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Do you enjoy seeing girls with natural hairstyles, and are you on the edge of doing it? It is high time! Of course, this is a considerably brave choice for curly hair because it is much easier and faster to style straightened strands. But at the same time, natural hairstyles have a lot of benefits. Now you will learn about the stylish option for the owners of black hair and how to do it. You can bet your sweet life that you will be enraptured with it!

flat twists

A flat twist is a braiding from twisted strands forming thе strap. It is not just trendy but a convenient and safe solution for black curly hair. This fashionable type of braiding can radically change your image and add a special highlight to your appearance. If you decide to flat twist your natural hair by your own forces, tool up with necessary items and follow our step-by-step instructions. You need:

  • rattail comb;
  • alligator clips or thin hair ties;
  • styling products such as spray, foam, etc., if you want to maintain your braiding as long as possible. But do not run it into the ground!

So let’s do stylish braiding in 9 easy steps.

  1. Wash and condition your hair very well. Consider that curly locks should be twisted wet. If you dried it after washing, apply a hair moisturizer to hydrate your hair.
  2. Divide the hair you are going to flat twist using a rattail comb. You should accurately detangle it from 2 up to 10 or even more sections.
  3. At the front of the section, part out a small section.
  4. Take the small section and divide it into two equal sections (we will call these two sections, top, and bottom). Add hair only to the bottom section.
  5. Take the bottom section and cross it over the top section. Keep the hair pressed against the scalp
  6. Take your index finger and add hair to the bottom section.
  7. Do again steps 4 and 5 until you have no more hair to add.
  8. Use a hair tie or small alligator clip to fix it here if you would like. If you want, you can also secure your hair using a lock & twist gel.
  9. Repeat the process with the rest of your strands.

Define if your hair is suitable for flat twist

A great virtue of flat twists is that they look neat and well-groomed at the head. It is suitable both for special events and daily wearing if the work does not imply a strict office dress code. Such braiding can become an excellent decoration of your image on a birthday party, graduation, social evening, etc. In addition, it is very comfortable in sports and travel.

The flat twist styles look well on both women's and men's hair. It is also suitable for children. If you have black curly strands, do not think that it will be a heartrending experience: even those who have never concerned themselves with afro braiding can easily do it. Flat twists also ideally suit weak and thin natural hair. It does not harm the hair giving minimal pressure. But the length is of great importance.

Short hair

You can twist natural strands longer than 7-10 cm. It will be challenging to do it with too short strands.

Medium hair

If you are the owner of medium-length black hair, you can easily deal with flat twisting. Such braiding is felt maximally comfortable on medium hair.

Long hair

On natural black hair, the process will be long and can make some difficulties. You should possess yourself to obtain a good result.

Well, the flat twist is ready. It looks great in ungrabbed form, but why not try no less marvelous grabbed hairstyle? We offer to get acquainted with the most fashionable options for natural hair to decorate your head.

two strand twists

Trendy flat twist hairstyles

A bun

You can style your braiding by doing a high bun to feel comfortable in sports or travel. A low bun with a flat twist will look more restrained and romantic.

High ponytail

The high ponytail hairstyle suits the owners of long natural braids; it will tenderly frame your face and neck, creating an advantageous image.

Full braid

If you have too thin twists, try to style them by braiding them into one more volumetric braid. Such a hairstyle will look romantic, but at the same time extravagant.

Two buns

This hairstyle is more suitable for young girls who want to look cute and coquettish. Just grab your flat twists into two small buns and leave the part of the hair unstressed to achieve a desirable image. This option is ideal for walks with friends or a party.

Congrats, your wayward natural strands are overcome! But braided hair does not mean it is maintenance-free. To maintain the neatness of your flat twist for as long as possible, provide gentle cleansing and care using special braid sprays and moisturizing products. We hope your braiding will bring you only enjoyment!


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