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5 essential skin care tips this summertime


Feeling quite frustrated with your skin at this time of summer?

Do the options you’ve seen and heard about skincare make you feel overwhelmed?

Well, in this blog post you will learn some real quick tips about skincare routine.

So while it is summertime... 

Where the skin is prone to clogged pores, blackheads, pimples, and acne.

And comes along with more skin issues and damages.

We got some tips for more interesting ways to make your skin glow. 

With that said...

Here are some Summer Skincare Tips you might apply to yourself according to your type of skin and concerns.


  • Summer skincare routine for oily skin
  • Summer skincare routine for dry skin
  • Summer skincare routine for combination skin
  • Summer skincare face pack
  • Summer skincare routine natural

Summer skincare routine for Oily Skin

summer skincare routine for oily skin


We love summer, and that includes extra daylight, beach trips, and vacations. 

But then there’s a problem, instead of focusing on kicking up your feet and enjoying the surf and the sand you have to worry about your oily skin...

You may find yourself thinking more about how you’re going to help prevent your complexion from looking overly greasy.

So, what to do?

TIP #1: Try a clay facial cleanser

TIP #2: Use a water-based moisturizer

TIP #3: Don’t skimp on sunscreen

TIP #4: Add exfoliation to your weekly routine

TIP #5: Mattify the look of your complexion with a face mask



Summer skincare routine for Dry Skin

summer skincare routine for dry skin


Having a dry skin type, you may find you need to make a few adjustments to your skincare routine in the summertime. 

After all, for you to enjoy the extra sunshine you must know how important it is to find a skincare routine and skincare products (like a facial cleanser and moisturizer) that work for you.

So that you may keep your complexion hydrated and looking glowy. And you may keep your dry skin happy this summer by following the below tips.

TIP #1: Lower the temps in your shower

TIP #2: Don’t forget the moisturizer

TIP #3: Add a face mask to your routine

TIP #4: Make sun protection a priority

TIP #5: Turn on the humidifier

Summer skincare routine for Combination Skin

summer skincare routine for combination skin


Having combination skin can make skin-care even more difficult to navigate. 

Since its summer season, the heat and humidity outside can make your oily T-zone look shinier and exacerbate the dry patches on your cheeks. 

Now, finding the perfect balance between hydration and oil-controlling skin-care products can be tricky. 

Good news! To help you keep your skin balanced from now until fall, I’m sharing you five summer skin-care tips for combination skin, ahead. 

TIP #1: Cleanse Your Skin

TIP #2: Follow Up With a Toner

TIP #3: Mix and Match Your Products

TIP #4: Give Multi-Masking a Shot

TIP #5: Protect Your Skin From Sun Exposure

Summer skincare Face Pack

summer skincare face pack


In this hot season, your face may look very dull, itchy, and oily. 

Also, as you sweat a lot and most often you forget to keep yourself properly hydrated. 

With that, you tend to go for a facial every time you feel your face needs treatment.

Sadly that not only costs you a leg and an arm but it is also not a very healthy practice as the salons use nothing but chemical products. 

So, here I list five tips of homemade packs that you can easily make and keep your skin nourished and hydrated.

TIP #1: Mint and turmeric

TIP #2: Cucumber and sugar

TIP #3: Lemon and honey

TIP #4: Egg and honey

TIP #5: Milk and honey

Summer skincare routine Natural

summer skincare routine natural


As much as you love the summer, certainly, you don’t love the overbearing heat and the inevitable sweatiness that ensues. 

And I see that you may also be looking for natural ways how to combat this. 

So to help you with..I’ve put together this all-natural skincare routine for you to follow!

TIP #1: Drink water

TIP #2: Remember to wash

TIP #3: Be Sun Safe

TIP #4: Exfoliate

TIP #5: Eat Cooling Fruits and Vegetables

Those above are just some of the summer skin care tips that you can follow to ensure a healthy skin this season.

And applying those to your own, we hope you enjoy your summer while getting a healthy glowing skin throughout the season.

Does this help you in any way? Feel free to let me know in the comment box below. =)










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