.

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If you have long wanted to drastically improve your hair, but you are afraid to go for the extension, use the hair braid clip.

In this article, we'll show you how to wash and care for your false hair properly.



Clip In Braided Hair Extensions Care Features

Hair braid clip in care is different from hair extensions. The main difference is that they are great for those ladies who do not want to spoil their hair with regular hair extensions but, at the same time, like to change their image. Such overhead curls can be used on holidays or worn every day to always look at the highest level. Another plus is that you can always quickly remove them if necessary.

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This plus is very convenient, for example, when visiting the gym or swimming pool. The extended strands cannot be removed at any time. Moreover, a hair braid clip is easy to wash, unlike hair extensions, which have to be washed with special shampoos. What are the basic rules of care and tricks that will help keep your hair healthy for a long time?

Hair Wash

The essential point in the care of false hair is that the correct washing determines the hair’s wear period. The false hair must be combed with a brush so that the ends are not tangled before washing. All clips must be closed. You need to wash your hair under running water.

Besides, the water must be warm. Apply shampoo as hair grows and lather a little. It is essential not to tangle your hair. Shampoo needs to be applied once. Then rinse your hair thoroughly and apply a nourishing hair mask for 1-2 hours. After thoroughly rinsing off the mask, carefully remove the remaining water from the hair with a towel.

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When washing your hair, try not to wet the hairpins, as excess moisture for the fasteners is harmful. Never wash matted hair, and also try not to tangle your hair when washing. It is forbidden to wash natural false hair in washing machines. Use baby shampoo for oily hair shampoo for washing. Herbal infusion shampoos are also good. Choose a nourishing hair mask, and with prolonged use of the hair, the mask can be left on the hair all night.

Hair Drying

Wipe off any remaining moisture from the clip-on braids with a towel after washing. Then spread the strands on a dry towel or hang on clothespins so that they dry naturally. When the strands are almost dry, you can comb them very carefully with a soft brush to straighten all the hairs.

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Never comb wet hair. You can comb it when it is almost dry. Do not dry your hair in a crumpled state. Do not blow-dry your hair. If you really need to do this, dry it only with cold air. A hot hair dryer can permanently ruin your hair.

Hair Styling

Clip in braided hair extensions can be curled with tongs and straightened with an iron. You can also use a variety of hair curlers. Be sure to use a thermal spray to protect against temperature exposure. False hair keeps its shape well, so you don't need to use styling products.

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Do Not Use Hot Tongs On Wet Hair

Hair Storage

False hair can be stored in a tissue or cellophane bag. You can keep it in that state, folded neatly to avoid tangling if you prefer to wear curled hair. Straight hair can be braided into a loose braid or gathered into a ponytail.

Never store uncombed, matted hair. Spray hair with a softening spray before storing.

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