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A spectacular fashionable image is not just clothing and shoes. It is built from numerous elements such as makeup, accessories, and, of course, hairstyle. Shag haircuts break through the fashion industry this season. This is the name of not only a specific haircut but also all hairstyles in a free, chaotic style, with harmonious sticking strands. Shag is a careless, multi-level, and trendy haircut for self-confident girls.

But do not think that the Shaggy is just about dishevelment and untidiness. Quite the opposite, this hairstyle may look daintily – it all depends on the surrounding atmosphere. To achieve an elegant careless effect, hairstylists straighten the strands chaotically, and most of the hair should be tapered. It helps to facilitate hair weight and give a hairstyle more aeriality. Shag haircuts are like a famous ladder hairstyle, but here the strands are shortened in random order.

Fashion Trend

Define if Shag is suitable for you

For what type of hair is Shaggy haircut? Let's check it.

  • for curly and wavy hair, because it looks spectacular and does not require difficult styling;
  • for externally abundant, but thin hair structures. The multi-level style gives a volume and texture;
  • Shag is combined with any forms of the filled bangs - oblique, semicircular, straight;
  • for the middle lush;
  • for any hair color;
  • for short and medium hair, as well as devoid of the root volume.

Shag haircuts easily take the necessary shape, so they can deal with difficult hair. Shag will look ideally at medium or short hair, with any contour of the face. Moreover, it can correct the contour, hiding imperfections. The haircut pulls the oval of the round face, and expands the narrow, creating a side volume. Shag beautifies young girls and makes younger mature women. 

Shag haircuts benefits: why should you choose it

  • creating an air volume on thin hair;
  • facilitating dense and heavy strands;
  • masking of incorrect traits and skin imperfections, including facial rhytid;
  • suitable for any mode of dress;
  • does not require complex hairstyling.

Shag variations: improve your appearance thanks to the haircut 

Do you want to emphasize your outstanding features of the face or, on the contrary, hide imperfections? Shag will surely help you!

  • Shag and short hair
  • Such a haircut does not have clear forms and sharp lines. It gives the hair a dynamic movement with a full amount. This is created thanks to the technique with deep tapering, which is performed step by step. Pay attention that the hairloses the style when growing, so it requires adjustment. The perfect version of the design for short hair is Shaggy Bob haircuts.

    Shaggy Bob haircut - an omni-purpose version for short and medium hair, is also possible on elongated strands. The haircut corrects and youthen the face. Such a type of Shag will suit the owners of an elegant neck and girls who want to visually pull out the face or hide a vague oval. Shaggy Bob haircut creates a brave, "street" image, not devoid of special elegance and womanliness. The haircut will help to deal even with the wiriest and messy hair.

    haircut for Shag and short hair

    Shaggy Bob with asymmetry

    If you are dissatisfied with too square cheekbones or round cheeks, choose a shaggy bob haircut with the squinting parting. Such a hairstyle will significantly correct your appearance. In addition, professionals recommend complementing the haircut with double-sided bangs. It will give the face harmoniousness, and a girl – womanliness and ease in the image.

    Shaggy Bob with elongation

    Shaggy bob haircut with elongation is often complemented by short strands and whole wide cross-layers. The haircut looks equally well with bangs, and without it. The technique is as follows: starting with hair tips, the hairstylist creates several layers. Near the face, the hair succumbs to greater graduation. When styling a hairstylist can also curl some strands near the face, or create noticeable waves along with the entire bush of hair – this method will give as high as possible volume.

    Shaggy Bob with bangs

    For even more variety you can choose bangs styling. For short hair, this option is ideal, because bangs perfectly complement such a hairstyle. Moreover, bangs with hair parting visually make cheeks slimmer. The main thing is sufficient length and the same slightly careless styling, as in the whole haircut.

    Shaggy Bob with torn tips

    There is one more interesting styling solution, but it needs not too short hair. A hairstylist creates marked layers with torn tips. When drying with a hairdryer and brush, only the tips of strands should be curled.

  • Shag and long hair
  • If you have long hair, be careful because your hair tips can turn thinner after tapering. The haircut is created by the type of cascade. The hairstylist cuts down lower layers, just with stronger thinning. The technique provides a pleasant, careless effect. With the help of a razor, individual strands can be slightly disheveled.

    haircut for Shag and long hair

  • Shag and middle hair
  • The positive side is the dynamic volume. This can be achieved by using in-depth tapering and other special aspects in the haircut technique. In the process of the haircut, the form of the face may change, since the hairstyle corrects the proportion of the figure and height. If you do not take something into account, you can get an unpredictable result, so choose only professionals for your hair. Do not experiment with a haircut on your own. According to stylists, medium-length shag and bangs on the two sides of the face will be a great choice for women with a round face. In addition, the face will take slightly elongated, and the whole image will turn more coquettish.

    How to style shag haircuts

    Shag styling with light waves – the hottest trend currently. Holders of slightly curly hair are lucky, but the rest will have to make efforts. But quite a bit: so that the Shag hairstyle looks beautiful, it is enough to style just several strands. By the way, you can do this in several ways.

    Hairdryer with diffuser: adds the hairstyle volume and natural waves. Dry hair with circular movements, pressing the nozzle to the skin of the head. Important: wet hair after washing must be treated with a mousse, which will help fix the result, gives a chic movable volume without gluing strands, and protects from UV radiation.

    Curling iron: Slightly curl strands at the face and selectively – a few top strands across the whole head. Curl strands in different directions and fix with hair spray. Do not worry: brushing will not affect the form.

    With your hands:

    • dab at your hair with a towel after washing the head (you can use several towels alternately);
    • apply a mousse, but do not comb your hair;
    • tilt your head down and comb your hair with fingers to straighten it;
    • dry your hair above the hairdryer, slightly disheveling it with your palms;
    • after complete drying, let your hair cool for 5-10 minutes;
    • texture strands with wax and fix with hair spray. 

    When styling your shag haircut, remember the main rule: no specificity! If you are the owner of wavy hair, apply wax to a few strands, pulling them out. If your hair is perfectly straight, slightly curl them. And so that the effect of curling is held longer, use accessories in separate parts of your hair. It can be hair-slides or small hairpins. Do not be afraid of such experiments, your style is completely in your hands!   


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