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8 skincare tips for women

8 Quick Skincare Tips That Every Women Should Know:


1. Only clean your face in the evening.

Wash your face with cleanser just before you go to sleep, to remove all dirt, makeup and other impurities from your skin.

2. Don’t use a cleanser in the morning.

Save the cleanser for your nighttime routine. In the morning, just splash cold water over your face to get ready for the day.

3. Use your own custom moisturizer.

When you wake up with oil on your face, spread it over the dryer areas of your skin. This oil is a natural, customized moisturizer made just for you!

4. Choose just one pure moisturizer.

There is no need to use different moisturizers for the different areas of your body. (i.e. eye cream, face cream, hand cream, body lotion, etc.)

Instead, you can choose just one pure, non-toxic moisturizer to soften, nourish, and protect every inch of your skin.

5. Give your skin a little Vitamin D.

A little sun can work wonders for your skin. We suggest getting at least 15 minutes of sunlight on your skin every day.

6. Skip the peels. Do a facial instead.

Soothing facials are better than harsh cleanings and peels.

An over-the-counter facial works great. Just choose one that has the most natural ingredients possible.

7. Know that your skin exfoliates naturally.

When you use chemical exfoliators to speed up your skin’s natural cycle, you are exposing tender new skin before it is ready.

So instead of using harsh chemicals, we suggest using a very gentle exfoliant that’s designed to protect your skin.

8. Invest in your emotional health.

Stress and emotional upheaval can take a toll on your skin. Investing in your physical and emotional health is the best skincare you can practice.

We suggest a regular meditation practice to focus on your inner well-being, along with taking exquisite care of your skin.


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