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Trendy hairstyles with bangs 2021:

  1. Light curls
  2. Classic beam
  3. Braided bun
  4. Bulky styling with fleece
  5. Styling with braids on loose hair
  6. Bangs laid in a wave
  7. Bundle with bang
  8. Bangs combined with various weaving

As you can see, there are a lot of hairstyles with bangs for girls, you can find more details about each of them in our article.

The main decoration of any girl is her hair. Haircuts with bangs are the most requested girls. Therefore, girls make bold decisions in the matter of changing the shape, as well as its length.

Short options cover the forehead and make the face visually smaller, but a long strand, on the contrary, stretches the shape of the face, so girls with a round face can choose bangs on their side. There are many options for a hairstyle with bangs, but first, you need to focus on the type of face and your preferences.

Hairstyles with bangs have always been in fashion. Bangs help not only look style but also hide some flaws, for example, correct a full face or shorten an elongated one, smooth out the angularity of an imperfect face oval. Women's hairstyles for hair with bangs have remained relevant for more than a decade.

Fashionable mini bangs

How to choose bangs for your shape of the face?

  1. For an elongated face, hairstyles with long and even bangs are ideal, since in this case, the face will become visually more rounded.
  2. For the owners of an oval face, there are practically no prohibitions, you should only be careful with the short one.
  3. A straight and thick bang will be the bes for a narrow facet, as the face will be rounded and more oval.
  4. A hairstyle with long oblique bangs will be a salvation for girls with a square face, since the main drawback, namely angular features, will be eliminated.
  5. For a round or full face, oblique side bangs are best suited, which will be combined with styling falling on the face.
  6. For a triangular face, arc bangs are what you need to create the perfect look.

Trendy hairstyles with bangs for every day:

You can look beautiful and feminine not only for some solemn event, but every day. Casual women's hairstyles for medium hair with bangs are full of variety, yet they can be easily done at home for a minimum of time, even in 5 minutes.

  1. Light curls

Dry clean hair a little with a towel. If the hair is naughty, it can also be treated with a fixing agent, such as mousse or foam. Next, curlers are applied to the strands, while they are drying, you can do your morning chores. The bangs are processed with a round comb so that it curls slightly to the side. After the hair is completely dry, the curlers are removed and the hair is fixed with varnish. You can make the curls smoother and neater, or you can style them casually. The version of the collected hairstyle on the side with bangs always looks very gentle and feminine, I make the girl a little airy.

  1. Classic beam

Of course, the best light hairstyles for women with bangs will not do without a bun, as it is universal and one of the girls' favorite hairstyles. All strands are carefully combed. At the top of the head, all the hair is gathered into a large ponytail and tied. Then the hair in the ponytail is gathered into a bundle and curled near the base of the tail. Then everything is fixed with pins. For a change, you can leave a few strands, braid them and wrap them around the bundle. The bangs are laid with a hairdryer, it can be flat or laid on its side.

Beautiful hairstyles with medium-length bangs for the holiday:

Not always before some festive event or holiday, there is time and a means to visit the salon so that the master picks up the styling for the event. In this case, for women, the question of how to make a hairstyle with bangs on their own and which one to choose so that it turns out modern and suits a young girl and a woman arises over 40.

Everything is very simple, there is a wide variety of styling that you can do yourself and at the same time will not notice.

Braided bun

Decorated hairstyle with bangs with your own hands and contains weaving. This is one of the best options because the hair is removed and at the same time femininity and tenderness are emphasized. Clean and dried curls are divided into three parts: two are the temporal zones and one is the occipital. The bun is usually done at the back of the head. On the temporal parts, two braids are woven on each side. The braid can be either ordinary or French. Short strands at the forehead can be woven into braids or laid neatly on the side. Pigtails are braided towards the bundle. After that, their ends are fixed with an elastic band, which is subsequently closed with a bundle. You can also decorate the image with flowers, for example, if it is summer. And you can make the bundle itself directly from the braids. Styling will look just as good. Weaving can be used in a variety of ways.

Hairstyling for short hair with bangs:

Hairstyling for short hair with bangs:

Clean hair is rolled on a medium-diameter curling iron. You can create a small bouffant at the roots to make the styling look more voluminous. Then the curls rise and are fixed in a sloppy bun. 


For many, a short length that reaches up to the shoulders is optimal, especially for women over 40, when family affairs leave absolutely no time for long everyday styling. But you don't always want to wear a short haircut, sometimes there is a desire to transform it into some kind of hairstyle. Next, we will consider hairstyles for short hair with bangs.

Hairstyling with shell bangs

For this styling, the bangs are straightened. All hair is gathered at the back of the head in a ponytail. At the top, you can tighten the strands a little to make them look more beautiful. The hair is fixed with hairpins. The tip is hidden inward. Such styling can be suitable both for every day and for a holiday if you decorate it with decorative elements.

Hairstyles on bob haircuts with bangs

Many are interested in what hairstyle will suit the bangs, the answer is simple - almost any, the main thing is to take into account the peculiarities of appearance correctly. The most common styling for short lengths is bob. But if you want to transform it into a hairstyle, then get one of the long bob options. Curls are a great and quick way to style your hair. If the bangs are long, then they can be removed into the hair, or straightened. Apply mousse to the hair to fix it. Then curl the strands from the face, using a curling iron. Make them a little disheveled with your hands. 

Bulky styling with fleece

On clean curls, take a small strand on the crown and comb it. After that, lay it back neatly and fix it with hairpins. The curls along the face can be twisted a little on a curling iron, and the bangs can be straightened.

Styling with braids on loose hair

This romantic hairstyling can be done easily on short hair. Above, at the very bangs, two strands are separated. Each must be braided. The resulting two braids are then fastened at the back of the head with the help of invisibility. The strands from the braids can be pulled out a little. Styling will look great on both medium and long hair.

The most beautiful hairstyles with bangs in 2021:

The best options for hairstyles for hair with bangs will now be considered.

1) A fashionable trend is now bangs combined with various weaving, for example, complemented by a French braid or a regular one. Many foreign stars choose this combination.

2) Also an excellent option would be beautiful hairstyles for a celebration with bangs laid in a wave, while it is better if it is elongated and oblique. Long hair looks unusually beautiful with this styling. It can be high-gathered hair and low hair with an emphasis on one side. 3) Another option is hair gathered from the side: ponytail, bun, braid, curls, whatever, and according to your mood.

3) And of course, the bundle, which is used both daily and for festive events, does not lose its relevance and fashion. A sleek and neat bun is more suitable for everyday life. A carelessly made bun based on curls or weaving is one of the most popular styling for special occasions.

4) The fleece gives the hair a spectacular volume and is often used in evening styling.

How to remove bangs with a hairstyle:

Owners of bangs sometimes want to get rid of it for a while to slightly change their appearance. You can use hairstyles to remove bangs. Here are some options for doing this.

1)Hairstyling with braided bangs. First, we braid a pigtail, for example, a spikelet, and then weave a bang into this braid. It turns out to be an open forehead. It will look delicate and tidy. This styling option is suitable for both girls and young women.

2) Another way to hide your bangs is to put them under a headband, which is now a great variety. And then you can already conjure hair at the discretion of each girl.

3) Hairstyling with fleece on the bangs. The fleece, which is created on the strands at the forehead, and then fixed back, gives the girl sexuality and expressiveness. It turns out to be a spectacular hairstyle with bangs raised and combed back. In this case, you will need a lot of means to fix the hair.

4) Hairstyles with pinned bangs.

Hairstyles with pinned bangs

You can simply pin this small detail of the haircut back with a hair clip. Such hairstyles will be especially useful when growing bangs when it constantly disturbs,  and you want to remove them. You can use a stylish accessory when creating an image, for example, a scarf. You will get a great styling option for the summer.


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