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Hair extensions are yet another necessary part of adulthood. Your hair becomes thinner and due to the extensive heat that you’ve used in your teenage years, hair becomes brittle and it gets rough. I’ve used tons of hair extensions and I’ve spent hundreds of dollars but none of them has lasted long and they feel like cheap plastic once washed. 

Another problem most women have with hair extensions is that they’re so hard to put in your hair. There are so many different types of hair extensions ranging from sew in hair extensions, to lace hair extensions, to clip in and lastly extensions that are scrunchies. 

Miraculously I came across the best grey hair extensions known to women. I’m not exaggerating when I say this, JuvaBun has perfected the grey hair extensions. JuvaBun has carefully curated a messy hair bun that is the perfect shade of grey and is perfect for ladies in their mid 50’s or early 60s. 

Many women in this age range complain of not being able to find good hair extensions that actually last them and match their hair colour. However, you don’t need to worry about any such thing with these hair extensions. 

The JuvaBun grey messy hair bun is made for grey hair and it doesn’t look fake at all. The colour matches your hair perfectly and blends in with your hair colour. It adds extra volume and fullness to dull and thin hair. So what is it that makes this product stand out? Read on and you’ll know why countless women including me rave about this product. It truly is a miracle and the best hair extension to ever be invented. 

What is This Magical Item?

The JuvaBun grey messy hair bun is the answer to all your hair problems. This is the perfect product for everyone and especially for women who have grey hair and are unable to find a perfect match. The product is made up of high-quality heat resistant synthetic hair fibres that feel luxurious and soft. 

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The JuvaBun messy hair bun itself is a scrunchie that you can easily put on your hair. Don’t worry about it staying on all day! This scrunchie stays in place no matter what. The grey messy hair bun is carefully curated to make the perfect grey shade for all women who have grey hair and want hair extensions but fail to find any. 

The JuvaBun grey messy hair bun is made to make your hair look voluminous and soft. So navy women in their late 50s have raved about their product and have said that they never thought their hair would look this good. I mean it’s true, isn’t it? The grey messy hair bun is the perfect hair accessory that makes your hair fuller and guarantees an easy to do hairstyle with minimal effort. 

How Much Does it Cost? 

The grey JuvaBun messy hair bun initially costs 57.99 dollars but it’s on sale right now for only 27.99 dollars. You’re getting an exceptional hair bun for only 57.99 dollars. This grey messy bun is durable, easy to use, convenient, adds volume, is lightweight and is a perfect colour match. The benefits you get with this product are justifying the price.


Will You Get Exceptional Customer Service?

In addition to the product itself, the company JuvaBun focuses on customer satisfaction. The team is ready to assist you if you feel like you’re unable to find a perfect colour match. If you get the wrong shade you don’t need to worry about it! JuvaBun has a very flexible and hassle-free exchange policy which ensures exchanges till 60 days after the purchase. 

If you got the wrong shade you don’t need to worry you’ll get the correct shade shipped without any extra delivery charges. Moreover, shipping is free for orders over 30 dollars and you can easily get products delivered within the US in 3-7 business days and outside the US in 3-12 business days.

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Moreover, you can track your product and get shipping updates by text. The company has truly put their heart and soul into developing a product to meet the needs of women of all ages, hair types and hair colours and they have curated a seamless purchase process. 

From every step of the buying process, JuvaBun ensures you receive the best treatment and the best product. You get the grey messy hair bun in a storage bag which makes it easier to store rather than the messy bun lying on your bed or side table. The colour matches perfectly with your hair and you get an amazing hairstyle in just 30 seconds. 

Why Should You Get Your Hands on This Grey Messy Bun Right now?! 

       1. Convenient and easy to use

    The JuvaBun messy hair bun is so convenient and easy to use it’s unbelievable but it’s true. The grey messy hair bun can be worn in just three easy steps. Tie your hair in a bun, put the JuvaBun messy hair bun on like a scrunchie and adjust it according to how you like it. That’s it you have the perfect messy hair bun in 30 seconds.

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    It’s so convenient for all women who need to rush out the door to run errands, pick up their children from school or go to work. You don’t need to damage your hair by using heat on it and you don’t need to wake up early to do your hair. You can wake up on time, have your morning cup of coffee and watch your favourite show. JuvaBun has your back ladies! 

           2. Adds volume

      The best part of this messy hair bun is the insane amount of volume it gives your hair. Personally, I have thin hair and many hair buns don’t suit me. I can't make a bun out of my own hair because it looks tiny due to my fine hair. Thankfully, I have the grey messy hair bun by JuvaBun which adds volume and depth to my hair.

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      I’ve gotten tons of compliments whenever I wear this and everyone is surprised at how voluminous and full my hair looks. 

             3. Washable and heat resistant

        The best part about the hair bun apart from the actual product is the fact that it’s washable. Many hair extensions get ruined once they are washed. They lose their shape and become so brittle. You can’t brush it or style it! It’s a total nightmare but the grey messy hair bun is washable. 

        You can easily wash it and wait for it to dry. It’ll feel soft and look the same as before. In addition to this, the hair bun itself is heat resistant and if you do apply any heat to it you don’t have to worry about the fibres getting burnt. 

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        Biboty, Boboty, Boo! You Have An Amazing Look in Less Than 10 Seconds

        Step 1: Brush your hair and tie it in a bun

        You simply need to tie your hair in a bun and brush your hair to make a bun. A little tip is to brush out any tangles and make sure your hair is secured tightly in a bun.  

        Step 2:  Secure your JuvaBun messy hair bun on your hair 

        The second step is putting the JuvaBun grey messy hair bun on your hair like a scrunchie. Since the JuvaBun hair bun is a scrunchie it can easily go on top of your hair and it feels like a pony. After putting on the scrunchie you’ll feel like you have nothing on your hair since it’s so lightweight. 

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        Step 3: Style your hair and adjust it according to your own preference 

        It is recommended to adjust the bun according to your personal preferences and your mood;  you can either do a low messy bun sometimes or a high messy bun. To make it look even better you can take out a few strands and adjust your hair bun according to what you like. 

        Voila! You have the perfect messy hair bun in less than 10 seconds! I mean what more could women want in a hair extension? It’s lightweight, it’s great quality, it’s quick and you have a perfect messy hair bun in just 10 seconds! It’s the perfect grey messy hair bun. It blends with your hair and adds an extra dimension to your hair. 

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        Style Your Hair Piece According to Every Occasion

        You might be wondering the places you can wear this hair bun to or how you can style it. Lemme give you a few tips and tricks that I’ve learnt after using this product for years. Let’s talk about the wearability of the grey messy hair bun. You’re in a rush and you only have 10 minutes before you leave for the office. What do you do? You can either spend those 10 mins crying and fast-forwarding YouTube videos for tutorials on messy hair buns that suit your grey hair or you can grab your JuvaBun and look gorgeous in 30 seconds. 

        Girl with a grey hair

        I’m sure everyone wants to go with Option B. The JuvaBun messy hair bun is so easy to use you’ll be out the door in 30 seconds and you can relax and have your morning coffee. You can easily wear this to work and trust me you’ll be getting tons of compliments. For normal workdays, you can style it by taking a few strands out from the front to frame your face. For days when you have important meetings and presentations, you can use a little hair gel and make a sleek looking messy hair bun. Your hair will have so much volume and will look amazing. You’ll surely get tons of compliments.

        Apart from wearing the messy hair bun at work, you can easily wear this when going out with your friends for drinks, going on a date, attending a family wedding or chilling at home. 

        This grey messy hair bun can literally be worn everywhere because it takes you only 30 seconds to look fabulous. In addition to this you can style it up with accessories such as hair bands, colourful scrunchies, hair clips and my favourite is a nice ribbon or a bow. 

        Happy woman with grey hair

        You can make low messy buns or high messy buns. You can also do a sleek messy hair bun and look like a diva. I mean it when I say you can wear it to any occasion and you can style it up with accessories or keep it simple. Either way, I guarantee you’ll look fabulous and feel confident. 

        What Are You Waiting For?! 

        By now you probably understand the hype behind this product. The grey messy hair bun is for all those women who are afraid to make messy hair buns because they have thin grey hair or women who simply can’t find the perfect grey hair bun. JuvaBun is the answer to all your problems. 

        If you still aren’t sold go check the website out and scroll down to see the reviews of satisfied customers. While you’re at it grab yourself a grey messy hair bun! P.S. they're on sale for only 27.99 dollars so go fulfil your heart’s desire and get yourself this miraculous hair bun.