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Along with the 80s fashion trends like high-waisted jeans and sports jackets, the mega-popular haircuts of those years are returning. One of mullet haircuts is cheeky and a little odd from the point of view of modern fashionistas.

Modern mullet hairstyle in the style of 80s stars. It is entirely impossible to imagine David Bowie, Phil Collins, or Paul McCartney with a different hairstyle; it became their calling card. Today, many Hollywood stars have adopted this slightly cheeky look. A mullet is a bit like a cascade, but the main difference is a sharp transition in the length of the strands. This haircut is also recommended for more mature women after 40 years because it looks like a business one in front and an evening one in the back. The temporal and anterior part is cut short in mullet haircut, as is the crown, and the posterior part is long. A graduation technique is used at the crown of the head, which allows you to add volume to the hairstyle. The main advantage of mullet is the ease of styling and an increase in hair density.

80s mullet

The mullet hairstyle appeared much earlier and also in the male variation. According to history, in the 19th century, this hairstyle was worn by English fishermen to protect the neck from the cold. The haircut reminds a little of the silhouette of a fish thanks to the short-cropped strands in the parietal zone, in front and on the sides (up to the ear), and a long tail in the back.

If the idea of ​​wearing a fish on your head disgusts you, just take a look at the photo of Kristen Stewart in the image of one of the main characters of the film The Runaways, she had to not only change her hair color but also make a ragged mullet haircut.

Of course, modern mullet is no longer as shocking as their counterparts from the 80s. But they still attract attention and differ from the classic haircuts. 

Types of mullets haircuts

Flirtatiousness and brutality are all about a mullet haircut. There are several hairstyles:

  • Ultra short crown and long hair at the back.
  • Asymmetry on one side.
  • Short or long temples.

At first glance, it may seem that the haircut is too extravagant, but with the help of various styling options, you can create business, romantic, daring, and super delicate images. For women over 40, the mullet can regain self-confidence, and if it is necessary to look strict, then long strands can be neatly hidden and leave something like a pixie.

Mullet haircut opens almost the entire face, so you must select the length individually with the master. It is best to leave not quite short strands and also add fashionable torn or oblique bangs.

Thin hair simply needs graduation to create natural volume at the crown and give hair a new life.

Due to the variety of options and the individual selection of the length, the mullet suits every girl. You can spend no more than 10 minutes on styling, which makes the haircut even more relevant. Mullet can fix this and give the hair the right volume. You can experiment and try alternative mullet haircuts. It will look in a unique way on elegant ladies, and most importantly, it will allow to look like another person.

mullet hairstyles

Who is the mullet hairstyle for?

No matter how controversial a mullet haircut is, anyone can choose their mullet for any face shape, thanks to the many variations.

  • With an oval face, the modern mullet looks as organic as any other haircut.
  • It is better to choose a mullet with a voluminous crown for a round face to visually stretch the proportions.
  • A lush mullet with elongated temples and torn bangs will suit a square or rectangular face to soften sharp corners.
  • A triangular face will balance short types of mullets with a curvy back set.

Pros and cons of modern mullet haircuts


  • Easy to fit and keeps its shape for a long time.
  • It has many variations, allowing you to choose the shape for any type of face.
  • Attracts the attention of others; allows you to emphasize your individuality.


  • Looks shocking (there may be problems with the dress code).
  • Needs care, like any long haircut.

Types of women’s mullet hairstyles

A mullet haircut can be different both in length and in design. Let's see what this hairstyle looks like on short, medium, and long hair.

  • For short hair. If you prefer to wear a short haircut but would like something unusual, the mullet is your option. The bangs can be short and straight, elongated, oblique, or ragged. Choose the variation based on your face type. But the slightly elongated back strands will give any haircut configuration a unique charm.
  • For medium-length hair. There are even more opportunities here; you can experiment not only with bangs but also with differences in the length of the strands on the sides and back, you can shave or cut your temples very shortly, you can comb your bangs back, you can curl long strands at the back of your head.
  • Long hair. The brightest and most shocking version of the mullet will turn out on long hair, no matter what configuration of the haircut you choose. Curls at the temples, complex bangs, feathers, a ladder, everything is possible; you just need to let your imagination go free.


hairstyles for a holiday

Mullet haircut scheme

A mullet can seem chaotic and imprecise from the outside, and you might think that this haircut is very easy, with little or no technology. It's not too many small details that need to be taken into account to get the David Bowie style. It is best to consult a professional hairdresser. However, if you are determined to do your haircut, here's a quick step-by-step guide:

  • Start from the back of the head, clearly separate the strands that will remain long, pin them so that they do not interfere.
  • Go to the top strands (forehead and crown), start cutting from the hairline, and work towards the back of the head. Align the length of each next strand in comparison with the previous one.
  • Treat the temple areas with scissors or a hair clipper.
  • Style your bangs.

You can experiment with different types of mullets and create a new image each time. Plus, if you don't want to change your look drastically, you can use hair extensions to temporarily shine with a trendy haircut without fear of ruining your hair.

Modern mullet is suitable for all face types and all ages, and as this haircut is back in fashion, now is the time to do it.


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