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For decades, wigs have been in fashion. Wigs are used for different purposes; some use them to protect their original hair from damage while some use them to hide their original hair or baldness. The wig isn’t just limited to females; men use it as well, especially if they are bald or don’t have good hair.

Nowadays, wigs come in numerous forms. You have got your synthetic hair wigs, then real hair wigs, and so much more. A common question which people normally have is what is the difference between the two. Well, a synthetic hair wig is made from manmade hair, while a human hair wig is made from strands of an actual human’s hair! Meaning, it is real human hair.

This allows for the wig to look more natural and give a more realistic effect. These wigs are relatively more pricey, which is why you need to take proper care of your wig hair to maintain its intended style and if you want it to last longer. This article will provide you with some tips that you can use to maintain your wig hair.

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Interesting Facts About Human Wig Hair

  • Although it may look that wigs were used by women more than men in history, the truth is totally opposite. Wigs were popular with men more than women.
  • A major portion of the human wig hair comes from countries like China and India. This is because shaving of the head is a religious practice in Eastern countries like India and China and the demand for wig hair is higher in Western countries which get their supplies from China and India.
  • Hair is worth a lot of cash. These countries which supply wig hair to western countries charge so much from them. It seems as if it is nit hair but gold.
  • The demand for blonde hair is much higher than other hair colors and it costs much higher than other wigs.
  • Making a wig generally requires a lot of effort. The manufacturers gather hair sorted by direction and length. The collected hair is then washed and dried and then finally dyed. A special sewing machine is used to sew the hair with thread. Sewing the wig can take so many days and a fully customized wig can take up to 8 weeks to complete.
  • Wigs are generally very expensive. A synthetic wig made up of synthetic fibers costs up to at least $250 but a human hair wig costs up to $1500.
  • Human hair wigs are of two types, one made through hand and the other stitched through the sewing machine. The machine-stitched wigs can be made quickly but the hand-tied wigs look more realistic, and it looks as if the hair is growing from the scalp.
  • Did you know that Queen Elizabeth I kept more than 150 wigs? Yes, that’s true and King Louis XIV kept more than forty wig makers.
  • Many famous celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Rihanna keep changing their wig hair and coming up with different looks and hairstyles on the screen.
  • Hair Care is mandatory for the maintenance of human wig hair. Just like your normal hair needs regular shampooing and conditioner products, wig hair needs a lot of maintenance and care. use shampoos specifically designed for human wig hair and condition them. While you take care of your wig hair, make sure that you take care of our original hair too underneath the wig.
  • Did you know about Locks of love? Well, this is an organization that is providing wigs to children in need. Children who are diagnosed with health disorders sometimes lose their hair which makes them bald. Some of these families can’t afford wigs or the wigs available in the market don’t match the head size of children. Therefore, this organization, known as Locks of Love, is doing an amazing service by providing medically ill children with air wigs of their sizes. This organization accepts donations from worldwide and is providing at least 300 pieces of wig hair every year.
  • If a human hair wig is properly taken care of and all steps are followed for its maintenance, it can last up to three years if it is used occasionally. However, if the wig is worn daily then it is possible that it may last up to a year. So, are you ready to take care of your human wig hair so that it can last for three years and give you a natural look?
hair care tools for wigs

10 Ways You Can Care for your Hair Wig

Considering how useful and pricey a human hair wig is, giving them proper care is very important, below are some tips and tricks that will keep your human wig hair in perfect condition!

1. Don’t Use a Regular Brush

Don’t use a brush to remove tangles in the wig hair. Use your fingers to remove tangles, start this from the ends of the hair and gently move towards the roots. To get the hair strands tangle-free, then you should use a detangling wig brush or wide comb.

2. Keep Away from Heat

Avoid using hair curlers, blow dryers, and irons because the heat from these styling tools can damage wig hair. Try to keep your wig hair away from the kitchen, stoves, ovens, and other fireplaces because the heat emitted from all these products can be devastating for wig hair. Therefore, it is always advised that wig hair should be strongly protected from heat.

girl using hair spray while traveling

3. Don’t Use Hair Spray on The Wig

Avoid using all kinds of hair sprays on wig hair because these sprays can’t be washed out as they leave their gummy residue on the human hair. Only use synthetic safe hair styling products, shampoos, and conditioners.

4. Avoid Plastic Boxes to Store Them

To store your wig or to keep it clean from dust, use a shoebox. Avoid using plastic containers because containers can create a burning smell.

5. Avoid Over Washing Your Wigs

A wig isn’t something that can be overwashed. Human hair wigs should be washed once in six weeks. Excessive over washing of the wig can destroy it.  Therefore, it should be washed only when needed.

6. Handle Your Lace-Front Wig Carefully

This part is the frailest part of the human wig hair and can be easily crooked and damaged. Therefore, you should be very careful while handling this section of the wig due to its fragile nature.

7. Air Dry Your Wig

Instead of using hot styling tools, use air drying to dry your wig. You can air-dry your wig by hanging it on the wig stand. While blow dryers’ heat can be very damaging for wig hair, this method is a suitable drying method for wig hair.

8. Don’t Sleep While Wearing a Wig

Sleeping while wearing a wig can deform it and damage it. There are more chances that your wig will wear out if you sleep while wearing a wig. Therefore, it is always recommended that the wig should be taken off before you go to sleep.

shelves filled with shampoos

9. Wig Conditioners and Shampoos

There are specially designed conditioners and shampoos for wig fibers. Wig conditioners are designed to soften wig hair and bring out the mobility of the wig fiber. There are many different shampoos and conditioners for wig hair out of which the best are DeMert wig shampoo, SheaMoisture Wig & Weave Residue Remover Shampoo, and Indique Moisturizing Shampoo. These shampoos remove excessive oil from the wig hair, deeply cleanse them and bring shine and glow to the wig hair. 

10. Utilize Wig Styling Tools

There are many wig styling tools that are specifically designed for wig hair. For instance, the wig cap worn under a wig gives you a good and relaxing experience. This cap protects your natural hair from a breakage at the crown. You can also use a chin strap which will hold the wig securely on your head. This will also help you style your wig the way you want.

Are You Getting Yourself a Human Hair Wig?

While using a wig can look fun and cool, maintaining it requires certain Dos and Don'ts. You should know that the wig shouldn’t be twisted because it can cause deformation of the wig. The wig shouldn’t be brushed while it is wet. You can use your fingers to make your wig tangle-free.

You should know that heat is extremely damaging for wig hair, this is the reason why it is always recommended that wig hair should be kept away from heat. After washing your wig with wig shampoo, condition it and let your wig dry naturally instead of using blow dryers. Store your wig in a wig box or hand them on the wig stand so that their shape is maintained. Put on your wig and enjoy the show!

If you are looking to buy yourself a premium quality wig that is long-lasting then go check out the wide variety of wigs and extensions that JuvaBun has in store for you!!

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