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Owners of naturally curly hair have given rise to many women feeling insecure about themselves. They envy those who have perfectly curled hair without using any heat or styling product. It is no doubt that curly hair is beautiful as it is spontaneous and unpredictable, appealing to many people. But do not worry! Today, this article talks about the perfect hair brand that can fulfill your curly hair dreams in seconds; JuvaBuns.

JuvaBuns is a fantastic hair brand with various services available for its customers, including hair accessories, hair coloring, hair extensions, hair care, hair cuts, and hairstyles. For girls who wish to see themselves in perfectly styled curly hair, JuvaBun has a wide range of sleek and classy hair extensions made out of environmentally friendly materials which are not harmful to the skin of your hair. Also, they can be used for up to six to eight weeks and can be applied by the fastest method causing no damage to the original hair. 

We agree that everyone is beautiful and unique in their way. For this purpose, to make you feel confident and exceptional in your natural hair without changing the actual look of your hair no matter what age, height, color you have, JuvaBun have a quiz on their website which finds out the perfect match of hairdo for your type, texture, and color of hair.

How amazing is that!? So what are you waiting for, go and order today from Juvabun; they're giving 50% off on all of your favorite items and offering free shipping on orders above $40! If this seems to have caught your attention and you want to learn more about the different kinds of curly hair extensions JuvaBun offers, their benefits, and how to style your hair, continue reading! You can thank us later.

Premium Quality Curly Hair Extensions for Lucious & Healthy Hair Styles 

JuvaBun Claw Clip Wavy Ponytail

Even if you have naturally curly hair, it does not mean you have the volume that you love. Curly hair extensions help those who have straight hair and provide those with curly hair the confidence and style they want. Are you getting late for work or events? Stressed that your hair is not getting under control, or if you do get your hair tamed, it will be a mess in some time? If yes, curly hair extensions such as a JuvaBun Claw Clip Ponytail are best for you. These will help you prevent heat damage, save your time for hairstyling, provide you with a put-together look, be great for everyone, be very easy to wear, and be used multiple times. A ponytail looks excellent from work to weddings and from university to grocery shopping! So, girls, let's read below how you can become drop-dead gorgeous in seconds and wear your curly ponytail like a queen! Let's see how these work and how they can make your life much easier.

What’s the hype?

If you are looking for a semi-permanent solution, JuvaBun clip-in curly hair extensions are the best for you. They come as a more straightforward, quick fix to your hair and can be worn and removed as your choice. First of all, when you put on the extensions, it feels and looks like it’s your natural hair. How great is it to wear something artificial without anyone knowing? The company has worked on its products for three years to make soft and high-quality hair that can fit all hair types, be it be thick or super thin, to make them look natural and smooth. Their products make switching up your hairstyle, length, and texture easier without using any chemicals and heat damage. Apart from that, they give instant length and hair volume just in a few seconds as with their help; you can be ready in less than sixty seconds! It’s a life-changing hack that can boost your confidence to a large extent. You will not only get a lot of compliments whether you are at a gym, at a wedding, on a date night, or traveling, but it will also change the way you feel about yourself.

Stress-Free Look in Just Three Steps!

Hair extensions in a ponytail are the most fabulous hair accessory for you. You can wear JuvaBun Claw Clip Ponytail with natural hair and synthetic hair. It is recommended first to wash your hair and then condition it. Then tease your hair a bit, so the clips claw on your hair and stay there for a longer time. Clip in the curly hair extension and comb them using fingers. 

Step 1:

Put your hair in a ponytail with your hair tie 

Put your natural hair in your desired ponytail style, low or high, to begin putting in your ponytail extensions.

Ensure the elastic isn't excessively thick or thin and that your hair is secure and won't fall out due to the increased weight

Step 2:

Clip the JuvaBun straight ponytail on your hair tie and brush any knots out of your Ponytail Extension with their Loop Hair Extensions Brush, a wide-toothed comb, or a paddle brush. This step removes any tangles you might have!

Step 3:

Adjust it to get the exact look you want! Like the rest of the extensions, Hair ponytail extensions will only take a few minutes to apply. You can have a longer, voluminous, thicker ponytail in less than 5-7 minutes with a bit of practice.

To determine how long the Hair ponytail extension will be on you, measure 15-20 inches down from the top of your head (or where you will be tying your hair up). It will assist you in determining the placement of the ponytail extension on your head. Remember that the shorter the pony is, the longer it will be. If you’re in a hurry, gather your hair into a twist, hold it firmly against your head, and then open the Claw Clip and place it over your twist, securing it in place. There are no hairpins required. Yes! These are simple to wear, and you can even wash them after removing them from your head. Make sure to get the perfect clip-in curly hair extensions that match your hair color, curl type, and texture of the hair so that they easily blend in with your original hair. Also, look out for the density of hair curls you want to have the perfect volume for your hair. Slay like a queen, you queen!

How can you wash JuvaBun Claw Clip Pony-Tail?

Yes! JuvaBun recommends washing their extensions every month or after every tenth use. If the hair extensions feel like they are becoming difficult to style, it's a sign that they have a product build-up and need to be washed. Hence, don’t worry, follow these steps, and you’re ready!

  1. Start with combing the extensions before you wash them. Insert them into cold water!
  2. Add a little bit of shampoo and conditioner, then let it soak for five minutes. Start washing gently.
  3. Rinse through in cold water.
  4. Flat it on a clean towel until it becomes dry.
  5. Brush extensions into desired style after it becomes dry entirely.
  6. Do not use heating rods, curling irons, blow dryers or hot styling instruments.
  7. Tada! You’re all set.

However, maintain your extensions with ease. Ponytail hair extensions should only be cleansed when styling, as brushing them too often becomes problematic. Washing the extension too frequently can shorten its lifespan. When not in use, store your extension in our clip-in storage bag, wash it as needed, and you'll have it for over a year! 

A Natural & Healthy Way To Style Hair For a Fuller Look 

Customers have a lot to say when it comes to this product! If you visit their website, you will likely encounter many customer reviews. First of all, washing your hair too much can peel away natural and healthy oils, and frequent heat styling can harm and dry out your hair, mitigating the health of your hair. Hence, a claw clip ponytail is a solution to all these problems. With them, you can have a stunning look without worrying about anything. With so many variations Juva Bun possesses, it is not difficult to find the perfect extension for you. They have made it so easier to locate the correct ponytail hair extension for your needs, regardless of your hair type, length, or texture. 

Apart from a claw clip ponytail, their hair extensions have various hues to give you the most natural look possible. Wear the extension while you're on a break from permanent hair extensions. For various reasons, you may wish to take a vacation from time to time if you use longer-term hair extensions, such as tape or micro bead extensions. You can temporarily use a clip-in ponytail extension to create fuller hairstyles until you decide to reapply permanent additions. Don’t be sad if your ponytail is short or thin. A clip-in extension is a quick and easy repair that makes ponytails longer and fuller. It's yours to wear whenever, wherever, and as frequently as you'd want! You can achieve a variety of stunning and easy-to-make hairstyles, such as a thick braid or a voluminous and stylish bun. You can experiment with different hairstyles because they make your hair longer and broader. 

A customer named Katherine describes her experience with Juva Bun Claw Clip Ponytail: 'This is my second JuvaBun product.  I LOVE it. I was afraid the color would not match since it looked different from the regular JuvaBun.  But once I got it, the match was excellent.  I guess I will have to go ahead and buy the straight bun, so I have all 3 of the products that I love. I may have to buy 3 or 4 sets of each to rotate them.’ It is impressive that hair extensions make it easy to obtain a natural and elegant ponytail by clipping them in. Get your hands on one of these today!

JuvaBun Afro Hair Bun

Messy buns are incredibly adaptable and can be worn for various occasions. All you have to do now is choose the most appropriate messy hair bun for the event. The JuvaBun routine is perfect if you have trouble getting your hair ready or just want a quick fix for your hair that is less time-consuming. From thin and short hair to long and curly hair, the Afro Hair Bun is well-known for its ability to work with various hair textures and lengths. You go, girl!

Why this Juvabun?

The Afro curly hair bun is designed to fit all Afro hair types (including thin and short hair), and it will give you the perfect boost of confidence no matter where you are. Simply pull your hair into a bun, wrap an Afro curly hair bun around your bun, and style as desired. How simple yet stunning! In addition to holding your hair in place, the JuvaBun Afro bun will provide instant hair volume while maintaining a natural appearance that will last all day. Forget about spending a lot of money and time on professional hairdressers when you can now do it yourself in seconds with the JuvaBun magic! 

You Can Have the Look of Your Dreams in Seconds! To be honest, it's impossible to put a monetary value on a good hair day. No matter how often you use the Afro Hair Bun, it has been proven to deliver flawless results or your money back, whichever comes first. This cute little product can accommodate all hair types, including thin and short hair. It will give you an instant lift in your confidence wherever you go. Simply pull your hair into a bun, twist the afro bun around your bun, and style as desired. Simple, straightforward, and practical, this hairstyle is stunning in its simplicity. When it comes to styling, you don't have to do much. It is already styled and includes a picture manual and guide to provide additional assistance and make the "JuvaBun Afro Hair Bun" as simple as possible. Simply create a regular hair bun and then attach the bun with its clip to the top of the bun. You will save time by not having to style it, making your hair appear fuller and more attractive. While keeping your hair in place, the bun will add instant volume to your hair while maintaining a natural appearance that will last throughout the day and night. It is also reusable and easy to clean, and if you are not satisfied with the product, you need not be concerned because it comes with a 100% return guarantee. 

The Afro Hair Bun & Its Amazing Features!

Washing your hair is a time taking process. It requires you to dry your hair thoroughly to prevent damage. Hence, before buying any hair extension, you may wonder, ‘can it be washed?’ Yes! with JuvaBun Afro Hair Bun, you can, and the process is extremely simple. Start by mixing shampoo and a conditioner in cold water and putting your hair bun in it. Let it soak for five minutes, take them out, dry on a towel, and Tada! You’re done. Therefore, Afro Hair Buns prevent excessive washing of your hair and save you a lot of time.

Who does not love a good quality product? We were going over the customer reviews on Juva bun’s website and came across many of them praising the quality and features of the products. For example, take Myra J, she is obsessed with how well the JuvaBun Afro bun fits her, and ever since she started using this product, she never got back to the long old ways. She says, ‘this product is spotless; it does not feel tacky and is easy to use. You can wash it multiple times, just like your natural hair, and use this durable straight bun anytime.’ Dorothy J says she bought multiple of these for her granddaughters, and they are already obsessed! 

Can an Afro Hair Bun Last longer?

Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous girls love pretty hair! Hair Buns like an Afro Hair Bun are an excellent method to add highlights, thickness, and length to your hair. Although they can drastically improve your appearance, they won't help you much if you don't take adequate care of them. Follow these steps so that your hair buns can last a long time and provide you with a good return on your investment. After all, careful spending is the key to a successful life, and we girls strive for it, don’t we?

  1. One of the essential facets of hair extensions is that they must be treated as children. Thus, brush your hair gently and be kind towards them. They can quickly become damaged if not correctly cared for, and this is our biggest fear, right!?
  2. If you're using hair extensions, using a moisturizing hair care product like a great hair serum or hair mask is vital because the hair won't get any moisture from the natural essential oils your scalp produces. Moisturizing hair care products will maintain your hair health. 
  3. Conditioning is the key! JuvaBun recommends that their customers condition their hair extensions every week. Moisturizing products should nourish and sit on the hair for 20-30 minutes before rinsing. You will feel the difference in hours!
  4. Go for trimming every once in a while. Split ends are unavoidable with hair extensions, no matter what you do. Trimming split ends regularly is an ideal approach to keep them under control. Every 6 to 10 weeks, trim the ends of your hair. However, don’t forget that you'll rapidly lose many lengths if you cut your hair too short. It is better to do it yourself or hire someone to do it. 
  5. We cannot even imagine living without straighteners and iron rods! Today, almost everyone uses heated hair appliances. Appliances like blow dryers, irons, and curling irons all have one thing in common: they all harm your hair. Hence, use a heat protectant to protect your hair when using a heated gadget on your hair if you want your extensions to stay longer. This easy procedure will keep your locks looking fabulous for longer by preventing breakage. 

Afro Hair Bun And Its Never-Ending Benefits!

In today’s world, when everything prices are touching the sky, especially after the pandemic, buying expensive hair products to get your hair to the length and thickness you want is a pain.  Why not just invest in hair bun extensions rather than spending all of your money on various products to hasten up the growth of your hair. You can rapidly achieve the length and volume you desire without breaking the bank! Nowadays, most people can purchase an excellent pair of hair extensions to make their hair look long and rich. Say goodbye to serums, conditioners, and hair oils. Just quickly improve your style by clipping in your hair extensions, and Woah, you are done!

Even though buns are an ancient hairstyle, they are still popular today. They have a versatile and timeless hairstyle. They are the biggest secret behind some of our favorite hairstyles, commonly used by celebrities and beauty influencers to create breathtaking looks. 

Juva Bun Claw Clip PonyTail

Say hello to the Juva Bun Claw Clip PonyTail Magic; time to forget about all the money and time-wasting on professional hairdressers! Hair is a fantastic source of creativity since it is so simple to manipulate and style it just the way you want. There's always a way to boost your appearance with a new haircut, whether you cut it off, cut bangs, dye it, grow it, or curl it. However, going through the hassle of hair transformations at the hair salon isn't always worth the time or money. It is where Juva Buns come to the rescue, as their hair extensions make it easy to obtain a natural and elegant ponytail by just clipping them in!

Get your hands on Claw Clip PonyTail Asap!

JuvaBun's claw clip ponytail hair extensions are great for those who wish to add volume and length to their hair momentarily without using permanent hair extensions like tape or micro bead extensions. They provide a quick fix to your hair and can be worn and removed as your choice. First of all, they appear and feel like your natural hair, as if it is created from real human hair rather than synthetic fibers. How great is that!? The company has worked on its products for three years to make soft and high-quality hair that can fit all hair types, be it be thick or super thin, to make them look natural and smooth. Secondly, their products make switching up your hairstyle, length, and texture easier without any chemicals and heat damage.  These were explicitly made for the hairdo and are designed to be worn all day. Hence, with clip-in ponytail extensions, you can choose the ponytail style that best suits you. 

Apart from that, they give instant length and hair volume just in a few seconds as with their help; you can be ready in less than sixty seconds! Isn’t it a life-changing hack? You can wear them comfortably anywhere; at work, at the gym, at weddings, on dates, on nights out, and even when traveling! Moreover, JuvaBun’s Ponytail extensions are usually of higher quality than standard extensions, which will clash with your natural ponytail. As mentioned, these high-quality extensions are also thicker, voluminous, and more attractive. It allows people to wrap it around your ponytail quickly and simply, rather than adding many rows of additions and then pulling them back into a ponytail. It also guarantees that your natural hair and the additions blend seamlessly. Also, this heavenly product allows you to switch up your look without using bleach or color. Time to go, blonde girls!

We are already fans of curly hair extensions! Another reason why we recommend investing in curly hair extensions is that they can be reused multiple times. There are so many times when we do not want to wash our hair as with other things keeping us busy in life; washing hair constantly can be extremely harmful as the shampoos, conditioners, and other chemicals damage our hair. This extension can be washed whenever you desire; it is just a game of cold water and shampoo. It does not need additional products, settings, brushing, or treatment.

Lastly, we have seen a lot of reviews when it comes to this product. One of them was written by a girl named Kathie on their website regarding the colors of extensions. She said ‘the salt and pepper were a perfect match to my hair. I put my hair on a sleek ponytail and used gel to give an extra shine to my hair, and attached the claw clip onto my ponytail for added volume and length; it turned out beautiful and very natural; even my kids couldn’t tell that the hairpiece wasn’t my hair.’ How cute is this? We’re in awe!

Clip it On & You Got The Perfect Look! 

The process is simple! Just wrap the JuvaBun ponytail hair extension around your natural hair ponytail, and depending on the length and fullness of your hair, double it as much as you can. Or simply clip them onto your hair and style it the way you want. Simple yet gorgeous! However, if you desire to curl or straighten the extension before attaching it, do so first. To achieve the best results, follow the following steps; 

  1. Place your hair in a high ponytail close to the crown of your head with a brush and a hair knot. The ponytail should be more elevated than you want it to be and secure it with a hair tie before moving on to the next step. 
  2. Don’t forget to brush! Brush your ponytail carefully with a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush before applying the ponytail extender, as the hair must be fully tangle-free to be easy to style and manage.
  3. Set the ponytail extension in place. Begin by tucking the extension clip beneath your hair tie at the top of your ponytail. Then, using the velcro, slowly wrap the extension around your ponytail until it overlaps and is secure. 
  4. Hello! keep the band hidden. To do so, wrap the tailpiece of the ponytail around the base of the ponytail and secure it with a pin (take a bobby pin) for a natural, smooth, and discrete look. It will blend the extension into your natural hair, resulting in a smooth transition from your natural hair at the roots to the extended hair at the ends. As an added benefit, covering the hairband with a strand of hair creates a stylish and imaginative haircut. Make sure it's in a safe location. 
  5. Turn around! Check if your ponytail is secure. It should feel comfortable and steady when moving if it's done correctly. 

Girls, go and have fun! Enjoy your pretty ponytail or change it into a beautiful braid or bun. The choice is yours. Either way, you are lovely!

Can You Sew In Premium Quality Extensions With Curly Hair?

Curly hair is a blessing! As they are on the rise in their popularity, it can take forever to grow and maintain them. Not everyone is blessed with curly hair, but who doesn’t love the touch of the curls on them? Are you convinced to switch it up yet? Sew-ins are a method of putting on extensions commonly referred to as weaves, hand-sewn with a needle and thread into your natural hair braided horizontally from ear to ear. Basically, sew-in extensions are made with synthetic fiber hair. At this point, you may wonder what it really is? Actually, these are human-made fibers created in a way that they look and feel like human hair. These hair fibers are treated and usually made from acrylic, polyester, and nylon fibers. They are stretched, treated, and produced by applying multiple processes so that it completely resembles your natural hair. These fibers are available in numerous colors, lengths, and styles, complimenting natural hair. You can find them in different curly hair extensions such as clip-in, claw clip, sewn-in, and others.

Considering all the types discussed above, one thing we all should know is that extensions can be sewn to make life so much easier. Sewn curly hair extensions are permanent and are sewn in your natural hair. Although, if you have naturally curly hair and go for these, you might need to reconsider, so decide wisely! These curly hair extensions are voluminous and have a longer lifespan; thus, re-curling or straightening them is pretty easy. Also, these are very easy to wash. However, please use at least three bundles to get a perfect volume, and your original hair mixes properly with these curly hair extensions. Happy sewing!

JuvaBun Small Bun

How does it feel just to wake up and do a quick bun look; all-natural, not so extra, and yet ever so stunning! Meet the JuvaBun Small Bun, which can add tons of volume, shine, and beauty to your hair in less than sixty seconds. So effortless and full of magic!

Benefits of Adding JuvaBun’s Small Bun To Your Extension Collection!

Made of Kanekalon heat-resistant synthetic fibers, this small curly hair bun has proven to deliver flawless results every time, or your money back, whichever you wish first. Do not worry if you have shorter and thinner hair; the small bun is a convenient mini version of the messy bun that is perfect for you; simple, natural, effortless, and absolutely stunning. 

This product has been designed to fit all hair types, whether thin or short, giving you the perfect boost of confidence. You may get a lot of compliments in a day, but the actual happiness would be when it makes you feel good about yourself and when it increases your self-love. Simply pull your hair into a bun, twist the curly bun around your bun, and style it. It will add instant volume to your hair while maintaining natural looks that will last all day. Another thing that has led to many girls loving this product is that it is virtually undetectable to others, owing to the high quality and accurate color tone, which makes it appear to be your natural hair in appearance. It is also reusable and simple to clean, and if you are not satisfied with the product, you need not be concerned because it comes with a 100% return guarantee. Life has never been this easy, right?

The Perfect Solution to Thin Hair 

If you have thin, smooth, and silky hair that tends to fall flat very quickly, you may need to be extra careful with the use of the product. For example, use a volumizing product to give your hair some lift and support while wearing it in a bun. Alternatively, those with thick and curly hair should use a hair serum while styling. Baby hair is annoying; thus, taking those out and styling those strands is another essential trick, as sometimes, even the strongest hairspray cannot keep those baby hairs in place. It is best to deal with them to avoid spiking in the middle of a workday. People often end up not buying the product because they think it will probably fall out. However, this is not the case! You may need to double secure it, but it can never fall out. Just make hair spray and pin your best friends. Ensure that your bobby pins are properly secured and do not fall out of place. It can ruin your hairdo's aesthetics and cause your strands to become brittle and unsteady, making it challenging to keep them in place.

What if The Extensions Don’t Match My Hair Color?

JuvaBun is one of those companies that provide their customers with exceptional products and excellent customer care service! Can you imagine they have a quiz on their website that can help you find your perfect match when it comes to the color? Although it has been successful, they still provide their customers with the option to exchange or return if they are unsatisfied. JuvaBun says, ‘we will not hold your money if you are unhappy with the purchase.’ How thoughtful and kind! 

What Do People Have To Say?

The website contains so many reviews regarding the small bun extension as many people buy them. Kathy V talked about her judgment in these words; I'm surprised by this! My hair has thinned out tremendously over the years & I wanted to do something natural and easy to look more like myself again. I have mousy brown hair with a few grays running through it. I opted for the Medium Brown. Compared to my ash brown tone, the Juva bun is slightly warmer and has a slight red undertone, but hair naturally (or if colored) can vary from root to end. It's difficult to see that color difference in the photo. I use one of those coil plastic ponytail holders to give my little pigtail more substance for the JuvaBun to grab and hold. I hold one star back because I wish there was a more noticeable variation in the individual hair strand colors. All in all, I'm strangely surprised by this thing!’

Add Those Inches to Your Hair Honey!

Now that you know about almost all the curly hair extensions and how to take care of them, move a step closer and add those inches, honey!  Get that shiny celebrity look; who cares if you do not have curly hair, you can still wear one of these and slay the face like a pro. We agree that choosing your hairstyle is entirely personal, but remember it is something for the public too because that defines you in people’s eyes. Before buying one, remember to go for the best ones that match your natural hair and compliment your personality. After all, you are just one step away from completely changing who you are with just a simple yet chic hairstyle.

That’s it! We hope we’ve given you all the information you need before you make an informed decision as to which type of hair extensions are right for you, their benefits, treatments, and procedures considering your hair type and goals. However, you can always click on this link https://juvabun.com/ and learn about anything you want. Yes, girls! With curls, you rule the world.