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Сurrent trends say over and over again that natural beauty is in vogue and gray hair is not an exception. Now you can observe millions of posts with hashtag #grayhair and #silverhair on Instagram where women are happy with their naturalness. By the way, current dyeing techniques are also in favor of gray strands. One of the most popular techniques in the gray shades, grombre, has already won the hearts of many women, including a lot of celebrities. So, enough to dye your beautiful grays and be ashamed of your age! It would be better to deal with its care that your hair looks healthy, shiny, and elastic. A stylish and elegant hairstyle combined with properly applied makeup, stylish clothes, and shoes will allow you to look attractive and energetic with a new gray color

However, you should be patient, because the transition to natural hair color takes a lot of time. And care for natural silver shade is not so easy, sometimes even harder than care for dyed hair. To begin, you need to understand whether you are ready to spare time for your strands and regularly take care of them. Do not hurry with the decision, refer to your inner voice and all will become abundantly clear.

So, do you really get tired of dyeing your hair every month? Do you feel ready to put into effect the transition to admirable grays? Wonderful! The result will definitely make your day.

How to deal with hair in transition 

To return from dyeing to natural hair color, you need to go through a difficult moment when the deep roots begin to create chaos on your dyed strands. To avoid hyper-visible contrast, it is advisable to have your hair cut. Thus, you will get rid of a significant part of the dyed mass. Such a solution is effective also because the tips of the hair are usually much weaker than the upper part of the strands. Therefore, it is desirable to shorten the dyed hair as far as practicable, so that the hairstylist is easier to work with your strands. 

The other way round, the longer your hair is, the more carefully you have to plan the transition to gray. The owners of long hair sometimes should wait several years. The smaller you used artificial red pigments before the transition, the easier it will be to grow your grays. But the owners of dyed in blond hair are much luckier because the transition will be almost imperceptible. So, how not feel disillusioned with your brave decision, keep your hair healthy, and enjoy the process? 

Here are 8 tips that will help you to achieve desired gray strands:

  1. Find what inspires you 

Start with finding what gives you inspiration. Discuss this topic with friends and family, watch videos on YouTube, scroll photos on Pinterest and Instagram, where women look confident and happy with their natural gray hair. Subscribe to bloggers who share their stories regarding the long period of transition and support other women. Such people will motivate you on the refusal of dyeing and comeback to naturalness. When all's said and done, read Lorraine Massey’s book, “Silver Hair.” It can become your all-powerful step up. 

  1. Choose an appropriate haircut

If you are ready for a radical change of your image to successfully grow your grays, it would be better to choose one of the short, choppy haircuts. Choosing a stylish one, pay attention to such as classic Pixie, layered Bob, short messy Shag etc. Care for natural gray color will be easier, and a new image visually rejuvenates you. Before the transition, try to refrain from using dye as long as possible. Hair grows up to 1.5 cm per month, that is, in a few months, you will have a completely gray-haired short haircut and completely new image. Find a stylist who will give you valuable advice and moral support throughout the whole period of transition.

tips for gray strands
  1. Provide your hair with high-quality care 

Buy cosmetics aimed at care for limp hair. The composition should include plant extracts, oils, vitamins, d-panthenol. Coenzyme Q10 is also desirable, as it contributes to the rejuvenation and regeneration of cells and the tightness of strands' structure. Pay attention to:

  1. Moisturize your hair 

Use only high-quality professional items to moisturize your grays. Choose nutritional masks, balms, and conditioners. Such a measure will help to save your silver strands from stiffness and dryness. With the same purpose, drink a fair number of water: 1.5-2 liters per day. 

  1. Combat yellowness 

One of the common problems associated with gray hair is unwanted yellowness. It appears as a reaction to the sun, nicotine, chlorine, and other factors. It also depends on your natural hair color. What is darker, the more presumably the fact that strands will have a golden shade. Care for gray hair includes the use of special cosmetics neutralizing the yellow shade and giving hair a noble silver color. You can get rid of yellowness through the use of violet products – shampoos, conditioners, masks, and sprays. Intensive tint rinsing can also simplify the transition to gray.

  1. Balance your nutrition 

Products with proteins, vitamins of group B, Calcium, Zinc, Ferrum, and Silicon definitely must be present in your nutrition. All these elements are useful for gray shade and the structure of strands. Eat meat, greens, vegetables, eggs-and-bacon, as well as fish containing omega-fatty acids. Refuse the frequent disposal of junk and flour-based food.

  1. Use thermal protection

When styling hair with a hairdryer, curling iron, or styler, be sure to use thermal protective sprays. Gray hair is fragile and porous, so styling items can negatively affect it. Your best friends are air and natural drying. 

thermal protection for gray hair
  1. Be patient

The transition to gray is not so fast, but do not worry, your efforts are not in vain. Is that something that can prevent you from the way to beautiful natural color? A little patience and your silver hair will shine with beauty and health.

Take these 8 valuable tips to a note, and you will greatly simplify the process of transition and will even get pleasure from it. After all, it is incredibly enjoyable to observe how the brittle, dull, and lifeless hair turns into healthy and shiny. Share useful information with people having a similar problem. Let's help women to take themselves and love their natural grays!


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