Must Have Hair Accessories And Hair Accessory Trends 2022

Bobby Pins on long hair Hair

The pandemic made us look differently at our wardrobe and fashion in general. We strive for comfort and versatility, and designers strive for the concept of "slow fashion".

“Today's global emergency shows us that smart consumption is the only way that will return value to our work,” urged designers Giorgio Armani in an open letter to WWD.

Armani asked his colleagues to reconsider their approach to creating collections - to abandon seasonality, rely on environmental friendliness, and not chase trends that replace each other at the speed of light. And what fashionable and beautiful look will be complete without jewelry and new hair accessory trend?

New Hair Trend

Various jewelry and hair accessories are included in our usual life as an integral part of our personal style. The shapes, designs, and colors of products change from season to season, and some models remain relevant outside the trends.

Accessories for hair should be perceived exclusively as the final chord of the ideal image - thoughtful, fully-fledged, and undeniably winning. And what are the new hair accessory trends for 2022?

Ugly Scrunchies - Fashion Hair Accessory 2022

Invisibobble bands (the ones that have adorned hair and wrists in the last few years) have at least one advantage - they do not break the hair. But nothing lasts forever, including their popularity among fashionistas. In 2022, the main thing that should be at your fingertips is ugly scrunchies.

Hair Accessory

Trendsetters began to return textile elastic bands back in 2018, but only now they became the main trend in hair accessories. This hair accessory will bring any of your ideas to life, making your hairstyle spectacular and your image memorable. No harm to hair, only bright colors and a good mood!

Claw Clips 2022

Elegant clips are the new hair accessory trend 2022. The typical trend from the 90s started showing up on shows in 2018. But by 2022, it has become relevant both in terms of appearance and functionality. This is not just an excellent addition to the hairstyle but a practical hair accessory with which you can create many fashionable styling for any occasion. This season, opt for elegant versions of hair clips with fine details or gold-tone trims - you can't go wrong with these barrettes.

Hair Clips

Small colorful claw clips are also becoming one of the new hair accessory trends and are perfect for diversifying your usual hairstyles on warm summer days. A hairstyle created with the trendy hair crab will be fantastically versatile in 2022. You can wear your favorite jeans with a cardigan for a more casual look. And to look festive and flirty, put on a short dress and do a relaxed hairstyle by pinning your hair with a clip.

Now Bella Hadid is demonstrating the most relevant way to wear them. Typically, a supermodel uses a large crab hairpin to pin her hair in a bun. Moreover, she prefers monochrome and bright accessories - for example, with a leopard print. 

Bobby Pins - Hair Accessory 2022

Another trend hailing from childhood, which, as quickly as micro-clips, entered the ranks of fashionable hair accessories in 2022. This season, stylists suggest experimenting not so much with shapes as with combining colors.

Colorful Bobby Pins

In  2022, hairpins are becoming one of the fashionable new hair accessory trends  for short, medium, and long hair:

  • with stones;
  • metallic;
  • multi-colored;
  • minimalistic;
  • with letters;
  • with imitation brands, etc.

Focus on multi-colored hair bobbins, which will be both a decorating detail of the hairstyle and a good helper in everyday styling. An interesting solution will be to choose a hair accessory to match the outfit - this is one of the most fashionable tricks of recent seasons. Small sequins, color blocking, or monochrome hairpins - it's up to you.

Headbands - The New is the Well-forgotten Old

Among the variety of hair accessories in 2022, headbands will occupy a special place.

Flower accent headbands

This accessory for hair has been in fashion at all times, being a great addition to the whole image and style! In ancient times, the crown was a closed ring, and the diadem was not closed. This is where the hairband, a metal or plastic semicircle, with which the hair is fixed in front or worn on the head as an adornment, came from.

Incredibly thin or hyper-wide, headbands are so common in the life of fashionistas that they are recommended to be worn in the new season, like the new hair accessory trend 2022. Prada designers have slightly improved their appearance. The headbands are now slightly inflated and resemble a turban.

Colorful Headbands

When Miuccia worked on new models, she wanted to break the conservatism familiar to the world and fill it with something non-classical and unusual. This is how a new collection appeared, one of the key points of which was the "inflated" headbands for the hair. 

Pearl is New Hair Accessory Trend 2022

Hair jewelry with pearls is not only chosen by brides. Hairpins, massive bobby pins, headbands. All this can be combined and worn as separate pieces of jewelry. Pearls can be safely used in drawing up everyday looks.

Brilliant Crown Jewelry

It does not overload them at all, on the contrary: it gives lightness, weightlessness, tenderness. Try adding accessories for hair like hairpins with different sizes of pearls to your hairstyle, and you will immediately see how the image will change and sparkle with new colors!

Massive bobby pins with pearls look no less original. They can be worn several at a time or just one at a time and to be a new hair accessory trend. It all depends on the mood and the chosen image of the day.

If you are thinking about what clothes to combine this accessory for hair with, then we will show you some interesting options.

Jewelry headgear

Stylists recommend choosing pearl hair accessories

  • classic,
  • office;
  • city;
  • safari;
  • casual;
  • grunge.

One of the most stunning uses of pearls we've seen was during the Andrew Gn show, where they were attached to pigtails or braids. For the Rodarte lookbook, pinned pearls scattered throughout the hair added a romantic touch to glamorous retro hairstyles.

Gorgeous Indian Hairstyle

Pearls no longer belong exclusively to aged ladies. This season, designers breathed new life into it and offered not only beads, earrings and brooches, but also decorated hairpins, bags, and even clothes with pearl beads like the new hair accessory trend 2022.

For example, the Italian brand Gucci combined pearls with large logo pendants in its fashion accessories for hair. Simone Rocha added hairpins with beads to a set of pearl earrings, and Rodarte adorned them an entire outfit with pearl peas. 

A Timeless Accessory. Shawls

lady with a ponytail headband style

Get out your scarves and colorful silk scarves - retro accessories for hair will be especially relevant this year. Fashion houses were inspired by the aesthetics of the 50s, 60s, and now all as one cover the heads of models with multi-colored shawls: in advertising campaigns of Gucci, Burberry, Loewe, Hermes, you will definitely like it.

Wear shawls and bandanas as the only accessory for hair, or mix them with hairpins, hats, and caps. To make the image look harmonious, choose a shawl in the basic tones of the image, or give a relaxed outfit in nude shades of colors with the help of a bright shawl.

Color Shawls

During a pandemic, the famous fashion designer Marc Jacobs suggests wearing a new hair accessory trend – a shawl and a face mask of the same color and material.

You can tie the ends under your chin, wear sunglasses, put on red lipstick, and turn into a retro-style icon. Shawls tied around a tailor bun are also relevant.

Veils for hair - a new trend? 

The most unexpected fashion accessories for hair in 2022 are veils. Light, and at the same time quite complex weaves attract with their originality. Veils can be of different colors, with stones and rhinestones, but special preference, as shown by the designers of the Rodarte brand, should be given to black and dark tones.

Hair Veil

This is not about covering your face completely. Just use this custom element, for example, on the headband. The veil can be put on the hair, reaching the middle of the forehead or eyebrow line. You will get a very interesting look in the style of Dita Von Teese.

For example, the Rodarte brand has created a vintage neo-noir atmosphere with these accessories for the hair collection. It had many veils of fine mesh. The colors matched the outfits. There were different lengths and shapes.

Simple and delicate models (some with stones and rhinestones) were found in the collections: Elie Saab, Giambattista Valli, Chocheng, Carolina Herrera.

We never tire of repeating that fashion is cyclical. And it is unpredictable: sometimes 20-year-old accessories, which previously performed only a utilitarian function, triumphantly return to the fashion arena.

Women Bridal Headpiece

A girl who knows how to handle accessories for hair looks like a top-level fashion player. For your experiments with intricate, contemporary jewelry to work, you need to be clear about what details you are willing to let into your life. Romantic young ladies will find peace in the form of botanical nuances, complemented by the delicate sheen of precious stones.

Ladies, who always prefer drama in everything, will not be able to refuse the pleasure of trying on veils decorated with crystals. If you are a proponent of progress, then upside-down bezels will become your personal favorite.

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